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  • Noctosphere 0

    Locked outside in the cold

    Hello So this morning, I was going out to get the trash bag out. Just that. The container is just beside the bloc. So I didn't put fancy clothes. Well, when I came back to the appartment entrace, I discover that the entrace door lock... is broken... So, I walked to the owner's bureau, about half...
  • ctrninja 3

    Goodbye, Nintendo 3DS!

    Rest in pepperonis, Nintendo Zone.
  • leafeon34 3

    Goodbye for now

    I've decided that I've been logging onto GBAtemp excessively lately and decided to take some time off Checking GBAtemp 3 times a day wont make Switch CFW come out any faster Checking gaming websites 3 times a day wont make any game get released faster Bitching online wont stop Nintendo from...
  • TomodachiDeath 3

    Ditched my DSTT.

    What the title says. My new flashcart actually works on my 11.0.6-39U Luma+b9s New Nintendo 2DS XL. I got a 2018 edition dual-core R4 from the internet. I used to have this card: [IMG] This is how it shows up on my HOME menu. [IMG] I get this screen when I launch it. [IMG] And this is how...
  • Old 8

    Waiting.... (semi-)patiently waiting.....

    Waiting on a large batch (nearly 3 dozen!) of Ultra kaiju from Japan...should be here tomorrow according to the USPS! :toot::grog: [ATTACH]
  • Titanica 5

    Day 75: The struggle for Switchbrew

    Everyday is a torment. My Switch sits next to me, covered in sweat and tears. My black somber desk is filled with Skittles, Pirate's Booty, Sweaty Icebreakers, and more. I drag myself out of my chair to mark my calendar. "Day 75," I said hoplessly. "I!" 75 days waiting...
  • MrMcTiller 6

    Winter Jam 2018 Council Bluffs, Iowa

    Last night was the best night of my life. Starting at 6:00pm ending at 12:00am. All of my favorite Christian artists were there. It was awesome. Did anyone else go? (Probably not).
  • huntertron1 1

    blog entry 18: school mall trip!

    im going to the mall tomorrow for a rewards trip and was planning on going to game stop when it opens. i was wondering what game i could potential get at game stop for the consoles i have (and yes i know game stop has its flaws) please recommend some games based on what consoles i have (budget...
  • Termer 4

    Yay, 700 Coins!

    Well, I have this thing on my site for signatures, so that I can get coins when people click on my signature link. I just got 700 coins, so that's pretty cool. Anyway, you can get me more at Thanks for those who click my link.
  • Old 0

    "There is no life I know To commmpppareee with pure imagination. Living there, you'll be free...."

  • Old 4

    "Well don't just SIT there -- PLUG it in and PLAY with it!"

  • sallos9812 4

    I finally bought m3i zero!! :D

    I finally bought m3i zero!!! I bought unopened goods at $ 18.67 including shipping cost in South Korea. (I live in South Korea.) EZ5 and DSTT will arrive soon, so feel good.[IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG] 나의 SM-G935S 의 Tapatalk에서 보냄
  • Sathya 51

    Please read my new blogs carefully

    yes, it's a bit hard to explain this because of the language differences. but here you are telling me that "do not judge other people only from his belief". of course, with this new blog I want to explain that the actual intent of my words on the blog before is: I always appreciate people who...
  • Eix 9

    facebook ad

    connect with your friends online! what friends? join facebook no so you dont want me to join? facebook - connect woth the world no thanks im happy with /bant/ on 4chan create a profile now no! I don't wanna use face book! ;-;
  • ThoD 1

    Being bored sucks...

    Head up for anyone that bothers to read, this is more for Monster Hunter fans as pretty much people not into that won't understand whack at some parts:P I've been pretty bored lately, nothing important to do at all really, it's starting to get annoyingly hot outside so I stay indoors, life's...
  • ctrninja 19

    I found a 3DS browser exploit!

    I managed to get a UAF working on the 3DS browser, will keep y'all updated here.
  • Bad Bunny 10

    my drawing lesson (let's draw Machiko)

  • Jayro 4

    Apparently there's a hidden debug menu in VC games on the 3DS...

    But I don't know how to access it. [ATTACH]
  • Old 2

    March snow

    Love the natural formations..... [ATTACH]
  • Sathya 245

    now i will tell you about the stupidity of Stephen Hawking.

    First, i will say about the death of Stephen Hawking. yes in some thread about him, i say i dont like him because he dont believe in GOD. and some people also comment on, and i think thats a stupid opinion. @DesloCT How can he be not a good person? Only because he didnt believe in god?...