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    Direct link to the latest version if you already have it installed: here
    If this is your first installation then also read Installing Nintendont or it will not work properly.

    Check out the project page on github or read latest posts of this thread to follow up to date development and features.

    What is Nintendont?
    Nintendont is a Wii mode homebrew to play gamecube games on Wii and WiiU vWii.

    Nintendont is obviously not a modification of the MIOS, like DIOS MIOS (lite), because the vWii does not have a MIOS.
    It is neither an emulator, because the Wii or vWii are not powerful enough to emulate GameCube games.
    Nintendont is more like a bridge between an emulator and a virtual machine which runs Gamecube games natively.

    Certain parts such as SI for controls, EXI for memory card and DI for data reads are emulated. The rest is just patched to match the newer Wii syscalls.

    Tutorial Index:

    Game compatibility
    Installing Nintendont
    Installing games
        Supported game Format and paths
        Dumping Game Disc
        Triforce arcade games
        Game on SD Card
        Game on USB
        Game on Disc
    Supported Controllers
    Using Nintendont
        Exit Nintendont
        Swap discs
    Optional features
        Customize HID controller's button mapping


    Features supported by Nintendont

    • Works on Wii and vWii on Wii U
    • Full speed loading from an USB device, or a SD card
    • Loads 1:1 gamecube ISO -recommended format-
    • Loads compressed gamecube .ISO disc images (NOT .CISO format!)
    • Loads gamecube games as extracted files system (FST)
    • Play Triforce arcade games ISO
    • Play games from Disc on GameCube compatible Wii! (Retail discs, single and multi-iso burned discs)
    • Memory card support (Wii only)
    • Memory card emulation
    • Card support for Triforce games
    • Multi-players support
    • Multiple controller supports : Gamecube, Wiimote, Classic, Konga, etc.
    • HID controller support via any USB port
    • Custom button layout when using HID controllers
    • Official WiiU GameCube Controller Adapter support (using HID).
    • Bluetooth controller support
    • Rumble support
    • Reset/Exit via button combo
    • Changeable configuration of various settings
    • Video mode patching, force progressive and force 16:9 widescreen
    • Auto boot from loader or HBC
    • Memory card size, single or shared by games.
    • BIOS support (Gamecube and Triforce)
    • Cheat code support
    • WiiRd debugger (Wii only)
    • Automatic Disc Swapping
    • Audio Streaming
    • Internal Nintendont updater
    • Title.txt support to display correct game's name
    • GBA-link controller support (Wii only)
    • UStealth HDD support
    Features Nintendont doesn't support yet:
    • BBA/Modem support
    • Dual ports support DO NOT CONNECT TWO DRIVES AT THE SAME TIME! (even a WiiU Formated drive). It will either not boot, or corrupt your savegames.
    Features Nintendont will never have:
    • Game Boy Player
    • Multiplayer support over multiple USB ports
    • Don't bother asking for a full GUI, coverflow, or anything else graphics related. The current GUI is as good as it's going to get. Use another loader if you want something nicer. The purpose of the GUI was to make the text easier to read on small screens, and to add flexibility for the devs by making font size customizable. Nintendont was and is not intended as a Front-end game launcher. Nintendont is designed to be integrated in existing USBLoaders interface as gamecube and triforce game launcher.


    Nintendont does NOT support multiple HDD connected at the same time.
    If you are on WiiU : Please, unplug your WiiU HDD first. Connect only the vWii HDD. as work around, you can use SD card for gamecube games and keep WiiU HDD connected.

    Trying to setup your console in order to bypass this is not supported or endorsed by Nintendont developers.
    Don't tweak your IOS and cIOS and complain your other homebrew are not working like you want.
    Plug only ONE HDD and everything will work fine, it's easier and less work for everyone. Don't force other users to debug you issues by using non conventional setup.

    Game Compatibility list

    Nintendont has almost 100% compatibility.
    You can find the compatibility list on the Wiki.

    If you want to report an issue or a game not working, please use this form and post in this thread:

    Installing Nintendont

    Nintendont is not installed into your console.
    It's a homebrew located on your SD card or your USB device and displayed in The Homebrew Channel like all your other homebrew.
    Nintendont is also designed to be fully integrated in existing USBLoaders so you can use your favorite loader as Graphical user interface.
    A third method to launch Nintendont is using a forwarder installed on your System menu.

    It's recommended to use Nintendont as a module integrated in your favorite USBLoader. The advantage being:
    - A better visual interface, with covers, etc.
    - A common place to launch all your games (Wii, Gamecube, Wiiware, etc.)
    - A per-game stored settings instead of manually editing them before every game launch as Nintendont keeps only the last used setting in memory.


    Nintendont requires:
    - The official unpatched IOS58.
    - The Homebrew Channel v1.0.7 or newer, running on IOS58.

    Nintendont DOES NOT REQUIRE cIOS.
    You don't need to install any cIOS, and it is not affected by any of your existing/installed cIOS. There's no need to list your installed cIOS when reporting an issue.


    There is no full package to download Nintendont. Instead, for your first install, you will have to download and copy the files manually on your Homebrew device.
    Follow the instructions below.


    1. Create a Nintendont folder in your device's /apps/ folder (ex. SD:/apps/Nintendont)
    2. Download the meta.xml file and place it in the Nintendont folder.
    Right-click this link and select "Save link's target as..." (or if you display the target's text in your internet browser, choose : File > save as)
    3. Download the loader.dol, rename it to boot.dol and place it in the Nintendont folder.

    You now should have :

    Congratulation, you completed the installation!


    To update Nintendont, you have 3 methods : Manual, from Nintendont, from USBLoaders.

    1. Download the loader.dol and rename it to boot.dol
    2. Replace your old boot.dol located in /apps/Nintendont/ folder with the file you just downloaded and renamed.

    From Nintendont:
    1. Launch Nintendont from The Homebrew Channel.
    2. Select the device where your games are located (SD or USB).
    3. Press B to enter the settings, Press the button to open the Update menu and follow on-screen instruction.

    From USBLoaders:
    1. Launch your preferred USBLoaders.
    2. Select the loader's option to update Nintendont.


    Two forwarders can be used to launch Nintendont from your System menu:
    Install the forwarder version for your console using a Wad Manager.

    Wii version - made by Badablek.
    WiiU vWii version - made by JoostinOnline

    The forwarders are looking for the file located on:


    Nintendont can (and is intended to) be integrated as Gamecube launcher module into USBLoaders.
    Wiiflow, USBLoaderGX, CFG Loader and PostLoader support Nintendont launching.

    All USBLoaders are loading Nintendont from SD:/apps/Nintendont/boot.dol, but some loaders let you customize the path if you need to.
    To use Nintendont as gamecube launcher module, you need to tell your favorite loader that you want to use Nintendont instead of MIOS or Devolution for gamecube games.

    This loader let you customize the path to your Nintendont's boot.dol file : Settings>User path>Nintendont loader path.
    or individual (a per-game specific Nintendont path if a game works only with a different version of Nintendont).
    Select the game > Options > Game settings > Nintendont loader path.

    You need to tell the loader to use Nintendont as gamecube mode : Settings > Loader Settings > Gamecube mode : Nintendont

    CFG Loader & Wiiflow
    Latest official version are not compatible with Nintendont.
    Use AbdallahTerro Master's mod instead.

    This loader should work without any special setup.

    Installing games

    Nintendont can launch gamecube games from different devices and load different game format.
    This section will detail the compatible devices, game format, path and filename used by Nintendont.

    :blank:Supported game Format

    There are two main formats : Game backup and Disc.

    Game backup format
    Nintendont can launch:
    - Full clean ISO
    - Compressed ISO (scrubbed with unused data removed, not ciso)
    - Extracted files and folders (FST format)

    The recommended format is a CLEAN ISO dump. It has the best compatibility and faster reading speed.
    Do not compress or extract your games, don't use DiscEx, don't use GCReEx, don't use DMToolbox.

    Disc format
    On compatible Wii, these Discs can be used:
    - Retail game disc (original/official gamecube game disc)
    - Burned disc, single game.
    - Burned disc, Multi-ISO disc.

    :blank:Dumping Game Disc

    If you want to dump your game disc to ISO, there are different homebrew you can use.
    - CleanRIP : This homebrew creates a full 1:1 clean ISO of your disc. Dumping the disc will place the ISO on your device, but NOT where nintendont is looking. you will have to edit the path and filename manually.
    - USBLoaders : Most (if not all) loaders can dump your disc to ISO. insert your disc and select install. It will place the game in the correct folder and with the correct filename, ready to play with Nintendont. This is the recommended method for easy installation.

    :blank:Triforce arcade games

    Triforce games are Arcade games developed by Namco-Sega-Nintendo.
    Triforce game ISOs can be launched by Nintendont.
    MAME CHDs/BINs can be converted with triforce-iso-extract and set up afterwards with triforce-hdr-patcher, the new BIN file can just be renamed to game.iso afterwards. Make sure to read the readme for both projects for more information on how to use both programs.
    To get the japanese version of mario kart gp2 (mkartag2 from MAME) nintendont ready check out triforce-nand-iso-extract.

    To install these games, you need to follow the exact same method than installing/copying a gamecube ISO manually on your SD or USB.

    :blank:Game on SD Card

    The game path expected by Nintendont is :
    SD:/games/whatever you want/game.iso
    SD:/games/whatever you want/disc2.iso

    The non-bold part need to be written exactly like you see it above (the filename is not the game's title, but the 4 letters "g+a+m+e")
    If a game has two discs, the second ISO needs to be placed in the same folder than the first disc's ISO, and named to "disc2.iso".
    Only the bold part "whatever you want" need to change.

    For better compatibility with other loaders, you can put Game's Title and GameID in that part, like this :
    SD or USB:/games/Zelda Wind Waker [GZLP01]/game.iso
    SD or USB:/games/Tales of Symphonia [GQSEAF]/game.iso
    SD or USB:/games/Tales of Symphonia [GQSEAF]/disc2.iso

    For users who still don't understand that "game" doesn't refer to the game's title but to the single word "game":
    /games/Zelda Wind Waker [GZLP01]/Zelda.iso <--- WRONG :hateit:
    /games/Zelda Wind Waker [GZLP01]/game.iso <--- Correct
    /games/Tales of Symphonia [GQSEAF]/disc2.iso <--- Correct

    If you don't know the GameID, you don't need to use it.
    /games/zelda/game.iso is working too.

    :blank:Game on USB

    To install games on USB, you need to follow the same instructions than SD card.
    It's the same path and same filename, except it's placed on USB.

    Though, USB has some restriction and the games must be located on:
    - The drive must use MBR partition table (not GPT)
    - The partition must be primary (not extended or logical)
    - The partition must be formated as FAT32 with 64k/cluster or less. (32k/cluster and 64k/cluster recommended)
    - The partition must be the first partition of the partition table, or the first primary FAT32 partition of the table.

    Nintendont is compatible with USB2.0 and USB3.0 drives.
    Nintendont used to be compatible with 4kB sector size and drives bigger than 2TB, but seems to have issues since v2.230.
    If you have compatibility issues with such drive, try v2.229
    If you are have a 4K or a drive bigger than 2TB and don't encounter issue using, please report in this thread your drive/enclosure model to help other users choose a compatible drive.

    - The USB device can be connected on any USB Port, but it MUST be connected alone.
    Do NOT connect another HDD at the same time. Even a WiiU formated HDD will prevent Nintendont from working.
    Please, disconnect all your other connected device before launching Nintendont.

    :blank:Game on Disc

    Nintendont can launch games from disc if your Wii is compatible with Gamecube disc or with Burned DVD-R discs.
    WiiU can NOT play gamecube from discs.

    Supported Disc format
    - Retail game disc (original/official gamecube game disc)
    - Burned disc, single game.
    - Burned disc, Multi-ISO disc.

    Supported Controllers

    Nintendont supports all official Gamecube controllers and even more!
    Playstation 3, Playstation 4, USB, Bluetooth, Wiimote, Wii and wiiU Classic controllers, etc.

    This section will help you choose your controller.

    Nintendont is compatible with ALL the controllers at the same time, you don't need to change any settings. Connect and play with your favorite controller.
    Up to 4 players with different controller type can be used : Player1 official, Player2 USB, player3 Bluetooth, why not!

    [​IMG]Official Gamecube Controllers

    These official gamecube gamepads are working (on wii only):
    • Official Gamecube controller
    • Wavebird Gamecube controller. You need to launch Nintendont with this controller already ON.
    • Donkey Kong Bongo.
    • Dance Mat/Dance Pad. (Even unofficial. This one from Gamestop is reported working).

    [​IMG]USB-HID Gamecube Controllers

    Your USB controller must be compatible with the "USB-HID" standard to work with Nintendont.
    Not all USB controllers follow this standard so you will have to test your own controller to see if it works.

    USB-HID controllers button mapping can be customized if needed.
    By default, Nintendont will try to find your controller's button mapping from an internal list of existing controllers.

    Already compatible USB-HID controllers
    The following USB-HID gamepads and adapters are working and included in Nintendont:
    • PS2 Dual shock
    • PS3 Dual shock/Sixaxis
    • PS4 Controller
    • Logitech Rumble Gamepad F510
    • Trio Linker v1 (GC, DC, PS)
    • Official WiiU GameCube Controller Adapter [WUP-028] - Supports 4 players and rumble on Wii and WiiU. Supports Gamecube controller, Wavebird, Dance mat, bongo, probably all official controllers too.
    • All third parties Wii U GameCube Controller Adapter clones
    • Mayflash Wii Classic Controller to USB adapter for PC [PC052] (Multiplayer support!)
    • Mayflash Wii Classic Controller to USB Adapter [PC045] (Multiplayer support!)
    • Mayflash Wireless Wii U Pro Controller Adapter [W009] (Multiplayer support! L/R analog are not working because WiiU Pro lacks analog shoulder buttons)
    • Mayflash 3 in 1 Magic Joy Box adapter [PC035](only GameCube and PS/PS2 ports. The Xbox controller doesn't work).
    • Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 Joystick
    • Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 SA
    • CronusMax adapter (for Xbox 360 wired controller)
    • CronusMax adapter + Xbox360 PC adapter (for Xbox 360 wireless controller)
    • Standard/commonly used USB-HID controller.
    • and more...

    Not all USB controllers are USB-HID compatible
    The following gamepads are NOT WORKING:
    • Wii remote alone (use Nunchuk, CC or CCPro extensions instead)
    • Wii remote+Hori Fighting Stick Wii [picture] (D-pad down stuck always pressed)
    • Wii U gamepad
    • Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One controllers connected directly to the Wii. (Xbox360 can work with an adapter, see above).
    • Mayflash GC Controller Adapter for PC [PC051]

    Your USB-HID controller is not in the list?

    If you have a specific USB controller you want to play with, you can test if it is compatible with this homebrew:
    The readme in this rar-file should explain everything.
    Rename to boot.dol to launch the homebrew from HBC.

    new versions:
    HID_Test v6
    - Added support for DigitalLR command
    - Added display of raw data when controller.ini exists
    - Added support for Power command
    - Added support for MultiIn command
    - Added support for MultiInValue command
    - Fixed Parsing controller.ini when a longer command was placed before a shorter command with the same ending characters in front of the "="
    Use this guide to create your own controller.ini file.
    And place your controller.ini on the root of your Gaming device.

    If your games are located on USB : USB:/controller.ini
    If your games are located on USB : SD:/controller.ini

    If you want to use different controllers, instead of using "controller.ini" on the root, you can place your files in a sub-folder, and using the PID_VID as filename.

    Note: You can use only one HID-USB Compatible controller or adapter at a time. No multiplayer with HID is possible unless you are using a multi-controllers adapter.

    [​IMG]Bluetooth Controllers

    Compatible bluetooth controllers
    • WiiU Pro Controller
    • Wii Classic Controller Pro
    • Wii Classic Controller, with analog L/R support
    • Mayflash GC Controller Adapter for Wii/Wii U [W007]
    • Wii U Fight Pad controller [link]
    • Hori Battle Pad for Wii U [link]
    Bluetooth controllers will be automatically disconnected after 20secons of inactivity after game launch.

    If your bluetooth controller (wiimote, Classic, Classic Pro, Wii U Pro) is not an official controller then it may have issues (this is the most common problem for users using bluetooth controllers with Nintendont).

    Unlike USB-HID controllers, the bluetooth controllers button mapping can't be customized.
    Instead, Nintendont provides two pre-configured mapping that you can switch while in a game by pressing a button.

    Calibration and button mapping
    • The controllers need to be linked to the console (use the red buttons) before launching nintendont.
    • If your controller is not sync in Nintendont, disconnect the controller from the wiimote and reconnect it.
    • Press the power button to unsync and disconnect it.
    • The bluetooth controller analog sticks are calibrated when you sync the controller, the first value it reads will be taken as the analog stick middle. To recalibrate just reconnect the controller.
    • The controllers don't support controller.ini. The buttons mapping are hardcoded. a=a, b=b, etc., r+z+start=reset, Home=exit.

      Some ingame controller settings are available:
    • If you press "-" on your wiimote it will enable/disable rumble
    • If you press "-" on your classic controller/wiiu pro controller, it will change the control scheme to be rotated a quarter clockwise or back to the original control scheme
    • If you hold "L" on your classic controller/wiiu pro controller, your inputs on ZL/ZR will be used as half pressed L and R buttons in-game

    :blank:Wiimote+Nunchuk Controllers

    The Wiimote+Nunchuk input method is using a special in-game configuration switcher.
    The Wiimote button mapping can be switched in real-time by pressing specific button combinations.

    The wiimote has many different layouts which can be switched in real time while in a game.

    Press Button 2 on wiimote to enter the Button config mode, and release it to exit.
    While in Button config mode (keep button 2 pressed), these options are available to change your setup:

    Z = switch IR mode ON/OFF for the selected layout.
    none = default mode. (press and release button 2)
    D-pad Left = Abz general config //for arcade games or games that require few buttons
    D-pad Right = Naggers //conveniant for most games
    D-pad Up = racing 1 //for games that use AnalogR and AnalogL for gas and break
    D-pad Down = racing 2 //for games that require A held for gas
    Minus = Troopage config //handy in many situations
    1 = Shooter's config //for FPS games

    Button's layouts can be found here:

    Step by step description to edit your config:
    press button_2 (puts in config mode and turns IR off)
    press config button (selects the desired config - skip this step for the default)
    release the config button (keep holding button_2)
    press button_Z (turns IR on or off for the just selected config. If the wiimotes is pointed at the screen you can see IR toggle on and off if the screen accepts cStick input. )
    release button_Z
    release button_2 (ends configuration)

    :blank:Native Controllers

    The Native controller option is a user setting that you need to enable to tell Nintendont to use the real gamecube ports hardware and Nintendo's official functions to access the gamepad's data instead of emulating it.
    It works only on Wii with the Gamecube ports.

    Using this option lets you use official Gamecube user interface that Nintendont is normally not compatible with, but will disable Nintendont additional features.

    See below the list of affected features if you enable Native Control:
    - GBA-link
    - Keyboard
    - Mouse
    - Steering Wheel
    - Wavebird
    - DK Bongo in all compatible games

    - HID-USB Gamepads
    - Bluetooth Gamepads
    - Button combo to shutdown/reset/return to Loader.

    Using Nintendont

    This chapter will guide you on Nintendont interface, options and functionnality.


    The options available from Nintendont menu can also be set directly from an USBLoader's interface.

    If you launch Nintendont from The Homebrew Channel you can access the Setting by pressing the B button before launching a game.
    The selected options will be saved and restored on your next launch, but only one setting file is used and will replace your current settings.
    If you want to memorize different settings per game you need to use an USBLoader as user interface.

    *Will probably detail settings here later*

    :blank:Exit Nintendont

    To exit a game, you can use button combination on your controller.
    The button combo depends on your current controller type.

    Possible actions
    Restart: Resets the game and returns to game's title screen.
    Shutdown: Exits nintendont and returns to the loader.

    Official controller
    Restart: R+Z+Start
    Shutdown: R+Z+B+Down (D-pad)

    Shutdown: HOME Button on the Wii Remote.

    HID-USB controller or adapter
    You can define the "Power off" (exit to loader) button's combination yourself.
    The Power button is defined in the controller.ini or in the correct controllers/PID_VID.ini file used by your gamepad.
    Most commonly used combo with defaut HID settings:
    Shutdown: L+R+Z+Start

    Some games may natively use button's combination too
    Restart : B+A+Start

    Shutdown: Power button on Wii or wiiU console.

    If you use MCEmu (memory card emulation), Nintendont will save your current progress in the memory card file on SD or USB.
    Please wait a little and let Nintendont access your device.
    Don't force a shutdown by keeping the power button pressed or by unplugging the power cord, you risk corrupting your data on SD or USB.

    :blank:Swap discs

    The swap request is detected and done automatically by Nintendont.
    You need to use the ISO format (FST/Extracted file format doesn't work).

    Place the two game iso files in the same folder and name the first ISO "game.iso" and the second one "disc2.iso".
    Be sure you are displaying the known file's extension on Windows, if you name it "disc2.iso.iso" it will not work.


    Nintendont has an option to use either an individual memory card image per game, a global memory card image for multiple games, or a real memory card inserted in Wii's slot A.

    Using a real memory card
    On wii, if you set the memory card emulation to OFF, it will use the real memory card inserted in slot A.
    Attention: Do not save Japanese games on the same memory card than non-Japanese games.

    Using the memory card emulation (MCemu)
    Enabling Memory Card Emulation with a card of 16 MB size might cause crashes in some games.
    It is recommended to use 8 MB (1019 blocks) or lower for better compatibility.

    To generate and enable memory card emulation, set "MC Emulation" to ON in Nintendont options and choose the size of the memory card to use.
    The memory card will be created in /saves/.raw located on the same partition than your game.

    If you set "multi" as memory card settings in Nintendont options, it will create a single memory card called ninmem.raw which lets you save multiple games on the same memory card file. Japanese games will have their own card file named ninmemj.raw to prevent corruption and formating message with non Japanese games save.

    The memory card emulation is not 100% stable and your memory card can be corrupted.
    If you care about your game progress, always make regular backups of your savegame files or of your real memory card using GCMM!

    If you card is corrupted, you can try these links:

    Extracting a savegame from a real memory card to use with Nintendont
    You can use GCMM to extract the content of your real memory card.
    You can extract it as full Raw dump, or game by game in .gci format.

    • Method1
    Rename the full memory card dump create by GCMM as .raw and put it in your /saves/ folder.
    If using this raw dump doesn't work, follow method2.

    • Method2
    For this method, you need an existing memory card image created by Nintendont. Launch the game you want to play at least one time with "Memory Card Emulation" option enabled.
    Then use Dolphin emulator's Memory card manager to move the savegame you want from your GCMM raw dump or from a .gci file into the Nintendont memory card.

    Converting savegames format between DIOS MIOS and Nintendont
    nmm to gci : nmm2gci v0.3 by Suloku
    gci to nmm : gci2nmm v0.1 by Crediar.


    Note: For better compatibility, update to v3.336 or newer. You don't need the kenobiwii file anymore.

    if you want to use old version of nintendont :
    To enable the cheat codes, you need to download kenobiwii.bin file and put it in your sneek folder from the device where your games are located, like this: SD:/sneek/kenobiwii.bin and USB:/sneek/kenobiwii.bin

    Generate your cheat code file using your preferred method (USBloader, online, etc.)
    Then place your generated .gct file to one of the paths checked by Nintendont.
    It can be located in the same folder than your "game.iso" file, or in a subfolder named after the GameID6 of the game.

    /games/Your current game path/game.gct
    /games/Your current game path/GameID6.gct

    /games/Zelda windwaker/game.gct

    Don't forget to enable the cheat option in Nintendont settings and launch the game.

    If you launch from a loader, it will be loaded wherever the loader's default gct location is.
    Then, enable Ocarina or Cheat option and launch the game.

    Note1: not all cheatcode will work.
    The "kenobiwii.bin" file used to handle the codes is outdated and doesn't support all code type.
    If you know how to update and compile this file, let us know.
    If you want better cheatcode support, update to v3.336 or newer.

    Note2: Nintendont is working in Wii mode, with shifted and custom memory addresses.
    Most (if not all?) existing cheat codes you will find online have been created for GameCube mode (gamecube console, Dolphin emulator, Wii in gamecube mode using MIOS/DM/DML).
    Therefore the addresses are not the same anymore and a lot of cheatcodes will NOT work.

    This is especially true for the cheats related to controller/Button to be pressed as the controllers are not using original functions and memory location.
    To get better chances for controller's cheats compatibility, you will require to enable the "Native Control" settings and use the real GameCube controller port on compatible Wii.

    But remember, this will not make it work 100% of the time.
    To get 100% cheats support you need to re-search cheats using a debugger running in Wii mode.
    Nobody started converting code from Gamecube to Nintendont.

    Action replay codes are not compatible and need to be converted.
    You can find a tutorial to convert Action replay codes to Ocarina/WiiRd format here.
    Converted codes from Action replay of gameshark are not always compatible. Even less compatible than existing "Gamecube mode" codes.

    Optional features

    Nintendont default settings can be bypass if required.
    Here you'll find some alternative features that you can force instead of using default settings.


    The BIOS file is optional and is only used for nostalgic purpose.
    It allows you to see the Gamecube logo when booting a game.
    When using the BIOS, you can press A when booting a game to access the Memory Card manager.

    BIOS files are copyrighted and can't be provided or shared here.
    You will have to find the Gamecube BIOS by yourself.
    To get the Triforce BIOS, please read this.

    BIOS files are automatically loaded if found on the root of the game's partition based on the launched game region and type.

    Rename BIOS files accordingly:

    Note: The PAL bios screws the vWii video with pal games so on vWii it will be skipped.
    Remember that the BIOS is optional and not needed for compatibility.

    :blank:Customize HID controller's button mapping

    Nintendont contains pre-defined HID-USB button mapping for most common controllers.
    If you don't like the button mapping set by Nintendont you can bypass it by using your own controller configuration file.

    Read the Controller > HID-USB > Custom mapping chapter to learn how to create your own controller.ini file.


    There are few errors you could encounter.

    IOS58 is not the correct version on Wii!
    It means you are using an outdated IOS58 on your Wii and need to update it.
    IOS58_installer from Tantric doesn't install the correct and latest version.
    To update your IOS58, you need to find the correct file version. You can extract IOS58-64-v6176.wad from a game's disc (wiixplorer), a game's ISO (Wiiscrubber), or download it with modmii or NUSD.
    Install IOS58-64-v6176.wad using a wad manager which is NOT patching the IOS. If your HBC is upside down, reinstall the Wad using a different wad manager.



    Kernel failed to load NAND
    This is probably an issue with your IOS58 too. you currently have either a bad or a patched version.
    Follow the same procedure than the previous IOS58 question/answer just above.

    You need to disable AHB_PROT
    You didn't correctly install nintendont. read the install section above.
    You need to copy the meta.xml in the same folder than nintendont. You also need the Homebrew Channel v1.0.7 or newer. Old version (HBC v1.0.6 and older) will not work.
    If you have a meta.xml, make sure that the tag <ahb_access/> is present in your meta.xml.

    If you are launching nintendont from an external loader (Wiiflow, USBLoaderGX, etc.) and encounter this error, you are not launching the loader correctly. Don't launch it from priiloader auto-boot menu, go to The Homebrew channel and be sure your loader has a correct meta.xml file with the <ahb_access/> tag.

    Nintendont always freezes at "Loading Patched Kernel... -1"
    If The Homebrew Channel has a custom theme applied, reload the default bubble theme, or another custom theme, and try again.

    Nintendont always freezes on checking fs
    Make sure your Hard Drive is formatted as FAT32. Connect only one drive if you have multiple HDD connected.

    Nintendont always freezes at Init DI
    Update Nintendont to version v3.xx
    If this doesn't work then try version v2.229

    Nintendont doesn't find my games
    Rename the game filename to "game.iso".
    /games/Zelda Wind Waker [GZLP01]/Zelda.iso <--- WRONG
    /games/Zelda Wind Waker [GZLP01]/game.iso <--- Correct
    /games/Zelda Wind Waker [GZLP01]/game.iso.iso <--- WRONG
    be sure to enable "display known file's extension" in Windows settings, it's a common problem with users having bad file name.

    Nintendont doesn't swap disc when using memory card emulation
    Memory card size of 16MB is preventing the swap disc feature.
    Use a 8MB or less memory card size for games requiring a swap without letting you save before the swap point.

    My Bluetooth controller is not sync when launching Nintendont
    First, be sure your controller is linked to your console (use the red button) before launching nintendont.
    If it doesn't work ingame, you need to disconnect and reconnect the Classic Controller to your wiimote.
    Keep the power button pressed to unsync a WiiU pro controller or a wiimote.

    Nintendont doesn't find my games when I have two drives connected
    Nintendont mount only one drive at launch and doesn't test another one.
    Nintendont mount HDD in decreasing order (port3->port2->port1->port0) and stop on the first connected HDD, even if not a compatible device.
    Note: since v2.230 Nintendont is using IOS58 to mount HDD.
    Some HDD are reported not compatible anymore, while other non compatible are now working.
    Just test your drive and report to Fix94 if v2.229 worked and 2.230 stopped working.

    Nintendont crash when I have a WiiU Hard Drive connected at the same time
    Change the port of your drives.
    Connect WiiU HDD to port 0 and the hard drive with your gamecube games to a higher USB Port.

    You may require to use cIOS d2x v10-alt (beta53) if you want to list Gamecube games from an external loaders. v10-alt is required to access port1 with cIOS.
    Alternatively, you can enable IOS58 in your external loader to list Port1 instead of installing cIOS.

    Remember that Multi-HDD is NOT officially supported.
    You should just disconnect your additional HDD and keep only your gamecube games HDD connected when using Nintendont.

    My game doesn't work but it's marked as working on the compatibility list
    only play with full 1:1 clean ISO, unless you are sure compressed ISO are working.

    Check your game's md5 against database.

    If you are using the biggest memory card size, try to create and use 8 MB (1019 blocks) or lower for better compatibility.

    If your memory card is fine, try to use the same Nintendont version listed in the compatibility list to see if it works or if it's an issue on your side.
    If it works, then try a different versions to find which one broke that game compatibility, then please report it here or edit the list with the "latest working version" and mark the game as not working or having issue and mark the game as not working.

    My real memory card doesn't work
    It seems your memory card doesn't use the same format than Nintendont.
    You can use this method to convert your card (credits to Sonictopfan) :

    -Install GCMM on your SD card
    -Download Dolphin emulator
    -Using GCMM make a "raw" back up of your Memory Card (THIS IS IMPORTANT)
    -Format your Memory Card with GCMM (it uses the correct format used by Nintendont apparently)
    -Now make another back up with your formatted Memory Card (better rename the first one to find it)
    -Open Dolphin then go to "Tools > Memory Card Manager" another box will appear
    -Open the old raw backup in one window and the new one in another, make sure to transfer every save you have from your old dump to the new one
    -Copy the new raw dump to your SD then install with GCMM

    My Console shuts down when running a game
    Your game most likely uses Audio streaming feature and the stream isn't aligned to 32k which happens when getting bad dumps or compressing with programs that don't care about alignment (ex. GCISOTool).
    It's recommended to use a Full Clean 1:1 ISO. Make sure its md5 matches the checksum.
    If you really need to compress the ISO because of space issue, compress it with DMToolbox and enable the 32k alignment option.

    My controllers are not sync in the order of player I want them to be
    The controllers are initialized and read in a specific order.
    You can't have Bluetooth as Player1 if you use HID or Gamecube controller at the same time.
    But you can have Player1 and Player2 both using Bluetooth.

    Its initialized and prioritized like this:
    GameCube port (wiis with gc ports)>USB>Bluetooth

    The Gamecube controller adapter is a HID-USB device, it's not a real gamecube port so it will be part of the USB priority.

    Nintendont is still not working after trying EVERYTHING, please help me
    1. Read the guide AGAIN and follow it. Everything is explained. (settings are not detailed yet, but they are named to be self explained)
    You are doing something wrong. Verify your setup, your games path, your game checksum, your settings.

    If you want to report an issue, please use this form and post in this thread:


    How do I use Cheat Code?
    Read and follow the cheatcode section instructions located above.

    Why Cheat Code are not working?

    But remember, that Nintendont runs in Wii mode and cheats were created for Gamecube console!
    The memory addresses are different now not all the codes will work.

    To get 100% cheats support you need to re-search cheats using a debugger running in Wii mode.
    Nobody started converting code from Gamecube to Nintendont.
    Maybe you could start doing it and sharing cheats with other users?

    How do I enable GBA-link?
    You need to enable the Native Control option located in the settings.
    Native control option requires a Wii with Gamecube controller's ports.

    Is Bongo controller working with Nintendont?
    Most games should work with the Bongo controller emulation function integrated in Nintendont. It can also be used with USB-HID adapters.
    But some games might require the use of the "Native control" option to work correctly.

    Native control option requires a Wii with Gamecube controller's ports.

    Is the microphone working with Nintendont?
    The microphone works on Wii only as it's plugged into the Memory card port.
    You need to disable Memory Card Emulation to use the official function to access the ports.
    Don't plug anything into MemCard slot B until after the game has started or nintendont will not start. (SlotB is used as debugger by Nintendont)

    My compressed/extracted/aligned games are very slow, why?
    compressing ISO can result in bigger file size than original ISO, but GC ISO reads are getting limited to a maximum offset of 1.35GB for security reasons.
    Aligning the ISO makes the speed worse and converting to fst is MUCH slower.
    So please only use the original clean ISO files without touching them to get maximum speed and compatibility.

    Also, original clean ISO have better compatibility ! never compress, align, edit, extract your game.

    How do I know if my ISO is full 1:1 clean?

    First, all gamecube full ISO are 1.35GB.
    If your ISO is smaller, then it's not a full and clean ISO.

    If your file is 1.35GB, you can verify if your ISO is a good 1:1 clean dump by comparing the file checksum against database.
    Redump website contains all game's ISO known checksum. Even if it's not guarantee that their database is correct, it's more certainly good if you find the same value.

    There are few programs which can be used to get your game's md5 checksum:
    GCVerify by greywolf. Drop the ISO or the folder on the program to get the value and it will check redump automatically.
    HashCalc. It calculates different checksum type. You need to go to to compare the results.


    Current project location:
    Used before 2015-05-09 (v3.333):

    Informal nintendont website:
    This is NOT the official website. This one is maintained by Kongsnutz and will provide installation step by step, and information on each options available in Nintendont. There's also a FAQ and links to download latest versions.
    It's a mirror of this first post, with a better layout and few more information.

    Crediar's websites

    FIX94's websites

    I want to make a donation to the developers
    Note that it's donation to say thank you, not a payment to request features.

    You can [​IMG] to these developers :

    greyrogue : I couldn't find any donation link.
    Cyan: I didn't work on it a lot and don't deserve anything. I'm only maintaining the first post with new features. Just a thank you is enough.

    Last edited by FIX94, Sep 29, 2017 - Reason: removed 4.451 link again, its back to stable
  2. MarcusRaven

    MarcusRaven HBC Theme Maker

    Feb 5, 2010
    United States
    I'm not entirely convinced, as that channel loaded awfully fast. Also, if Wii Remote and Classic Controller aren't supported, how exactly can you play? I don't understand how it can support a DualShock. (USB? Never personally seen that kind of thing, even with regular Wii developement.) Also, since the WiiU can support progressive scan for Wii software, why didn't Wind Waker ask for it?

    But, on the strong possibility that I'm wrong and that my suspicions are nothing more than internet bitterness, this will be an interesting project to keep an eye on.
    Vishnoo and YOLOSWAG like this.
  3. metroid maniac

    metroid maniac An idiot with an opinion

    May 16, 2009

    The Bluetooth is handled over the USB bus anyway.
    Crediar probably used the dualshock over USB because he didn't want to program bluetooth at the time.
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  4. bowser

    bowser Mwa ha ha ha!

    Sep 1, 2008
    What's the reason for not supporting classic controller? Not being rude, just curious.
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  5. the_randomizer

    the_randomizer The Temp's official fox whisperer

    Apr 29, 2011
    United States

    The Classic Controller uses Bluetooth as well, so naturally, there should be no hardware limitation for this controller is a PS3 controller works. Nevertheless, I hope this comes to fruition and released publicly, just need a Y-cable for my HDD.

    There had better not be you-know-what measurements implemented
  6. SifJar

    SifJar Not a pirate

    Apr 4, 2009
    There are a couple of homebrew apps that can use PS3 controllers ("libsickaxis" or something like that facilitates it). A few emulators, I think.
    My impression is that it will stay as USB, not bluetooth.
    Probably not enough space in RAM for a bluetooth stack or something (although it hasn't stopped tueidj, who has apparently got Wii Remotes working privately in Devolution). Or else there's something preventing the use of the regular bluetooth stack and a custom one would have to be written, which would be a lot of work.
    I have to wonder why it's taken him so long to abandon the custom MIOS of DM, if stuff like this is "much simpler" this way.
  7. WiiUBricker

    WiiUBricker News Police

    Sep 19, 2009
    Life is a learning process. People get better at what they do each day if they are dedicated.
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  8. metroid maniac

    metroid maniac An idiot with an opinion

    May 16, 2009

    I'm happy with there being no Classic Controller support, though if Devolution managed it it must be possible... But like you said, if RAM space is an issue for the regular stack, it'd take too much work.
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  9. mrtofu

    mrtofu GBAtemp Maniac

    Feb 22, 2009
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  10. Plstic

    Plstic Guru Meditation Error

    Apr 21, 2010
    United States
    I assume this is going to be like devolution right and not a MIOS replacement? I doubt there's going to be any AP because the Wii U can't read GC games.
  11. tmv_josue

    tmv_josue GBAtemp Fan

    May 18, 2010
    Is "much simpler" reproduce the audio streaming in this way, not the program itself, afaik is "much simpler" DM(L), but the audio streaming with it is really dificult.
  12. Slimmmmmm

    Slimmmmmm GBAtemp MoNkEeE

    Nov 1, 2007
    Another Nintendo problem fixed by Crediar :bow:

    The "long analogue" L & R triggers of a GameCube controller are not found on any other, so lets hope we can get wavebirds working (through a USB adapter) working for the perfect solution.
  13. SifJar

    SifJar Not a pirate

    Apr 4, 2009
    The product description says "no driver needed" which implies it has a standard HID interface (basically, it appears as a "generic" input device), so it's certainly possible it could work. I guess if anyone happens to have one of these they could test it with the HID test apps linked in the first post.

    Yes, it is (probably/almost certainly) like Devolution. (See "What is Nintendon't?" section in first post). crediar's previous work of this type [DM(L)] didn't have AP, I doubt he'd add it now (although I think he did originally plan to have it in DM, but decided against it).
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  14. Rydian
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    Jun 11, 2013
  15. tribloke

    tribloke Newbie

    May 3, 2013
    I've got a Gamecube to USB I used with dolphin (just like the one above). It has a the force back too working. I'm waiting for a copy of Wii Indy Jones to exploit my wii u. Hopefully I get to try it out this weekend and will report back.
  16. matthi321

    matthi321 GBAtemp Fan

    Jan 14, 2013

    will audio streaming also be supported on the wii?
  17. sion_zaphod

    sion_zaphod Ex-Galactic President; confidence trickster; etc

    Sep 4, 2011
    I don't get what he means by "yes but would require an extra build for each Wii U and normal Wii.". Does that mean that every wii and wiiu/vwii on the planet will require a different build? The only reason I can see for that kind of behaviour is AP. Am I reading that wrong does it just mean one version for wii's and another for vwii's? Read the sentence again does it make sense?
  18. metroid maniac

    metroid maniac An idiot with an opinion

    May 16, 2009

    I'm assuming a comma was omitted between "each" and "Wii U". This was a tweet, brevity is of the essence :3
  19. sion_zaphod

    sion_zaphod Ex-Galactic President; confidence trickster; etc

    Sep 4, 2011
    Seems like a lot of effort to go to (different build for every wii/vwii) otherwise :(
  20. tmv_josue

    tmv_josue GBAtemp Fan

    May 18, 2010
    He is talking about one version for Wii and another for vWii (2 versions).
    Is very likely that now he merge the SD and USB functionality in one version.
  21. smf

    smf GBAtemp Psycho!

    Feb 23, 2009
    United Kingdom
    He only has the PS3 controller working via USB not Bluetooth. If you can get a classic controller to USB HID interface then it should work.

    Crediar doesn't seem interested in adding Bluetooth, you could try motivating him with cash but don't be surprised if he still doesn't do it.
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