Super Mario 64 Plus "romhack" adds new moves, gameplay enhancements, and permadeath

If you haven't gotten your fill from Super Mario 3D All-Stars, or you needed yet another reason to return to the beloved classic, then Super Mario 64 Plus might be what you're looking for. Acting effectively as a major romhack, but in the form of a fork of the Super Mario 64 decompilation PC port, Super Mario 64 Plus adds all sorts of fun features, like being able to collect multiple Stars in a level, giving Mario new mobility moves from Sunshine and Odyseey, more camera and draw distance options, tons of small tweaks, and modes like daredevil or permadeath, with the latter option erasing all your progress and save file if you ever die. All of the additions have toggles, meaning you can mix and match the options, for a customized experience to your liking.

These features include (but not limited to):
- More responsive controls
- Improved camera
- Extended moveset
- The ability to continue the level after getting a star
- Optional extra modes
- 60FPS support via interpolation
- Various bug fixes


Pokémon's dead
Dec 29, 2019
Northwood, Sydney
Fire Emblem fans will finally be able to play it
Fire Emblem has had Casual mode since one of the DS games, and is the ideal way to play the series - permadeath is nothing but rage-resetting from stupid crit/Skill haxx and ambushes, making training weaker units hell.

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