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Check out our latest computer game reviews. PC games are traditionally intended for the core gaming community, seeing as contemporary systems that are the host to games we now qualify as 'casual' are usually settled in the living room, connected to a TV. An increasingly small majority of franchises turn out to be available on both computers (Windows, and too rarely OSX and Linux) and consoles. It comes down to our reviewers whether they prefer reviewing a game on the PC or on their console - knowing that in most if not all cases a game will look better on the PC, assuming your PC comes with a decent video card.

  • 7.5

    Outriders Official Review

    Coming from developers People Can Fly and published by Square Enix, Outriders is the latest entry to the AAA shooter looter type. Does it offer anything worthwhile that makes it stand out of the...
    Reviewed by Prans Dunn, Apr 30, 2021 8 comments
  • 9.7

    Disco Elysium - The Final Cut Official Review

    Disco is where it's at. Might as well check your freaking expectations at the door, pig.
    Reviewed by Tim Larsson, Apr 25, 2021 18 comments
  • 8.8

    It Takes Two Official Review

    It Takes Two, the latest title from Oscars-flipping game director Josef Fares, is out now. Is it a flippin’ good time?
    Reviewed by Prans Dunn, Apr 20, 2021 13 comments
  • 8.1

    Kinetic Edge Official Review

    Jump, roll and dash your way through the neon-filled world of Kinetic Edge.
    Reviewed by Christopher Otero, Mar 11, 2021 4 comments
  • 8.5

    DEVOUR Official Review

    Looking for a new way to join a cult and get downright spooked with your friends? Well, then look no further!
    Reviewed by Jordan Ryan, Mar 10, 2021 12 comments
  • 5.5

    Super Seducer 3: The Final Seduction Official Review

    Super Seducer is the ultimate dating simulator that teaches you how to get girls any time, anywhere. But does it actually have useful insights into the world of dating?
    Reviewed by Stephen Malone, Feb 15, 2021 20 comments
  • 8.5

    Nioh 2 Official Review

    Nioh 2 initially released on March 12, 2020 as a PS4 exclusive, but as with the previous entry in the series, Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo brought the game to PC and PS5 approximately a year later as the...
    Reviewed by Tom Bond, Feb 5, 2021 3 comments
  • 4.5

    Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood Official Review

    An action-RPG centering around a werewolf tribe defending the natural world seems like a great concept for a game! But how well does the concept execute in practice? Read on, and let’s find out!
    Reviewed by Jordan Ryan, Feb 4, 2021 4 comments
  • 8

    The Medium Official Review

    The new game from longtime horror developer Bloober Team is here. Does it live up to their pedigree of horror titles?
    Reviewed by Stephen Malone, Jan 27, 2021 6 comments
  • 8

    Disgaea 4 Complete+ Official Review

    In the runup to the long-awaited Disgaea 6, we look at the latest re-release of Disgaea 4 to see if it still holds up nine years after its initial PS3 release.
    Reviewed by Scarlet Bell, Jan 11, 2021 20 comments
  • 7

    Cyberpunk 2077 Official Review

    The most talked about game of the year is finally here, and discussions of its technical mishaps have dominated the discourse. When played on a PC, in its most functional form, how does it hold up on...
    Reviewed by Stephen Malone, Dec 30, 2020 29 comments
  • 8.5

    Yakuza: Like A Dragon Official Review

    Yakuza is back and is now a turn-based JRPG with a brand-new protagonist in a new city. With such radical changes, does Yakuza: Like A Dragon still pack that distinctive Yakuza franchise appeal?
    Reviewed by Prans Dunn, Nov 28, 2020 4 comments
  • 9.5

    Wolfenstein II - The new Colossus (PC Steam International Version)

    As Sequel to "Wolfenstein - New Order" it ties in seamlessly with the Events. (As you maybe know,Blazkowicz was severly wounded and had gave the Confirmation of clearance for Bombing Deathshead...
    Reviewed by alexander1970, Nov 28, 2020 3 comments
  • 8

    Undercover: Operation Wintersun

    Classic Point and Click Adventure with very nice Graphics,very good Soundtrack and great Voice Actors.
    Reviewed by alexander1970, Nov 19, 2020 0 comments
  • 7

    Five Dates Official Review

    Explore the world of online dating during a lockdown in this timely FMV-based dating simulator!
    Reviewed by Stephen Malone, Nov 18, 2020 25 comments