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    XCI-Cutter tool (Windows)

    I wrote a small tool to cut off the unused sectors at the end of xci files. Thanks to the idea of @Arck This tool reads the XCI-Header to determine the full cartridge-size and the actually used...

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    Japan gets Resident Evil VII Cloud Version for the Nintendo Switch

    Resident Evil VII is getting a Nintendo Switch version, just not in the traditional sense. Titled "Resident Evil VII Cloud", players will be able to download a 45MB launcher onto their Switch, which...

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    (UPDATE) Valve demands for certain adult games to patch out their content or face removal from Steam

    A handful of "adult" themed game developers have received emails from Valve, requesting that the games either remove supposed content that goes against Steam's TOS, or be removed from the Steam Store...

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    Whose E3 conference are you most looking forward to?

    With E3 less than a month away - people are soon to start boarding the hype train for each companies conference and the usual pre-E3 buzz is starting to build! New game announcements, new trailers...

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    Instant CFW Payload and Updated Fusee Web Launcher

    A while ago, I finally got my jig printed so that I could start hacking my switch, but due to my severe lack of windows pcs, I had to use the Fusee Gelee web launcher made by atlas44. I thought the...

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    nx-python: Create Python Homebrew for the Switch!

    nx-python is an ecosystem for developing and running Python homebrew applications on the Nintendo Switch. PyNX serves as the entry point to this ecosystem and allows you to run Python apps on your...

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    Temper Tantrums #3 - Hindsight

    Temper Tantrums (the GBAtemp webcomic) - issue #3 "Hindsight" Illustrated by @shaunj66 (follow me on Twitter)

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    ESRB to stop offering free ratings for digital-only games

    For games that launch as digital-only in countries that use the ESRB ratings board, a free rating is given to them via their Short Forms process. However, once June rolls around, the ESRB plans to...

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    Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition - Launch Trailer

    Hyrule Warriors is now available on the Nintendo Switch, in the form of Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition. The game launches today, May 18, 2018, taking the features from both the Wii U and 3DS...

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    FAQ UPDATE! Team Xecuter reveals the SX Pro and the SX OS

    *** FAQ UPDATE ** Team Xecuter has just posted a FAQ concerning some of the questions from the community (via Maxconsole): Q: Can I update my Nintendo Switch to the latest firmware? A: Yes,...

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  1. Omensight
    The Godless-Priestess has been murdered! The end times are near! Urralia needs a new hero! As war wages in that once-peaceful land, is bringing back peace by playing Omensight worthy of your time and courage?
  2. South Park: The Fractured But Whole
    Let's play superheroes in the Switch's most offensive game yet. Come on down to South Park, and meet some friends of mine.
  3. Forgotton Anne
    Yes, that’s not a typo. It's indeed Forgotton Anne and not Forgotten Anne! Developed by ThroughLine Games and published by Square Enix Collective, Forgotton Anne is touted as allowing you to call...
  4. God of War
    God of War is an action adventure game for the PlayStation 4, the latest in the long-running series revolving around Kratos, a Spartan with a lust for the blood of gods. The game was played on a...
  5. Jaleco Brawler's Pack
    I was not yet born when the first SNES game cartridge was published. But I sure was when the latest one was published, and that was just a few months ago! Let’s discover what the Jaleco Brawler’s...
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