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Check out our latest Retro system game reviews. While the industry continues releasing new consoles, always more advanced and powerful, some of us cannot spend a single day without remembering the former glory of amazing consoles and computers such as the SNES, the Game Boy, the Amiga and plenty of other never-to-be-forgotten systems. The way-back machine.

  • 7.5

    Hot Potato! (GBA)

    This is one of those titles that have passed, and still pass, unnoticed and remain unknown to most people, even to puzzle lovers; I am still surprised of this, wondering why. In terms of graphics and...
    Reviewed by Nikokaro, Mar 27, 2021 2 comments
  • 7

    ZooCube (GBA)

    An innovative puzzle (for those times), interesting and challenging, second only (for its excessive simplicity and nudity), in my opinion, to titles such as S. Puzzle Fighter 2, Denki Blocks, Overdose...
    Reviewed by Nikokaro, Mar 23, 2021 1 comment
  • 3

    Mojo (PlayStation 2)

    Mojo is not one of those games that I would have gone and said "I want this." But it seemed a bit intriguing, so when I saw it at a local game shop for about $1 complete, I said, "why not, seems like...
    Reviewed by a32bitmint, Feb 9, 2021 2 comments
  • 8.3

    Game and Watch SMB 2020

    Since my "Gameboy Micro" died I was searching for a replacement in terms of portability and screen quality. As soon Nintendo announced the "G&W" I had set my eyes on it.
    Reviewed by bola1717, Nov 12, 2020 2 comments
  • 8

    Berlin Hotball (GBC)

    Is it perhaps another clone of the legendary Arkanoid, seen through a magnifying glass, designed for short-sighted people, and confined to the narrow space of a gbc screen? In truth it is much more...
    Reviewed by Nikokaro, Nov 6, 2020 2 comments
  • 8

    Lockjaw the Overdose (gba)

    My primary purpose is to highlight, in its simplicity, the originality and creativity of this homebrew, and make it re-emerge from the oblivion into which it has fallen.
    Reviewed by Nikokaro, Oct 24, 2020 1 comment
  • 7

    Super Mario 64 DS

    Here is one of the most revolutionary games ever made...… now on the go! How does Mario's first 3D adventure translate to a completely new platform?
    Reviewed by GABO1423, Oct 22, 2020 7 comments
  • 7.5

    Super Mario Sunshine

    Here's one of Mario's weirdest adventures yet! Can Super Mario Sunshine still be worth playing today?
    Reviewed by GABO1423, Aug 12, 2020 3 comments
  • 8.5

    Super Mario 64

    Here is one of the most revolutionary games ever made! But how does Mario's first 3D adventure hold up 24 years later?
    Reviewed by GABO1423, Jul 24, 2020 6 comments
  • 6.7

    Mega Man 3

    But it's also kinda fun
    Reviewed by BrandonCD, Jun 18, 2020 8 comments
  • 6.3

    Tetris (Game Boy)

    it's fucking tetris
    Reviewed by Stealphie, Apr 28, 2020 13 comments
  • 6

    Super Mario Bros. (Re-review)

    My name is Stealphie and this time i'm re-reviewing Super Mario Bros., some of yall got pissed off because i gave Super Mario Bros. a 4 before. i replayed the game completely with a "this is a good...
    Reviewed by Stealphie, Jan 16, 2020 12 comments
  • 4

    Super Mario Bros.

    Hello, I'm Stealphie and this time i'm reviewing one of the most iconic video games in gaming history. Super Mario Bros. for the NES!
    Reviewed by Stealphie, Jan 14, 2020 40 comments
  • 8.5

    Sonic Advance 3

    Sonic Advance 3 is the third entry in the critically acclaimed Sonic Advance trilogy. Nintendojo gave the game a 93/100 (on Metacritic), stating “The value of this cartridge will keep you playing...
    Reviewed by HylianBran, Jan 12, 2020 5 comments
  • 8

    New Super Mario Bros.

    Hello, this time i'm reviewing New Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo's DS. Keep in mind, this is basically a port with some changes of the New Super Mario Bros. review on my blog.
    Reviewed by Stealphie, Jan 9, 2020 3 comments