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Mar 30

Review: Axiom Verge by Sicklyboy at 12:06 PM (146 Views / 3 Likes) 0 Comments


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Mar 30

Trailer Part 2

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Mar 27

Forgive the formatting as I am on mobile at the moment, but in a complete breaking news story, Nintendo has confirmed that Zelda Wii U, arguably one of the most anticipated Nintendo titles of this year, has now been delayed to 2016.

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Mar 26

Well here's an interesting app development on Xbox One.

Rosetta Stone, popular language learning software giant, has just announced an App that has already been released on the Xbox One, designed to help teach you basic English and Spanish!


This is really interesting App development that I would love to see taken further in the future! It'll be especially comprehensive if it takes advantage of the Kinect to recognize dialect and pronunciation.

I'll be demo'ing it out sometime in the future, I'll let you know if I need to take a college Spanish course or not:P
Mar 24

Nintendo rolled out a new update (v9.6.0-24) for their line of handheld consoles last night and this time it's not just for the sake of "stability improvements" - it actually provides a plethora of new functionality you guys might be interested in:
Sounds fancy-shmancy, especially folder layouts. Hopefully Nintendo will also roll out the collectible badges programme in the west - never too much customization options, right?

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Mar 24

Review: Mario Party 10 by chavosaur at 4:15 PM (604 Views / 1 Likes) 0 Comments


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Mar 24

Que the blasting Lucas orchestra, Star Wars battlefront is on its way to our galaxy!

EA has finally shed some light on its upcoming Star Wars title, with an avid mindset of having the game come out this holiday 2015. There is a high chance that the game will be released in conjunction with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, releasing December of this year.

EA has also confirmed more light will be shed on the project at the upcoming Star Wars celebration in Anaheim California, April 16 to 19th.

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The game is most likely going to run on DICE's frostbite 3 engine, the exact same engine used in the Battlefield franchise.

Needless to say, I am very excited for the release of the next Battlefront game. In conjunction with The Force Awakens this coming holiday, I think Star Wars fans alike will have a lot to keep them busy this season!
Mar 22

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