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    Mega Man X Legacy Collection in Nintendo Switch

    Calling all Maverick Hunters! Have you been waiting test your skills again, then step into this simulation chamber and show us what you got! Prove to the world you can be a Maverick Hunter!
    Posted by Lavar Pittman, Aug 7, 2018  0
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    Avantree Leaf DG50(On Switch) in Hardware

    The Avantree Leaf is a small bluetooth dongle that is purely plug and play, performing the bluetooth processing itself, leaving less for the host to process.
    Posted by k3rizz3k, Aug 6, 2018  0
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    Hyperkin Duke Controller in Hardware

    What do you get when you take a 17-year-old controller, some nostalgia, modern controller design, and mix them all together? Let's take a look at Hyperkin's latest edition to the controller market!
    Posted by Nathan Smith, Jul 31, 2018  2
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    Fallout 4 - Steam version in Computer

    Wikipedia: "Fallout 4 is a post-apocalyptic action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks."
    Posted by Magicrafter13, Jul 30, 2018  3
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    Super Mario Bros. 3 in Retro

    Since playing it on the Gameboy Advance in my childhood, I've loved Super Mario Bros. 3. It is an improvement to its predecessors, thanks to its much broader range of power-ups and environments.
    Posted by Daisy May, Jul 21, 2018  0
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    Xecuter SX OS in Nintendo Switch

    Before I begin my review I would like to thank Team Xecuter for giving me a review copy of their SX OS. Hence this review is specifically for the SX OS which is meant for people who already has a jig...
    Posted by comfaithgenesisr, Jun 27, 2018  2