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    Patchwork in Board Games

    Have you ever played a racing game where you said said to yourself "man...this game would've been so much better if it had tetris pieces"? Have you ever wanted to challenge your rival to a battle to...
    Posted by Taleweaver, Feb 16, 2018 at 7:17 AM  0
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    Ninku in Retro

    Do you like Ninjas? Well, maybe you'll like Ninku, or maybe not.
    Posted by Lavar Pittman, Feb 10, 2018  0
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    Doki Doki Literature Club! in Computer

    "THIS GAME HAS YOU DATING HOT GIRLS!!!!!" That caught your attention, right? Don't think I didn't see it: you accidentally stumbled upon this review and already got bored after reading the title. I...
    Posted by Taleweaver, Feb 6, 2018  0
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    Final Fantasy Mystic Quest in Retro

    Are all RPG games this complex? Why can't there be any of them that is just... Easy? Oh wait, what is this?
    Posted by Lavar Pittman, Jan 31, 2018  0
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    Secret Of Mana in Retro

    Guess what guys, we gonna play a RPG game together... yes you heard me, together. This one is a co-op game with lots of stuff going on, especially with three players!
    Posted by Lavar Pittman, Jan 30, 2018  10
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    ChromaGun in Nintendo Switch

    The game starts pretty easy with one colour. But if you advance a few levels then the puzzles get harder and more colours are edit to your arsenal. The game has a nice pace and the humor is great!
    Posted by B4rtj4h, Jan 24, 2018  0