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    Lonely Mountains: Downhill Official Review

    Downhill Mountain biking is not a genre synonymous with being trendy or fun, so will this game prove to be as easy as falling off the proverbial?
    Reviewed by Ben Sellwood, May 20, 2020 4 comments
  • 8.5

    Ion Fury Official Review

    Retro remakes and rose-tinted glasses have always been a thing, but can fresh new 2D/3D shooters survive being made in 2020?
    Reviewed by Ben Sellwood, May 16, 2020 16 comments
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    Kingdom Two Crowns: Dead Lands Official Review

    Kingdom Two Crowns has been out for almost a year and a half now, and many have already fallen in love with the minimalist strategy game. Recently, the game got a free update that added Dead Lands, a...
    Reviewed by Jordan Ryan, May 12, 2020 8 comments
  • 4.5

    Spirit of the North Official Review

    Spirit of the North claims to be a journey of discovery and enlightenment, but will it cunningly outfox everyone, or is it barking up the wrong tree?
    Reviewed by Ben Sellwood, May 11, 2020 3 comments
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    Profane Official Review

    Profane is a bullet-hell game, based around high-speed boss-fights, that exchanges time for your life!
    Reviewed by Ben Sellwood, May 10, 2020 6 comments
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    Ministry of Broadcast Official Review

    Ministry of Broadcast is one of the latest indie titles to launch on the Nintendo Switch, after being previously released for PCs. Featuring loads of puzzles and platforming sequences and the...
    Reviewed by Prans Dunn, May 10, 2020 0 comments
  • 8.5

    One Step from Eden Official Review

    Does it reach nirvana? Or is it just one step from Eden?
    Reviewed by Adrien Montgomery, May 7, 2020 16 comments
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    Telling Lies Official Review

    Telling Lies, the latest title from Sam Barlow, recently launched on consoles. Is this one aimed at narrative-driven game fans, movie fans or both? Let’s find out as we review Telling Lies on the...
    Reviewed by Prans Dunn, May 6, 2020 2 comments
  • 8.5

    Streets of Rage 4 Official Review

    A new instalment in the classic beat 'em up franchise approaches! Read on as we take on the mean streets in Streets of Rage 4 on the Nintendo Switch!
    Reviewed by Prans Dunn, May 5, 2020 33 comments
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    ZHED Official Review

    No ZHED is not a game that wants to help you properly pronounce the letter ‘Z’. Probably. Rather, ZHED is a puzzle game that lets you solve, well, puzzles at your own pace. Is this title apt to...
    Reviewed by Prans Dunn, May 1, 2020 8 comments
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    Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories Official Review

    In the midst of a disaster, how do you act? Do you help others, or help yourself? Is it a great misfortune, or an opportunity to be exploited? It's up to you to make these choices.
    Reviewed by Scarlet Bell, Apr 30, 2020 7 comments
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    ITTA Official Review

    A girl, her cat, a deserted world, and lots of mean bosses with even more bullets hurtling at her; that’s the premise of ITTA. Let’s see how this indie bullet-hell boss-rush plays out!
    Reviewed by Prans Dunn, Apr 27, 2020 19 comments
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    Convoy: Console Edition Official Review

    A cross between FTL and Mad Max, Convoy is an interesting tactical roguelike recently ported to consoles. How does this formerly PC-exclusive title fare when robbed of its mouse and keyboard controls?
    Reviewed by Stephen Peddigrew, Apr 25, 2020 4 comments
  • 7.5

    Grimvalor Official Review

    Last week I reviewed Shinsekai: Into the Depths, a mobile game ported to Switch. In it, I mentioned that mobile games getting ported to consoles is a bit of a rarity. Apparently it’s not as uncommon...
    Reviewed by Jordan Ryan, Apr 22, 2020 4 comments
  • 8.8

    A Fold Apart Official Review

    A captivating tale of romance and the struggles of distance, we check out A Fold Apart!
    Reviewed by Scarlet Bell, Apr 18, 2020 2 comments