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  • NutymcNuty 0

    is it me or

    is snapchats ui update fine? I mean i've been on a iphone 4 for the longest time and its new ui update on my alcatel is a big difference
  • aykay55 28

    Please! No! Stop! This Can’t Be Happening!

    [ATTACH] (Yes, that’s the crappiest person ever drawn) I mean, this pretty much speaks for itself. Not much to say. I can just say that the Switch is becoming as much a “hit console” as the Wii U was. Say goodbye to the manliness of the Nintendo Switch. Link to article, just cuz:...
  • dAVID_ 2

    [LATE] Over 1 year at GBAtemp!

    Yay, I've been over a year at GBAtemp. Initially I thought I was only here to ask about TIKDevil and installing Safehax, but it turned out to be quite different. I think the EoF is one of the main reasons I decided to stay here, and the awesome community of contributors and helpful users!

    Ni no kuni

    I started this game today , and i'm finding very catchy and funny , thanks also to the work of level 5 and studio ghibli , any tips in particular ?
  • Noctosphere 13

    Going back to home city

    In few hours (at 13h) I'll take a bus to go back to my home city I haven't seen my family for a long while Well, I saw my mom recently (she came where I live), but not the rest of my family My sistra, my little niece, my brother in law, and all my uncle/aunt/cousin :) Going back to Laval in few...
  • supergamer368 0

    A dream I had

    I’m gonna do a dream log thing but probably just this once So I have an alarm on my phone to wake me up in the morning, which lead to this... wobbawabba, wah, wawawa. Weird noises are that alarm. In that dream, the alarm was going off and I couldn’t get it to stop no matter what. In fact, I...
  • WintendoZone 0

    Ciiverse Art 3!

    Im doing this for Chance's Miiverse Clone, Ciiverse. Do you think he'll put my art in his website?
  • jt_1258 15

    Real life is coming and it's coming quick...

    I still can't believe I'm already about to graduate in a couple months from High School. I keep hearing everyone say that as soon as you graduate everything will be great and life will open up but I just can't help but feel a bit uneasy about it. It just seems to simple to just get a job and...
  • newo 4

    still coding and testing

    Life has many bumps and pot holes especially when you are young everything seems to take forever. Just be patient and do not obsess over what you might thing is currently "super" important. Got get a ice cream and learn to chill out. Programming is hard just like many things in life but you...
  • TheKingy34 13

    2 Years on GBAtemp.

    Oh crap, I'm a day late! Two years ago today, I signed up to upload mediocre menuhax themes, and to watch the 3DS community. And now I'm here. I did not expect to be here for so long when I first signed up. This forum has the best community I have seen yet, and because of that, I met many great...
  • Xathya 31

    bootrum of swicht, vitas kernal an varius newses!! (febs blog)

    what is up tempsters :DD as back with the new months of blogs as i promise in my the: new years, writre bolgs of ever month in 2018!! lifes are progres steadies and coals mine is blombing with the bisnis! make the much coals and my system are big of help to said: crew. i recent post about this...
  • uiaad 3

    Adventures in retail - Volume I

    So I'm a long time lurker here on 'temp but occasionally, just occasionally I will engage with the community with a pertinent post or two. Last night was one of these nights when I chimed in on Is it racist to say "black person"? Where I recounted a couple of experiences from my days in retail....
  • WintendoZone 3


    Do you find this relatable?
  • WeedZ 17

    Don't speak of a god like temp staff

  • Noctosphere 1

    Does anyone use Alibox TV (AKA Super Stalker) on ROKU?

    Hello So, I made a post in the tv movie music forum, but I think I'll get more answer in a blog Alibox TV offer a service of TV live streaming with channel of all over the world It costed me 155$ for a year of service But last friday, the roku channel disappeared, for no apparent reason I'm...
  • WintendoZone 3

    I did a thing

    I forgot which is for which card.
  • WintendoZone 2

    Ciiverse "Art"

    Here it is
  • Xzi 52

    Apparently there's a Trump supporter dating site out there...and it has a pedophile on the front page

    This didn't really seem "world event" worthy, more just something to laugh at. Of course they don't allow gay/lesbian people on the site, but married people are fine. [IMG] Here's the article about the guy in the picture:...