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  1. 'Alone in the Dark' remake announced

    During yesterday's THQ Nordic's Digital Showcase 2022, the remake of a classic horror title was announced: Alone in the Dark. The series started back in 1992 and had...
  2. Metroidvania with hand-drawn visuals, 'Biomorph', announced

    Canadian devs Lucid Dreams Studio have announced their upcoming title Biomorph, a metroidvania with 2D hand-drawn visuals: Features of Biomorph include: Play as...
  3. 'Sunday Gold', a puzzler with turn-based combat, to launch next month

    Developer BKOM Studios has provided a launch date for its upcoming title Sunday Gold. With the backdrop of a bleak 2070s London and a comic book art style, the...
  4. Cartoon-inspired puzzle adventure game 'Lost in Play' gets launch trailer

    Lost in Play, the puzzle adventure title with cartoon-inspired visuals from Happy Juice Games, launched earlier this week. For the occasion, a new trailer was aired...
  5. Kirby's Dream Buffet releases next week, gets new information in overview trailer

    Nintendo revealed a brand new Kirby game with little fanfare, and just as few details, last month. Kirby's Dream Buffet is a 4-player game where you traverse obstacle...
  6. Yuzu Switch emulator gets new Linux installer

    When using the Nintendo Switch emulator Yuzu, Windows users get to benefit from an installer for the program that grabs the latest early access builds (for Patreon...
  7. Review Soundpeats AirPro 3 wireless earbuds

    Up for review today, we’ve got the Soundpeats Air3 Pro wireless earbuds! Sporting a 12mm driver and a wide range of listening modes, how do these low latency wireless...
  8. Hidden Super Punch-Out!! two-player mode discovered after 28 years

    You would think that everything about a game would be uncovered after millions of fans have been able to experience it for nearly 30 years, but apparently not. A...
  9. The third Sonic the Hedgehog movie has been given a release date

    With the recent success of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 at the box office earlier this year, Paramount Pictures is eager to continue the film franchise, as they have given a...
  10. Sonic Origins 1.04 (Switch's 1.4.0) update released, addresses almost 50 bugs.

    After some backlash from the fanbase due to the buggy state in which Sonic Origins released a few months ago, Sega promised to work on an update to address the issues...
  11. Splatoon 3 Direct set to air later this week

    A month ahead of its planned release on September 9th, Nintendo will be broadcasting a Nintendo Direct dedicated solely to Splatoon 3. It'll kick off early, at 6AM...


  1. Hardware

    Soundpeats AirPro 3 wireless earbuds

    Up for review today, we’ve got the Soundpeats Air3 Pro wireless earbuds! Sporting a 12mm driver and a wide range of listening modes, how do these low latency wireless earbuds stack up?
  2. Hardware

    PowerA MOGA XP7-X Plus Bluetooth Controller

    Going back to mobile gaming, we check out PowerA's latest Android-focused MOGA gamepad!
  3. Hardware

    Analogue Pocket – GB, GBC and GBA handheld FPGA based player.

    FPGAs are the king of devices to replicate/simulate other devices, here we have one made portable and with a very nice screen aiming at playing GB, GBC, and GBA games among others.
  4. Xbox Series X|S

    South of the Circle

    Narrative driven title South of the Circle from indie devs State of Play will have you traverse Antarctica while looking back at past events that brought you to this frozen landscape, while stuck...
  5. Hardware

    Donner Dobuds ONE ANC Earbuds

    ANC earbuds are all the rage, but how do Donner's $36 Dobuds ONE earbuds stack up?

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