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  • RivenMain 0

    How Do I Love Thee wae's?

    How do I love thee? Let me count the wae's. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height My ebola can reach, when feeling out of place For the ends of being and ideal grace. I love thee to the level of super saiyan's Most non believers, by sand and spit. I love thee Queen, as my brothas...
  • Jayro 20

    My birthday isn't until tomorrow, but my girlfriend went halfsies with me on a...

    6GB 1060 GTX! [ATTACH] Normally $339 at Fry's, they price matched it at $309 from newegg (UPC 824142134917), and then today's promo code of 1246667 brought it down to $299!
  • NANASHI89 32

    Should I ask for the Xecutor SX Pro for my birthday?

    See topic title. Sent from my SM-T280 using Tapatalk
  • jimmyj 6

    1 year annyversary !

    so today one year ago,I joined gbatemp! And that was a really good choice as this site is really amazing,and I've met a lot of new people and made friends. thanks gbatemp ! :)
  • Caboosium 1

    Summer break

    The great winds of Summer Break have rolled over my school! Can't wait to see everyone over summer working on all sorts of crazy homebrew games and such! See you all... here!
  • Noctosphere 0

    I'm watching Pawn Star, and they remembered me something

    Some guy went there with a Basket Ball signed by Glotrotters players It reminds me, when I first went at high school, my first english teacher was one of them I remember, when someone asked him his height, He never said 7'2'' nonono, he was saying 6'14'' :P His name was (probably still is)...
  • AdenTheThird 3

    Today's Cool Thing

    This morning, I finished making my sandwiches early, so I waltzed with two heels from a loaf of bread. Cool, right? ...again, I'm crazy.
  • VinsCool 27

    Time to Start from Anew

    Welp. There goes my routine. Blown up to start from zero. I just lost my job. Formally fired. I feel a bit better knowing that I won't have an empty CV, and also sufficient money to be able to live for a couple of weeks, maybe months if I don't spend like a moron. Back to job hunting, that is...
  • Create_ 12

    A dock that starts RCM payloads

    I was thinking, why not make a dock that launches RCM payloads? So today I will be attempting to make one by disassembling my dock and putting in a pi or something to make it launch payloads specifically when my switch is just first put into it. I guess this is where I'll document my progress?...
  • Nintendo Fanboy 3

    Very quick health update

    hello everyone! Well, what a great summer this will be, I guess. I broke my foot. I broke one toe near the joint thing, and there's a few other cracks on some of the newer x-rays. Even worse, the toe is dislocated too. It's a lisfranc injury. Even worse, next Tuesday I will have to get surgery...
  • uiaad 3

    Remember... The glorious 25th May

  • dpad_5678 5

    Donkey Kong Country games are made by God, not Nintendo

    I just finished the final boss on Tropical Freeze on my Switch a few days ago(I played normal mode, is I'm experienced with the gameplay mechanics from playing DKCR: 3D until 200% progress, and Funky Mode looks a little too easy). God, that game was so fucking good. Much more difficult than...
  • AdenTheThird 15

    The Weedle Protest

    A couple days ago, I started a community protest. Going from shop to coffee shop, from websites to the park, I told people that obviously, Kakuna and Beedrill were never meant to be. Weedle was not meant to have any evolution, just itself, just the little caterpillar. The government created...
  • Larsenv 0

    How I got 3DS saves from a bricked 3DS back

    In December 2015, after having my original 3DS since 2011 and had a repair twice, I got a New 3DS (not XL). It was bundled with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. (My dad wanted to get me an XL one though). Remember when downgrading to 9.2 was the craze? That following month, late at night, I...
  • newo 0

    Updated Newo Asteroids with some new code (wii homebrew)

    Pushing some new code to a old game. Not planning on re-writing it. Just fixing some old bugs in the leaderboard. download from: [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH]
  • tiduscrying 0

    So long WordPress, hello GBATemp Reviews/Blogs!

    For the longest time, I have always enjoyed writing. I have a love hate relationship with the English language and all of its quirks and intricacies, but find writing to be wholly enjoyable. I am a pretty anxious person, so it has always been difficult for me to express myself vocally, but...