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  • MrMcTiller 2

    Who cares about entry titles?

    I love everyone here on the 'temp! Except, of course, myself. Because, that would be weird...
  • Eix 39

    i hate humans

    so aparently my neighbourhood thinks eggs have to be refrigerated or they will rot and that ALL eggs are fertil because chickens cant lay them unless they are fertile they also think the beef they buy at the store is just beef and did not come from a living cow but i think thats just because i...
  • Noctosphere 11

    Still no TV, but good news, but could it be fake news?

    So, as I said in previous blog, I'm having trouble with tv service provider on Roku but during the past week, after i sent them tons of email to know if they were going to fix it, I got this answer Apparently, their technician found the bug and are fixing it. They are testing everything, putting...
  • Biff627 1

    Not sure what I did to have this terrible luck...

    So I ordered and received my new Arctis Pro Wireless mic Tuesday and now it seems its just having terrible issues.... First issue Im having is the source selection seems to reduce the mic loudness quite a bit... so having it connected to my PS4 and getting it ready to switch over to PC by...
  • jt_1258 10

    A club meeting devolving over one snake.

    Well, this seemed a bit small for a blog but it wouldn't fit in a profile post so here we go. Soo... My school's anime club was doing an end of the school year party. Well, I had brought Super Smash Bros. Brawl and all seemed fine. Welp, a few matches in and someone decided to play as...
  • Eix 23

    Eix's nightmare log #2

    so i only got 2 hours of sleep but it was still long enough to have interesting dreams (i also regret waking up cuz i wanted to stay) it started with me waking up but not irl i woke up in my dream but i wasnt me i was Eix (only real differences between us is that Eix has vampire fangs) i walked...
  • NutymcNuty 4

    I made a thing on my og xbox

  • uiaad 9

    A thing that I went and made ...

    [MEDIA] So a little bit of a back story to this one. A long time friend of mine started streaming, I started poking round and asking questions about his setup. Turns out he had one one the most convoluted setups I had ever seen in my life. Me being me I decided to show him the error or his ways....
  • MrMcTiller 22

    Hey Everyone... so.. how am I doing?

    Am I being helpful to GBATemp? Basically I just want to know what I could do to improve who I am. XD
  • MrMcTiller 2

    Steam is being stupid

    I installed Steam on my computer running XenialPup 7.5 and it updates with 270MB update, then it says that there isn't enough storage space. *Reboots* Updating Steam (80MB). Finishes and I login. *Turns offline mode on* *Restarts Steam* "Steam needs at least 250MB of storage space" OVER AND...
  • jt_1258 28

    Speak first think later moments

    ...well, I can't help but be sad with how I handled the question but also laugh at it to. I've never really been one to speak convulsively, I try to think about what I say. I suppose it seems tame without some context but it sounds a lot worse initially between me and my friend in the...
  • Old 6

    "Out for delivery"

    Finally! My monsters have been bounced through various local post offices/sorting centers since Friday! Just a few more hours....:tpi: YESSSSSSSSS!! Crate-o-kaiju! [ATTACH] [ATTACH] Homeboy even included treats! [ATTACH] :wub::toot::grog:
  • Biff627 85

    I got scammed :/

    Tried to buy a ps4 off of Reddit and thought it was legit because I didn't look to see if the guy that was middlemanning me and the guy "offering the ps4" was the real scamproof moderator or not... sigh...
  • NutymcNuty 12

    Guys i'm an idiot.

    My computer's temps were in the 50-60's idle and i had my heatsink 90 degrees the wrong way. I fixed it now its 35-45 idle! yay me!
  • TomodachiDeath 4

    Playing with the Nintendo Network Settings app

    I found out that the whole NN settings UI is just an HTML file, and that there's hidden dummy profile info. [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] Translation: PC confirmation menu NNID input (takeover) Re-enter NNID Mii selection MSET return COPPA compliance COPPA code input Modify settings
  • Titanica 29

    Ant Lives Matter

    The world is not a perfect place. Problems are everywhere. One of these problems include discrimination. I see people protesting against sexism, racism, and other terrible ways of discluding everyone. There is one thing I don't see protected. That is why I'm here to say...Ant Lives Matter....
  • TomodachiDeath 1

    [screenshots] Extracted the Mii Maker banner just for fun

    The banner consists of a PNG of the title (Mii Studio for example) [IMG] A 3D model of 12 tiles [IMG] [IMG] And the Miis. [IMG]
  • Titanica 15

    My Secret Plan

    Psst! Hey! You! Welcome! You've discovered my idiotic and stupid blog! .... This is boring. Hm...hey. I guess since you stumbled across here, I guess I may let you in on my...Secret Plan. Don't tell anyone. If you do, I will find you. I will kill you. I will take your organs, burn them, eat...
  • Old 11

    Goodwill = not so good....

    Well, the Goodwills were lackluster for the second week in a row. No gaming stuff to speak of, other than some crappy overpriced DS kiddie games. I did get a pretty kickass old bookshelf for $7 and my wife got a really nice Ursula doll, in box, for $1.99. Also we had a nice lunch of green...