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  • Do you like GBAtemp?
    It seems to me the site is unpleasant for you with all that stuff you criticize with passion.

    But hats off: You have the talent to create threads in the Site Discussions forum that get many views and many replies.

    Try to enjoy the forum, the discussions and whatever and don't focus too much on things you dislike.
    Finding sponsors, taking care of ads yourself is hard: Ad networks came to existence. Criminals are abusing them (scam, malvertising). Costello stated at some point that their ad network is a good one; can't judge this. Neither the GBAtemp admins nor the ad network have interest in scams showing up. This harms reputation. Nothing we can do but report bad ads and wait for human interaction stopping fraudulent stuff.
    Unfortunately advertising is THE most common method to fund things online. Most people aren't willing to pay for […] if they can get it for "free" (paying with bandwidth, compute power, own time, personal data and nerves… or even buying some products isn't free).

    Just look at the number of active members here compared to those with patron status. The admins can’t pay the bills without relying on ads.
    In my opinion the only thing we can do to get rid of this once and for all is accepting that services have a price in a money-centric world – and start paying for things we like directly instead of indirectly (ads).
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