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  • Ryumaru 0

    Tutorial Part 04 - How to create BGM

    This tutorial will address a method that allows you to create a loop repetition using an interpolation method. Note: This tutorial will not explain how to create a BGM, with stereo quality nor how to create BGM with music with size of 3.3mbs. To learn how to do this, visit this tutorial. You...
  • Dorimori 1

    rate my desktop

  • Felek666 13

    Make Windows 10 yours! - Tweaking trashdows

    Hopefully last part of this set of guides. Oh and god save me for this terrible joke i just did... This time we'll tweak Windows 10 using WinAero Tweaker Part of Windows 10 customization guides: -Custom Themes -Using CustomizerGod -Custom shells -Tweaking Windows 10, disabling useless features...
  • Felek666 19

    My views on Overwatch

    Overwatch free weekend... I decided to play it with my friend who already bought Overwatch like somewhere around 2016/2017. It was fun, needless to say kinda repetitive. The amount of competitive maps is smaller than TF2's for example. The amount of deathmatch maps is also pretty small... It...
  • StackMasher 0

    Graphic mod recommendations for GTA:SA?

    I'm running it on linux using wine, and ENB doesn't work so that isn't an option Here's what my game looks like so far: [spoiler]
  • H1B1Esquire 0

    [New bandwagon] Recap

    Time for a recap episode. I've seen some shit, some of it was pretty bad, some of it was good. TV: [SPOILER] Good show. [SPOILER] So glad Paul didn't get $500K. [SPOILER] Don't even care who wins now, just glad it wasn't A.K. [SPOILER] Totally proves people with disablilties can find...
  • smileyhead 59

    Schools are bullshit and the system should be modified

    School nowadays consists of having forced to study stuff you'll never-ever need in your life, and humiliating you if you don't do so. If you're not good enough, you're forced to repeat the year, essentially shortening your life's meaningful part by an entire year. It also takes up way too much...
  • Aneki 8

    I don't know how to title this, rant maybe?

    I don't usually post much, but I kinda need someone to talk to/listen. I wanna start with that I'm mentally broken, by that I mean that I just don't freaking know what to do with my life. It's fustrating the hell out of me, and then there's the fact that I'm just lonely. I don't really have any...
  • CreeperdivoHomebrewer 0

    Another Boring Blog Post

    Well its me people. Well so it just seems that i seem just to inch myself from gbatemp everyday of my life. I just dont have that i "Yea im nerdy as fuck, so dont mind me" I just gave up on it since people gave me a hard time with it by either just ignore me like im there or just you no what, i...
  • Felek666 246

    Guess when world will end

    You remember that hoax in 2012? World is going to end? Asteroid going to hit it? Jesus going to suddenly appear out of nowhere and kill everyone? [Believe me or not, it was a thing] Well guess what, christians are trying way too hard to predict the arrival "of their only god". Which is really...
  • brickmii82 0

    My friend Paul Horner

    My good friend Paul Horner has just passed away. He became a bit of a celebrity due to his hoax stories, and was certainly one of the "fake news" pioneers. We lost touch for a bit, but around a year ago we began talking again. I was supposed to go see his monthly comedy show in downtown Phoenix...
  • HamBone41801 2

    I submitted a word to Webster.

    It sounded pretty cool to have a word registered in Webster under my name, so I submitted one. wish me luck!
  • Felek666 3

    Some info regarding retro month

    Yes, it still exists but I haven't got enough time to play games. I was always returning from school at either late time or i was too tired and i just wanted to relax. It's still going but I haven't made much progress other than complementing Doom and playing OoT till Hyrule Castle, so I kinda...
  • Yumi 4

    Is this okay to do? (a friends long distance concern)

    Hope everyone is doing alright and I wish you all a happy good and safe weekend<3 ^_^ Okay, well here I go with another blog and I encourage anyone to leave an opinion on this, because I do want to know what you think. :3 I will try to make it short and to the point. xP My friend Lina is...
  • Stephano 39

    The world today as we know it (Part 2)

    Well this is a while overdue. I have wanted to do a second one of these for a while now. Since I am engineering student, you can probably tell I don’t get much time to myself. For those of you who don’t know what this is, a while ago I did a post called “The world today as we know it.” In that...
  • Byokugen 47

    Well Duck!

    Just checked my mail, and there it was Hello Summoner, Your account: byokugen was banned due to the use of malicious 3rd party programs or modifications to your League of Legends client. We believe that all players should play on equal footing in an effort to promote competitive sportsmanship....
  • wiired24 1

    So I made this thing

    6 Months ago I began the work of starting what has now become the Xbox One home-brew scene. I made a post detailing how end-users could compile and install the popular PPSSPP Emulator on to their Xbox One via Dev Mode.
  • drenal 6

    That time I almost got a concussion

    One day at my old school, our P.E. teacher took us out onto the football field for free day or whatever. He sat us down onto the bench and gave us a talk about what not to do, etc. Then he said "Go," and we all started running off the bench, when a kid that was much bigger than me slammed into...
  • drenal 9

    shoutout to JellyPerson

    for being the only one who thinks my shitposts are good although i highly doubt that so [ATTACH] @JellyPerson thanks