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Check out our latest Android OS game reviews. Since the advent of increasingly powerful mobile devices in the late 2000's, it seems like the mobile gaming industry is slowly shifting towards portable video game consoles to all-in-one mobile phones with gaming capabilities. The iPod Touch, iPhone and high-end Android devices of today are the host of complex games showing off impressive visuals.
  • HeroBallZ

    HeroBallZ is a game about merging novices to create heroes. There is 3 tiers of heroes R SR SSR. SSR is the most powerful. Your main objective in the game is to last the longest and climb up the...
    Reviewed by Bl4aze,  0 comments
  • Shards of Infinity

    Deck builders are a relatively young genre of games, and not to be confused with Collectible Card Games. In deck builders, each player starts with an identical (small) deck of cards, mostly...
    Reviewed by Taleweaver,  0 comments
  • Age of rivals

    If you have to picture the mental image of the elevator pitch for this game, it's best pictured as the producer franctically reaching for the lift's "eject" button while the programmer is trying...
    Reviewed by Taleweaver,  0 comments

    A phone's AI wants to be human. You are its underling. What could go wrong?
    Reviewed by smileyhead,  1 comment
  • Jaipur

    "Mister, mister...wanna buy some leather? Only five rupees. No? How about three camels for your woman?" Chances are that by the above conversation snippet, you immediately envision exotic...
    Reviewed by Taleweaver,  0 comments
  • Ninja Arashi

    Created by the studio Black Panther games, this is their first attempt at make a video game.
    Reviewed by lcie nimbus,  1 comment
  • Voez - A rhythm game for those with class

    I will be reviewing VOEZ. Another game made by Rayark which I have been looking forward to for quite sometime.
    Reviewed by BurningDesire,  3 comments
  • Plane Popper

    This is a review on Plane Popper, an Android video game programmed by a GBATemp forum member Bobbyloujo, available on the Google Play Store.
    Reviewed by Jakub Kowalski,  9 comments
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