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Apr 25

Duck Hunt PSP v.1.3 Update by Foxi4 at 3:36 PM (297 Views / 3 Likes) 11 Comments

Developer FouadtjuhMaster has updated his homebrew remake of Duck Hunt for the PSP! Originally released by @Scionsamurai, the now-revived game features a new game mode and some other improvements. If you're into PSP homebrew, check it out by following the link below!

:arrow: Duck Hunt PSP v.1.3
Apr 25

User migles gave me a tip about an interesting development on Steam. Valve was always relatively open-minded in terms of game mods - in fact, some of their biggest franchises like Counter Strike and Team Fortress started off as user-created mods. The Steam Workshop was Valve's way of distributing such game mods via their Steam platform and now it also allows mod creators to sell their creations online.

Revenue from selling these modifications is split between Valve, the developers of the original games and the mod developers, the latter getting 25% of the proceeds.

As of right now you can only sell mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but the new distribution platform shows promise to aspiring mod developers and puts the limelight on an activity that used to be relegated to the fringe of the gamingverse.

Apr 25

The image above is a supposed leaked screenshot of a very private beta that Black Tusk Studios, the now show runners of the Gears of War franchise, have sent to some very lucky people.

According to reports from Polygon and Kotaku, they have seen behind the scenes screenshots of a supposed remaster of the first game with heightened textures, better lighting effects, and 60 fps gameplay in both campaign and multiplayer.

You can read the full report on this information in the source below, and I will continue to update as more info comes out. Will continue to take with a grain of salt until a full statement is issued from black tusk studios.

The only reason I remain slightly skeptical is the fact that Phil Spencer announced earlier that Xbox is working on multiple projects set in the Gears Universe. This could mean a full Marcus Fenix collection (ala Halo MCC) or perhaps a brand new game in the series.

-UPDATE via Kotaku-

Apr 24

Between Zombies, Fables, Game of Thrones and Borderlands, what else could Telltale do to engross us with it's wonderful storytelling and simple point and click adventuring?

Why take on Super Heroes of course!

Much like their announcement of their Minecraft Telltale Game, there is next to no other information about the game available, including characters or universe. Rest assured, we'll keep you updated as updates continue to leak from the minds of telltale.

Apr 23

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Apr 23

A little bit earlier today, Google announced the initiation of Project Fi. You mean, that companion from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is back? Nope, it's the beginning of a new wireless service created by Google that shakes things up a little bit to allow for us to maintain our lives in a world constantly dominated by communications.

Google Fi opts to use a pay as you go sort of plan, which is detailed below as an example:

Unfortunately, the caveat is that right now the only way to access it is to sign up for an invitation, and furthermore you must have access to a Nexus 6 smartphone to be able to utilize Fi. The details are all below in the links provided, but what do you guys think? Recently, Android as a whole has been getting my attention and interest ever since a colleague was able and willing to give me his old and rather vulnerable smartphone for my enjoyment, so I've been a little eager to see what I've missed out on, especially with this whole Lollipop operating system. Let's hear your thoughts on this!

Apr 20

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Apr 17