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    Star Ocean: First Departure R announced for the Switch and PS4

    A remake of the PlayStation Portable game Star Ocean: First Departure has been announced. Square Enix will be bringing the game, which sports a new R in its title, westward on both the Nintendo Switch...

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    Resident Evil HD (Nintendo Switch Version) - Official GBAtemp Review

    Over 20 years have passed since Resident Evil 1 originally hit the scene, innovating the game industry for years to come with its unique blend of survival and horror elements. After getting a visual...

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    Meet PDI Check, a $99 eye-exam 3DS game

    This is not what anyone would imagine a $99 3DS game would look like, or even that such a thing would ever exist at all. But here it is in broad daylight, a hundred dollar game that's intended to be...

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    Cemu v1.15.7c released

    Cemu, the popular Wii U emulator for PC, has received yet another update! This marks the release of version 1.15.7c, which is now available for download to the general public. The update adds...

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    The Sonic the Hedgehog movie has been delayed to 2020

    Coming as not much of a surprise to many, the Sonic the Hedgehog movie won't be releasing this year. Following the outpouring of criticism regarding the film's trailer and design of Sonic, the...

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    A Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic movie is supposedly being written

    A "report" from three insider sources claim that a Star Wars movie is currently in the works, based on Bioware's Knights of the Old Republic RPG. The source, Buzzfeed News, states that Laeta...

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    Telltale Games' titles will soon be removed from GOG, Tales from the Borderlands delisted on Steam

    Almost a year has passed since the tragic announcement of Telltale Games closing its doors for good. Even after eight months, the studio's closure is still having an impact on the industry,...

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    Untitled Goose Game's publisher is making a gaming handheld that has a crank on the side

    Publisher Panic Inc. is jumping into the gaming hardware market with a new, quirky invention. Panic is known for being a mobile app developer, though they have had prior experience with the gaming...

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    Steam Chat mobile app released for iOS and Android

    Following the long-awaited release of Steam Link on iOS, Valve has put out another app for mobile users. Steam Chat is now available for download, and is a simple chat app for users that are entirely...

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    Atmosphère 0.8.10 released

    Did you think you'd have to wait until June 15th on the calendar in order to get a new Atmosphère update? If so, @SciresM and the rest of his crew are here to remind you that any day can be a June...

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    Service for the Ouya will be ending next month

    The end is near for the Ouya. No, you haven't time-traveled back to 2013; official support for the failed little Android gaming box will be coming to a halt next month, after six years. On June 25th,...

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  1. Resident Evil HD
    Get your survival-horror fix with the game that started it all, now on the Nintendo Switch.
  2. N++
    N++ is the eagerly anticipated sequel to N+, and is an even slicker, more stylish, and even faster paced action platformer, complete with an all-important uber-competitive scoring system.
  3. Sefu Deluxe Switch Bag
    Have you been looking for that perfect way to transport your Switch in style? Look no further!
  4. Duck Game
    Have you ever wanted to play as a duck that can wear a top hat? How about a top hat wearing duck that has a jetpack, and is wielding a machine gun, while quacking like a maniac? Welcome to Duck Game.
  5. Zanki Zero: Last Beginning
    Seemingly alone a ruined world, can our cast of sinful survivors uncover the secrets of their past, and what lies beyond?
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