[Tutorial] Easy 3DS Game Modding with Luma

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    There is a LOT of confusion around modding 3DS games. With many people thinking you need special launchers, or something like SaltySD, and some people still thinking you need to patch entire .cia files and re-install games completely. With Luma it doesn't actually have to be hard, I want to make this tutorial because I feel like the 3DS modding community is not as alive as it should be because people think simply model-swapping is a high floor or entry. This can be helpful for not only people who want to mod games, but also mod developers as well!
    Step 1.)
    Create the following folder on your SD Card "D:\luma\titles\[TITLEID]\romfs
    Step 2.) Extract the mod you want for your game into this folder. Sometimes mods will not come with full paths so your mileage will vary. CTGP-7 comes with the full proper paths and filenames under CTGP-7.zip\files\CTGP-7romfs so extract those there
    Step 3.) Insert SD Card back into 3DS, press SELECT while powering up console, and select Enable Game Patching from the Luma Config Menu. then press START to save.

    And we're done! No more needing to deal with SaltySD incompatibilities or dubiously legal whole ROM patching! Modding can be as easy as model-swapping.

    Remember that your TitleID will vary based on your region. And the actual games directory structure will vary depending on the game. If you're coming off of SaltySD this should be easy for you.

    I honestly hope this was helpful to many people. This was my first tutorial here
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    Your are wrong in several things. First of all, CTGP-7 comes with its own loader for a reason, there are some features linked to the plugin, you can't just grab the rom files and use luma romfs loader.
    Secondly, SaltySD is still needed for games like Smash as all the game files are compressed inside another file in the romfs. Appart for those cases, everything is fine for other games/mods. :P
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    Its necesary to put all romfs's files? or just the modded ones?. Let say if i only modify one file inside romfs folder, i just need to put that file inside luma\titles\titleid\romfs?