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  • Boured 2 comments

    Been having a lot of bad event's recently.

    Over the past weeks I've been having bad luck in a lot of things. In friendship, school, family, and now emotions. Just yesterday I had to comfort my Aunt because she had an emotional breakdown, which wasn't fun at all save for the end when she felt better. Not to mention for the past few days I...
  • Sonic Angel Knight 47 comments

    Please don't buy digital content from square enix store.

    I'm a little frustrated right now about this so if it seem like "Epic rant" type thing, is to be with caution. So I should start by saying, I bought Final Fantasy VII for pc in 2012 from Square enix store, at the time it was $9.99. I did play it and install it on my pc, it worked and all, no...
  • Yepi69 19 comments

    Death of a pet

    My little 11 month kitten died yesterday. I rescued him last year around May from being squashed by a crane in a construction site, took him home and took care of him until now. I took him to the vet yesterday to check up on his health, especially cuz he was getting really really fat which was...
  • Byokugen 2 comments

    Silent hill pt2

    1-2. Accumulation. The psychic energy of thoughts and feelings has the ability to concentrate in a particular location, which is somehow connected to the source of the energy. Usually, such locations are places where strong feelings have been experienced, possibly more than once. We could...
  • R9HAX 23 comments

    Returned a Hacked 3ds to a used game store.

    I am not sure where this would belong in the forum sections. Mods/Admin please move if it does not belong here I apologize if it doesn't. So I bought a 3ds at my local game store they are small and pretty nice. I took it home and then hacked it with a9lh and luma. Put some games I owned on the...
  • Felek666 19 comments - Disaster in Wii U guides

    A small chapter list: Why not to use it, creation of my own guide, why it's a complete disaster. Also Plaitect & FlimFlam, don't get angry but i think that you should let more informed people to do their job. You're just confusing majority of users with your guide. It's also my views and...
  • Todderbert 20 comments

    Game Boy Lights, the future is now.

    I was going through my closet and found three of these Game Boy Lights. Wish I had the other colors, but the prices have gone crazy. I remember buying these three for $60.00ea NIB about thirteen years ago. Any other Game Boy Light system collectors out there? Fun stuff. [img]
  • Dionicio3 2 comments

    Helping with doodlebomb is tiresome.

    Well, I did sign up for it, so I really don't deserve to complain, but oh well. (100% necessary TPi :tpi:)
  • NutymcNuty 0 comments

    I feel so stupid (gtaiv modding rant of my stupidity)

    I keep trying to get Simple Native Trainer to work, but nothing pops up. I then realize I don't have scripthook copied and that is probably the issue. I feel stupid... :rofl2::rofl2::rofl2:
  • Quantumcat 47 comments

    Bye bye 3DS

    Vita fans might be happy to know my Vita has replaced my 3DS as the console I carry around with me. Ran out of games to play on my 3DS ages ago, only carried it around for Streetpass. I bought Spyro and Abe's Oddysee from PSN after failing to get Adrenaline working and am quite enjoying playing...
  • Alexander_001 77 comments


    So I've been going to a tennis club every Saturday for quite a while now. And I was beginning to get bored when a new girl joined our class! She looks about 14. I think she's really cute and i want to start a relationship with her. But I didn't get a chance to talk to her yet! I've been reading...
  • Felek666 13 comments

    My weird character/personality...

    Well... *sigh* I have trouble adapting to a new environment. This includes schools, academics and work places etc. Mostly because i can't hold my mouth and not call anyone a moron or make sometimes uncomfortable jokes around people so i just keep my mouth shut. [I'm also sarcastic so most people...
  • Byokugen 0 comments

    Silent hill or hills

    Started working on my retrospective/theory of Silent Hill a long time ago, so this is just some part, maybe I will post the whole thing PART 1: MECHANICS _______________________________________________________________________________ Silent Hill - a town, where strange events happen more often...
  • Dionicio3 52 comments

    How do you guys see me?

    I am wondering of the temp community sees me as. Do they see me as a shitposter, someone who likes to help out, or something else? I'm genuinely wondering.
  • LuxerWap 32 comments

    Giving up Art

    ...I...I just can take it anymore. Not a single drawing made me happy. I thought I was doing great at first, but...after seeing @Arecaidian Fox 's, that's the end of the road for me. I give up. I will never become better at drawing not anything else. I'm sorry for letting some of...
  • Felek666 0 comments

    A new home and rl things

    So i'm finally over with my house trip. (Basically going from old home to a new one) That took like 3 days, packing, lifting and traveling across city's. You're probably wondering "Hey, why did you do a house trip?". Well i got kicked out of my house [I'm renting] for a dumb reason. Owners just...
  • Futurdreamz 8 comments

    Fianlly got Fierce Diety Armor!

    I fully intend to wear it when facing Ganon. I just need to get all the crap I need to fully upgrade it... Looks like I'm doing the dragon quests now. [ATTACH]