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  • Jayro 3

    GET TO KNOW: Jonathan Quentin Arbuckle

    GET TO KNOW: Jonathan Quentin Arbuckle [ATTACH] Age: 29 years old Birthday: July 28th Ancestry: Italian Occupation: Cartoonist Significant Other: Dr. Liz Wilson, veterinarian About Jon: Jon is portrayed as a geeky and clumsy man, yet caring owner, Jon is the owner of Garfield and Odie. He...
  • NoNAND 6

    Add me on facebook if you like ^^ Thats me ^^
  • Sliter 6

    The day I stole a macbook air...

    ... To give it back to the owner. (edit: Sorry for the click bait title, just noticed XD) A dude, buddy of the crew of shop where I work (I work with computer and others electronics general repair, in the building with some few floors, he first one is the shop and they rent the other rooms, one...
  • Noctosphere 15

    Zelda loves Cheese Wizz

  • NoNAND 6

    I'm giving away my phone and wont be online for a long time

    Hey. I decided to give my phone to one of my friends I have a samsung galaxy s6 and this is the only means for me to connect online my phone laptop switch psp 3ds wii u etc. I want to do this because i need to focus on my studies more amd the internet is distracting me and making me waste my...
  • HamBone41801 0

    OnePlus 6T first impressions

    Alright, so as those of you who read my previous blog know, I decided to make my first android phone the OnePlus 6T. now that its here, I figured I'd write this little review in case anyone else is thinking of getting one as well. battery life/charge time its been about 8 hours now, and I've...
  • xXDungeon_CrawlerXx 1

    First Pokemon Let's Go Visual Mod - Black Eevee Partner

    Hey Guys, today I've worked on a modification of my partner Eevee in Pokemon Let's Go Eevee! It's a texture-mod for Eevee. [MEDIA] Hope you like it!
  • KleinesSinchen 1

    Bein’ friends

    1.Preliminary remark As my avatar shows, I like the Mother/Earthbound series – although it was never released in Europe until the Wii U VC version. I got my Wii U at the beginning of this year and bought Earthbound and Earthbound Zero some months ago – and knew immediately I had missed something...
  • the_randomizer 38

    I feel so completely broken, this is quite lengthy so beware...

    So, as you all know, I've had my ups and downs on here, and this year has been especially hellacious for me when it comes to my emotions and my anxiety. I'm going to be very open and upfront/honest about my deepest, darkest inner demons. This is very very difficult for me to even confess this,...
  • Beware 0

    RetroArch Overclock Testing and Beautifying

    Many of you know I've been one of the primary testers for the Switch RetroArch overclock. Thought I'd give a quick progress report. We now have an Overclock that is active only when using RetroArch instead of system wide. It can also go all they way up to 1.75GHz (default speed is 1GHz)....
  • NutymcNuty 3

    my meme github repo of python scripts

    Hey guys, just thought i'd post this here in case anyone wants to see my Epic :tpi: python scripts in the future also @ry755 thanks for watching my twitch stream you's a real oG fam
  • SuperNintendho 0

    The Setup

  • HoaiTrung97 36

    My Power Hidden Of Hikikomori! ٩(◕‿◕。)

    In my hearts~~ Banzai~ (>∀<☆) [IMG] My Knowledge and Intelligent~~ (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ [IMG] My Skills Hack!! (≧◡≦) [IMG] My Phone~~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ [IMG] My old Friend PC~ (☆ω☆) [IMG] And this is other my Aibou!! (つ≧▽≦) [IMG] And Finally, Great Admiral HoaiTrung97 ╰(▔∀▔) [IMG] Ps: This is the blog I wrote...
  • HamBone41801 14

    I ordered the OnePlus 6T on Saturday, and I'm super exited.

    I'll finally be free of apple's idiot-proofing! [IMG] do any of you use a OnePlus phone?
  • Pleng 32

    Websites & security hypocrisy

    As time goes on we've been forced to create more and more secure passwords for accessing the simplest of things.... First we needed to add in a number to our passwords, then a capital letter, and then eventually a symbol of some kind. This is all very well, but in reality anybody who had the...
  • Jayro 38

    I'm such an impatient asshole...