New romhack converts unreleased Super Mario 64DD content to cartridge version


Before the Japan-only Nintendo 64 Disk Drive was quietly discontinued and forgotten, Nintendo was working on a port of Super Mario 64 to the new disk technology. Presumably a tech demo, it never saw the light of day, however, an early development disk was found and dumped online, preserving it. This version of Super Mario 64 doesn't change much from the original release, though it does feature improved textures and music changes.

A romhacker by the name of Zoinkity decided to take those slight changes, patch a major bug, and release it as a romhack of the original N64 version of the game, available as an xdelta patch on

The disk build of Super Mario 64 was a hastily-made promotional piece that was little more than a sliced up cartridge ROM (see readme). This patch reassembles the original ROM and switches disk read requests with cart requests. Disk saves are replaced with EEPROM saves, thereby eliminating the two things that made this version at all interesting.

As a bonus, the Wiggler health bug was also corrected so it should be possible to collect all 120 stars.

To distinguish the patched file from other cartridge versions, the internal name reads “SUPER MARIO 64DD”, the version is -1, and a timestamp was applied.

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Dec 11, 2006
Has it been completed yet?
Yes, the decompilation and most major enhancements are done too. For example you can play in 4k native widescreen, 60fps, analog camera, redone high-polygon character models, and new textures. It really does make Mario64 look and play extremely modern.

After that, it's hard to go back to a vanilla rom, so are the 64DD items enough to warrant another playthrough at original quality?

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