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  • supergamer368 0

    So, a new temp trend... (AMA)

    So everyone is doing these “ask me anything” blogs, eh? Well, I could hop in on the fun I guess... ask me only stupid questions if anything at all.
  • DarthDub 0

    PS3 Repair

    I managed to fix a PS3 around a month ago by remarrying a BD from another console to this one. I also ripped Sonic 06 cause why not?
  • tomman321 0

    tomman321's AMA

    I have no reputation on gbatemp but ask me things anyways (if you want).
  • DeadlyFoez 4

    DeadlyFoez's AMA

    Hell, I might as well go with the trend. Feel free to ask me anything. It doesn't mean that you will get a response, but go the hell ahead anyways. This could be fun.
  • drenal 8

    Ask me things

    Time to get on the bandwagon, ask me things
  • Noctosphere 4

    Ask Nocto anything :)

    woop woop hop in the trend ask me anything about Zelda
  • Seriel 53

    Feel free to ask me (Seriel) things

    I can't guarentee a coherent response, but you're welcome to ask questions. [IMG]
  • jimmyj 3

    Ask me (jimmyj) anything

    woot woot hop onto the band wagon! So there's a new trend! ask me anything you want !
  • GensokyoIceFairy 8

    Ask Scarlett Rainharp Anything

    I guess this is gonna become a trend thanks to GhostLatte's thing but, feel free to ask me anything. If you don't recognise me already, I'm Touko White, yes that complete moron from 2016/2017 but things have changed since then... ^.^ Also, if you want me outside of Temp your best bet is xmpp:...
  • brickmii82 1

    Lyric Focus - The Unforgiven/Metallica

    I had an idea to start doing a lyric focus discussion about songs that seem to have some deeper meaning other than pure entertainment value. I find that we often hear things, but we don't actually listen past the fact that it's pleasing to the ears. So, with this in mind I present todays topic...
  • FIX94 8

    About Recording GBA SP Audio

    So if you read my last blog entry, I briefly went over the fact that I recorded my gba sp using tin foil, paper and tape and did not go into much more detail than that cause I felt like it did not really fit into that blog entry topic. However, it is such an absurd thing that it may just be...
  • TheMrIron2 2

    Tech Talks: Programming for the PSP, part 2 - 3D rendering!

    In the previous blog post, I covered some simple "Hello World" and button input programs to help us test out our new PSP set up. This time, by popular demand, we're diving into 3D rendering! I will be using the ShadowProjection.c demo from the PSP SDK. I am going to avoid the typical cube...
  • Chary 33

    A year later...recovery, depression, and gratitude

    August 2017. What a day... Where do you even begin with describing such an event? Where you lose not only most of your possessions, but also your home? The place you lived in for 14 out of 20 years of your life is now reduced to nothing. In such a situation, you realize the fragility of not...
  • TheMrIron2 6

    Tech Talks: Programming for the PSP with examples (Beginner friendly)

    The PSP was Sony's first and biggest foray into the handheld console scene. While it was remembered for being a powerful system with a plethora of good games of console quality, it was also hacked rapidly and the homebrew scene grew at an absurd rate. The PSP scene reached incredible highs and...
  • WintendoZone 0

    Anyone want to play Mario Kart DS online via altwfc?

    My friend code is in the picture