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  • NutymcNuty 0 comments

    bought the right item on ebay but forgot one thing.

    I accidentally forgot to put my imei to unlock an old phone i had, rip bought it twice(but put my imei in the right spot) i hope i get my $2.70 CAD back!
  • bi388 1 comments

    Good modern cartoons?

    So Im a big fan of modern cartoons, especially the ones not aimed mainly at adults, although I love myself some Rick and Morty. Almost everything is between seasons right now though and I am barely scraping by. Does anyone have recommendations of high quality, preferably modern cartoons I should...
  • LuxerWap 30 comments

    My first time using Steam.

    I haven't use Steam ever since I made an account and now after months of nothing, I finally been able to use it since I own a new used computer. Looked up some free games to play and I found a few that sparked my interest. As much as I want to play them, there's this problem I have and it's my...
  • Arubaro 5 comments

    Free time (NSFW or something)

    This is my first blog entry and I don't know how this works, so bare with me :D Here where I live, we are almost at the end of the school year, so I am thinking about something to do on holydays... and then, looking for some files on my pc, I found a model I was making on blender Do you...
  • LittleFlame 2 comments

    50 Days of blogs day 18

    After a long time coming, I actually got Spotify for use at work because switching tracks on youtube without a set playlist is actually really annoying after a while. Now I get to listen to all my shitty pop-punk, Metalcore and Hardcore perfectly <3 except that I'm missing a bunch of Sum 41 and...
  • Ryumaru 0 comments

    3DS Custom Theme - Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia

  • Ryumaru 0 comments

    Project Theme Zelda 30TH Anniversary

    [ATTACH] Image of my next project.
  • nitroBW 6 comments

    Is this like a diary? ..fuck it. - Entry #1

    I could use wordpress for this shit, but setting up those up is too much work, nobody is going to read it anyway. Didn't even know that blogs on Temp exist until 10 minutes ago, yet I lurk on this site for 5 years now, wonderful. - Where is all of my time? I remember having atleast 24 hours a...
  • pixelmasher 2 comments

    My Take on B9S

    [IMG] [IMG] Edit: Feel free to use it or tweak it to your liking.
  • LittleFlame 1 comments

    50 Days of blogs Day 17

    Took a day off to focus on my survival run don't judge me too intensely, So today as mentioned before I did a Survival run and it was actually a lot of fun, it was 16 km total with 43 obstacles to climb, swim, and even sled on and through, it was a great old time and I'd gladly recommend it and...
  • Felek666 66 comments

    How i got myself into 'anime'

    I used to be one of those guys which used to post 'Anime is shit' and 'Anime is for furry faggots' type of comments. But after some time I though... 'Is anime really that bad? I never tried it, so I'm not 100% allowed to hate it.' Summer, 2016. After browsing endless Steam Community posts about...
  • dradonhunter11 4 comments

    My experience with twitch and what lead me into bot creation

    Hello everyone, dradon is there! Today I'll talk about my experience on twitch. So yeah, twitch is a wonderful gaming platform were people can stream and interact with people without problem, or is it really without problem? Here is some problem I quicly found after 1 month of streaming: - If...
  • eechigoo 22 comments


  • LuxerWap 21 comments

    My Problem Battling in Pokémon Online.

    Okay, so I know I'll get a lot of hate from this, but who cares? Anyway, my problem with all of this online battles in Pokémon is how a majority of players cheat their way into winning battles. PKhex is an example for players Genning Pokémon in the game without any effort, which is very lazy,...
  • Acrux 1 comments

    A Balancing Game I Like To Do Just thought I'd share a balancing game i like to play on a bus. In the video is a friend of mine and we were "Aisle Surfing" is what i call it. It's very fun when you are in the city because of all the sudden stops...
  • jamezfat 5 comments

    the ACTUAL first entry,

    okay, i'm about 14, i live in (insert state here) i have two siblings much younger than me and my favorite pastime is video games. my first game was, hrm i actually don't now... the farthest back i can remember are my ps2,Xbox,GameCube, and og dses (technically the 2 og dses i had were my...
  • fedehda 6 comments

    YisusDeSalta's blog - Entry 1

    Well, this is my first blog (not that anyone really cares). My name is Federico and I'm 21 years old. I've lost several years of my life in false starts in university (different reasons). But, let's talk about something else. First of all, why YisusDeSalta? Anyone that looks at me thinks I'm...
  • LittleFlame 8 comments

    50 days of Blogs: Day 16

    We're just burning through these! Another day another blog and today's is actually meant for today! Woah From this point on I should be going back on track and that means we can actually have daily blogs again which is always neat. Another music blog but don't you guys love that feeling of...
  • LittleFlame 2 comments

    50 days of Blogs: Day 15

    Day 15! We're getting closer everyday and today we shall be talking about stupid crap like always. I can't stand it when I find a song I know my friends who don't like screaming in their songs can enjoy and then suddenly in the last 40 seconds or some shit some dude just starts screaming his...