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  • NutymcNuty 1

    I made a thing on my og xbox

  • uiaad 3

    A thing that I went and made ...

    [MEDIA] So a little bit of a back story to this one. A long time friend of mine started streaming, I started poking round and asking questions about his setup. Turns out he had one one the most convoluted setups I had ever seen in my life. Me being me I decided to show him the error or his ways....
  • MrMcTiller 18

    Hey Everyone... so.. how am I doing?

    Am I being helpful to GBATemp? Basically I just want to know what I could do to improve who I am. XD
  • MrMcTiller 2

    Steam is being stupid

    I installed Steam on my computer running XenialPup 7.5 and it updates with 270MB update, then it says that there isn't enough storage space. *Reboots* Updating Steam (80MB). Finishes and I login. *Turns offline mode on* *Restarts Steam* "Steam needs at least 250MB of storage space" OVER AND...
  • jt_1258 28

    Speak first think later moments

    ...well, I can't help but be sad with how I handled the question but also laugh at it to. I've never really been one to speak convulsively, I try to think about what I say. I suppose it seems tame without some context but it sounds a lot worse initially between me and my friend in the...
  • Old 6

    "Out for delivery"

    Finally! My monsters have been bounced through various local post offices/sorting centers since Friday! Just a few more hours....:tpi: YESSSSSSSSS!! Crate-o-kaiju! [ATTACH] [ATTACH] Homeboy even included treats! [ATTACH] :wub::toot::grog:
  • Biff627 68

    I got scammed :/

    Tried to buy a ps4 off of Reddit and thought it was legit because I didn't look to see if the guy that was middlemanning me and the guy "offering the ps4" was the real scamproof moderator or not... sigh...
  • NutymcNuty 12

    Guys i'm an idiot.

    My computer's temps were in the 50-60's idle and i had my heatsink 90 degrees the wrong way. I fixed it now its 35-45 idle! yay me!
  • TomodachiDeath 4

    Playing with the Nintendo Network Settings app

    I found out that the whole NN settings UI is just an HTML file, and that there's hidden dummy profile info. [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] Translation: PC confirmation menu NNID input (takeover) Re-enter NNID Mii selection MSET return COPPA compliance COPPA code input Modify settings
  • Titanica 29

    Ant Lives Matter

    The world is not a perfect place. Problems are everywhere. One of these problems include discrimination. I see people protesting against sexism, racism, and other terrible ways of discluding everyone. There is one thing I don't see protected. That is why I'm here to say...Ant Lives Matter....
  • TomodachiDeath 1

    [screenshots] Extracted the Mii Maker banner just for fun

    The banner consists of a PNG of the title (Mii Studio for example) [IMG] A 3D model of 12 tiles [IMG] [IMG] And the Miis. [IMG]
  • Titanica 15

    My Secret Plan

    Psst! Hey! You! Welcome! You've discovered my idiotic and stupid blog! .... This is boring. Hm...hey. I guess since you stumbled across here, I guess I may let you in on my...Secret Plan. Don't tell anyone. If you do, I will find you. I will kill you. I will take your organs, burn them, eat...
  • Old 11

    Goodwill = not so good....

    Well, the Goodwills were lackluster for the second week in a row. No gaming stuff to speak of, other than some crappy overpriced DS kiddie games. I did get a pretty kickass old bookshelf for $7 and my wife got a really nice Ursula doll, in box, for $1.99. Also we had a nice lunch of green...
  • Noctosphere 1

    Fijally, news about IPTV

    So, about a month ago, I lost IPTV, I paid 155$ for IPTV for a year. Well, I had it since september, all was ok, but suddenly, the roku channel disppeared, for no reason I just got good news from Alibox (The company providing me TV on roku), finally :) Apparently, their technician found the bug...
  • Noctosphere 9

    Locked outside in the cold

    Hello So this morning, I was going out to get the trash bag out. Just that. The container is just beside the bloc. So I didn't put fancy clothes. Well, when I came back to the appartment entrace, I discover that the entrace door lock... is broken... So, I walked to the owner's bureau, about half...
  • ctrninja 11

    Goodbye, Nintendo 3DS!

    Rest in pepperonis, Nintendo Zone.
  • leafeon34 7

    Goodbye for now

    I've decided that I've been logging onto GBAtemp excessively lately and decided to take some time off Checking GBAtemp 3 times a day wont make Switch CFW come out any faster Checking gaming websites 3 times a day wont make any game get released faster Bitching online wont stop Nintendo from...
  • TomodachiDeath 5

    Ditched my DSTT.

    What the title says. My new flashcart actually works on my 11.0.6-39U Luma+b9s New Nintendo 2DS XL. I got a 2018 edition dual-core R4 from the internet. I used to have this card: [IMG] This is how it shows up on my HOME menu. [IMG] I get this screen when I launch it. [IMG] And this is how...
  • Old 8

    Waiting.... (semi-)patiently waiting.....

    Waiting on a large batch (nearly 3 dozen!) of Ultra kaiju from Japan...should be here tomorrow according to the USPS! :toot::grog: [ATTACH]