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Computer Reviews

Check out our latest computer game reviews. PC games are traditionally intended for the core gaming community, seeing as contemporary systems that are the host to games we now qualify as 'casual' are usually settled in the living room, connected to a TV. An increasingly small majority of franchises turn out to be available on both computers (Windows, and too rarely OSX and Linux) and consoles. It comes down to our reviewers whether they prefer reviewing a game on the PC or on their console - knowing that in most if not all cases a game will look better on the PC, assuming your PC comes with a decent video card.

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    We Happy Few Official Review

    It’s about time we take a look at We Happy Few! The game that caused quite a bit of stir in Australia due to its depiction of drug use is now out. Let’s see if spending your time with it will end...
    Posted by Prans Dunn, Aug 20, 2018 at 6:58 AM  3
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    Fallout 4 - Steam version

    Wikipedia: "Fallout 4 is a post-apocalyptic action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks."
    Posted by Magicrafter13, Jul 30, 2018  3
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    Vampyr Official Review

    In a world rampant with post-apocalyptic zombie games, Vampyr proposes another setting: vampires in 20th century England. Initially slated for a 2017 release, how does this delayed game from Dontnod...
    Posted by Prans Dunn, Jun 12, 2018  3
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    Dark Souls: Remastered Edition Official Review

    Dark Souls: Remastered Edition is a remaster of the now 7 year old game Dark Souls, developed by From Software and Remastered by QLOC. Featuring 4k textures, native 60fps, and various other...
    Posted by Tom Bond, May 23, 2018  23
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    Frostpunk Official Review

    From the outset, Frostpunk appears cold, dark and gritty. And with good reason--the elevator pitch for this game would be something like "Anno meets Don't Starve". Want to know more? Then by all...
    Posted by Taleweaver, May 21, 2018  7
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    Omensight Official Review

    The Godless-Priestess has been murdered! The end times are near! Urralia needs a new hero! As war wages in that once-peaceful land, is bringing back peace by playing Omensight worthy of your time and...
    Posted by Prans Dunn, May 18, 2018  4
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    Forgotton Anne Official Review

    Yes, that’s not a typo. It's indeed Forgotton Anne and not Forgotten Anne! Developed by ThroughLine Games and published by Square Enix Collective, Forgotton Anne is touted as allowing you to call...
    Posted by Prans Dunn, May 11, 2018  3
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    Tabletop Simulator

    Tabletop Simulator is a simulation game that simulates board and card games on a table.
    Posted by Titanica, May 9, 2018  2
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    Bullet Witch Official Review

    Over a decade earlier and before Bayonetta, there was a stylish witch lurking in an Xbox 360 game waiting for you to take control. That game was 'Bullet Witch' and it finally landed on PCs this...
    Posted by Prans Dunn, May 2, 2018  20
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    Extinction Official Review

    In ‘Extinction’, the constant threat of blood-thirsty other-worldly monsters and giant ogres pushes humanity to the brink of… extinction. As one of the last Sentinel capable of taking on those...
    Posted by Prans Dunn, Apr 11, 2018  7
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    Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Official Review

    A coup, a young king, a new kingdom and a magical world: this is Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom! Join young king Evan and co. in adventures across a fairy tale land and help build a united kingdom...
    Posted by Prans Dunn, Mar 22, 2018  18
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    Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Official Review

    Time for some more Sword Art Online action, this time in Gun Gale Online. Let's see how this third-person shooter from Dimps stands up to the rest of the SAO titles!
    Posted by Chris Knight, Mar 7, 2018  23
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    Metal Gear Survive Official Review

    Does Metal Gear survive without Hideo Kojima?
    Posted by Prans Dunn, Mar 5, 2018  14
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    Past Cure Official Review

    When you thought that you’ve seen it all, here comes Past Cure...
    Posted by Prans Dunn, Feb 24, 2018  6
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    Crossing Souls Official Review

    ‘80s vibe? Check. Weird happenings in town? Check. A group of teenage protagonists? Check. A group of teenage protagonists riding bicycles? Check. No this is not Stranger Things: The Game but...
    Posted by Prans Dunn, Feb 22, 2018  5

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