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Very well written guide.
This is just amazing! My avg fps got up by +5!! Was using the "Realtime" option, but had some system freezes so I switched to "High" settings.

TotK runs with 30 fps and it's completely smooth now. Vulkan shader building (disabled async building hack) seems to work faster, too. Thanks a ton for this magical tool!

One question though.. Apparently I have to start the tool and execute the "Apply Setting" everytime I launch Yuzu. It would be great, if the settings could be saved for the yuzu.exe somehow (maybe in a future update?)!
TYSM for the review, you could test and see if when launching yuzu.exe if it runs at a higher priority, i have left the settings in so that it tries to add entries to always launch it in the last state the user chose, but on some pcs it stopped working, why i was currently recommending that the app should be open in the background, i have added features so the app could search for any hidden processes (with their process ID) then force lock it to a higher state and affinity
Any plan on update the mod now that Dynamic FPS 1.5.2 has been released?
Is it possible to support Linux, I use steam deck.
Hi there, TYSM for the review, i could most definitely look into Linux support, im currently working on a side project also, that should in theory merge with STSYPE in the near future
***quick update enabling a framerate toggle via msi/rivatuner to cap it at 30 fps also makes the cog function and if you toggle back and forth it would start and stop spinning, so this is a simpler solution meanwhile and it's similar to how in earlier versions we would have to do this method for when cutscenes hadn't been fixed yet***
So as others have stated and as I just came to witness it myself seems as though the 60 fps mods in general break physics or so. To test what I'm experiencing go to Turakamik Shrine located b4 exiting the valley into the Gerudo desert. There's a large cog that's suppose to be spinning right before the last section of the shrine but it doesn't with the 60 fps mods enabled you can ultrahand it and wiggle it to break free and reattach and it stutters as if trying to spin. Anyway I went ahead and ran the 30fps static mod to see if that would fix it and it did its spinning along with the rest attached to it when at 30fps. In this case it's not a big deal as use of the cog is to get access to a chest above but it has potential to ruin or make other similar ish puzzles within shrines impossible if a user isn't aware the 60fps mods are the culprit for which they can't progress any further anyway if you could look into said issue that would be great for those trying to stay at 60fps.
(Ryujinx, docked mode, vsync enabled, resolution scale 3x, vulkan, graphics backend multithreading auto, post processing affect none, upscale bilinear, anisotropic filtering 16x, 16:9)
(Rig specs 3090ti Fe, 13900k, ddr5 2x16 32gb 6600)
Mods being (normally) used
-60fps blackscreen fix from elsewhere
-visualfixes_anisotropic fix
-graphics-island fix from elsewhere
current Version works perfect! thank you
Excellent, butter smooth in yuzu 3621/3630/3631, really saw the imrpovements from older versions, glad to have you updating this!
I only miss the LOD Improvement mod (still testing) and the Island Fix that fixes island outlines being very thicc on higher res


32gb 3200mhz
NVME drive
Very hot room

Mods that I use:

Dark Souls SFX
Skill Issue death screen
Dualsense UI Mod v11.5 - Normal - White
Faster Teleports
FOV Mod + OTSBow
Minecraft NomNom SFX
Serfrosts Defogger
Skip BloodMoon Cutscene
UT99 Headshot SFX
Island Fix
LOD Improvement
TotK resolution set on x2 with Vulkan Api
Yuzu 3629-EA (set to "bitsum higher performance" on Process Lasso)
CPU i9-12900K
Nvidia RTX2080 Ti
Memory 32 GB DDR5 Pc6000
M.2 SSD 980 Pro 2to (x3)
Win 10x64 22H2

Mods enabled (v 0.5.0) :
- 60Fps stable static
- DynamicFPSv1.5.1_totk
- VisualFixes_1008P_FXAA_Off_FSR_Off_totk
- VisualFixes_AnisotropicFix_totk
- VisualFixes_DisableQualityReduction_totk
- VisualFixes_DisableTargetingDOF_totk
- VisualFixes_ShadowResolution_totk

Other mods :
- Graphics - Island Fix
- Over 30FPS Blackscreen Fix
- y04nn_totk_v1.2 reshade

This set of mods is working very well on my PC at the moment (about 50 hours of play).
I'm getting constant 60fps without stuttering and it's super fun to play, much more so than on my Switch :)

Instead of DynamicFPSv1.5.1, I used fps++ for a while (now renamed DynamicFPS++) and with this mod it often happened that after a video my framerate was stuck at 30fps, so I had to save and reload to get back to 60fps.
It also seems that sometimes the game physics are a bit broken.

That's it,if you want more info on the problems encountered, modders can contact me.
You are doing an incredible job, thank a lot.
Ghost Boster
Love the mod, and appreciate the work. I have had no problems so far, almost a constant 60fps on my rig, unless shader generation is in progress. However, I thought it would be worth mentioning a game progressing issue I just encounter today.

In Soryotanog Shrine in Gerudo Town the hidden chest is accessed by dusting off a large cog which then starts rotating opening the door. However, with DynamicFPS++_totk enabled, then door does not open. I temporarily had to disable the mod, to be able to complete the Shrine 100%. Just an FYI as I would not be surprised if it affects similar game mechanics in other locations.

Yuzu 1543 non-experimental
CPU Intel i7-12700KF
GPU Nvidia RTX3080
Memory 32GB

Mods enabled (All from 0.5.0)

Other Mods
your dynamicfps++ has not worked for me throughout your entire development and im frustrated please tell me why dragging and dropping that mod into my mods folder doesnt seems to magically work like everyone else? by reading the notes in the post I should only need "DynamicFPS++_totk" in my mods folder on yuzu to get this to run 60fps? why in the hell is it not working???
Any chance of a 40fps static? I know you can limit Yuzu speed to 67%, but this setting doesn't always persist between sessions. There are also situations where it is more ideal to use a game-specific mod rather than an external limiter (such as being able to play other 60fps games from a TV/PC setup where you don't have easy access to a keyboard).

Not sure how much work a 40fps mod would be, just wondering if it's possible...
Playing 1.1.2, there is crash occuring at a very specific place every time in the Hyrule Castle when i go talk to captain Hoz.
Ryujinx log says :

00:01:51.978 |E| HLE.GuestThread.71 Cpu InvalidAccessHandler: Invalid memory access at virtual address 0x0000000000000000.
00:01:52.021 |E| HLE.GuestThread.71 Application : Unhandled exception caught: Ryujinx.Memory.InvalidMemoryRegionException: Attempted to access an invalid memory region.
at Ryujinx.Memory.Tracking.MemoryTracking.VirtualMemoryEvent(UInt64 address, UInt64 size, Boolean write, Boolean precise, Nullable`1 exemptId) in D:\a\Ryujinx\Ryujinx\src\Ryujinx.Memory\Tracking\MemoryTracking.cs:line 281
at Ryujinx.Memory.Tracking.MemoryTracking.VirtualMemoryEvent(UInt64 address, UInt64 size, Boolean write) in D:\a\Ryujinx\Ryujinx\src\Ryujinx.Memory\Tracking\MemoryTracking.cs:line 212
at ARMeilleure.Translation.Translator.Execute(ExecutionContext context, UInt64 address) in D:\a\Ryujinx\Ryujinx\src\ARMeilleure\Translation\Translator.cs:line 106
at Ryujinx.HLE.HOS.Kernel.Threading.KThread.ThreadStart() in D:\a\Ryujinx\Ryujinx\src\Ryujinx.HLE\HOS\Kernel\Threading\KThread.cs:line 1253

Mods used :
- DynamicFPS++_totk
- VisualFixes_1008P_Chuck_totk
- VisualFixes_AnisotropicFix_totk
- VisualFixes_DisableQualityReduction_totk
DynamicFPS++ is smooth like fuild oil!
Any idea why is the fps++ nor dynamicfps loosing performance as opposite to the static_30fps one on Ryujinx?

I kept using the 1.1.0 version of the game since I was stuck using the v1.31 mod (which was the last version using pchtxt) because it was my only way to properly play on Ryujinx (whithout being to much impacted by the Shader compilation as it would retain the same internal speed).

Now that I have updated to 1.1.1, It's unplayable since I'm stuck having to use the latest version thus loosing something like 5 fps... Obviously 30fps++ does the same.
I can keep the static30 at stable 30 but I drop frames when compiling so it is really impacting gameplay :(

Apparently, it seems to be an issue on AMD systems only (My combo is 5600x/6600XT). Any idea on how to makes this work on 1.1.1?
Dynamic FPS++, 540p cheat with 2x res.scale. YUZU. Average FPS increased.
Bow aiming work as before correct (srick/gyro). Gamepad 8BitDo Ultimate BT.
aiming with the bow feel broken now

(horizontal aiming feels fine, but vertical aiming is slow now)
also, using the purah pads camera... is super slow now...

I use the bow so much, I can't even use this update..
I think it has something to do with the ultrahand fix,

just letting you know, it fixed ultrahand but broke 2 other things, for that I am not using this new update or any new ones until it has been fixed.

also, thank you for fixing ryujinx boot crash
Not sure where else to ask about this, but the mod does not work. I have it installed in the right right and all my other mods work.

I am using game ver 1.1.2 and the latest version of Ryujinx.

No matter how many times I reinstall the mods or dump my cache nothing fixes it. I am stuck at 30fps.
Same issue as Chuck's dFPS 1.52 beta and previous FPS++ builds. Random crashes when accessing ultrahand on ryujinx with vsync disabled. When opening the power select menu, FPS will spike to upwards of 280 fps+ and will randomly crash. Could relate to the massive fps fluctuation? 5800x3d/4090.

Vsync enabled or FPS limit of 145 fixes the crashing.

Happens on vulkan and opengl backends. All other mods were disabled for testing and shader caches were purged.

Oh and the same framerate spikes happen but do not crash the game when launched with no mods and vsync off.

Separate issue: Link's clothes, shield, and weapon spaz out and twitch when gliding with dfps++ and dfps.
Had been using fps++ for a while. Now using the new one.
At least for me the experience playing is smoother than using the chucks dynamic 1.5.1.
Thanks for all the effort and hope to see you keep pushing good mods for the game :D
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