Male, from the land of lol

Nov 1, 2007
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    the land of lol
    I prefer post quality over post count.
    I put clickable links for those on awkward devices, like a Wiimote
    I like to help people sometimes.
    I don't want my name on it.
    My time is important.
    I love cheese.
    I struggle with impossible.
    I can do mathl.
    I love me monkey.
    I have devkit+google...
    I have almost everything that goes with a Wii, mics or guitars, WODE and all the GC trimmings, yes I dance party with mario and bongo with DK. I have steering wheels and mad amounts of varying GC mem cards (inc 16mbx2 (with switch)ty GP) and a whole lot more.. point is I can test some things.
    My time is important.
    I have apache+sql+google...
    I don't have fancy art day
    I do have a G string .... FACT ... I like to pluck it!
    I'm not as kid, I have kids. I can act like a kid or an adult, and I know when it's suitable.
    My time is important.
    I love Gandhi
    I have a WiiU too
    I have ms-dos help+a notepad+google...
    I know I R IDIOTZ !?! (no matter what you think)
    I can collect huge sets of things from time to time, a little OCD...
    I know that if a deal is not win-win, it does not work, we all walk away as a winner or I wasted my time.
    I love an argument or I hate one, my time is important...
    I think the system needs changed.
    I have a long list of devs I owe
    I say MwuHaHaHa...

    Now you can think you can know me :D


    Check for typos !
    E7#9 till it bleeds
    commonkey bin is random?

    "All I know, is that I know nothing" Socrates... genius
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