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OOOH status updates! I heard that somewhere else earlier... Oct 8, 2011


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Dec 3, 2009
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    1. SoulSpawn
      Another NES Konami classic fixed for PAL users! Jackal is a great coop game, thank you very much!
    2. SoulSpawn
      Hi! I judt found you made a music patch for NES Contra (USA). Thanks mate! Really appreciate it. Maybe my favourite game for the NES!
    3. Maxbeta
      Hello. Could you please help with applying Wii U Gamepad compatibility to the latest Wii OpenBor build? Any information helps. I have searched high and low and would like to benefit from this feature and vWii overclocking as well. The source files are here:
    4. oleguer
      FIX94 Thanks for your scene works on wiiu!!..... You are the U king! ; )
      You can add to coldboot one last update to unlock the max system titles you can install??
      ((because if you unlock them we can unleash the beast of wiiu with NES,SNES,GB,GBA,N64,GAMECUBE,WII,WIIU titles on channel install (and can use the gamepad on every title).... and this is really cool =) ))
    5. Missingphy
      Everyone start spam liking fix’s posts so he gets 10000 likes!
    6. VinsCool
      Happy birthday!!!
    7. FEF1
      Hey, just wanted to say happy birthday.
      1. VinsCool
        Oh shit, same birthday date
        May 2, 2019
    8. Missingphy
      nintendont is just perfect
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    9. MikaTh
      so... any news from the wii u scene? just got my wii u back after some issues and realized that at the beginning of the year hackers found a way to coldboot from the vwii app, but searching for the real thing led me to a deadend.
    10. SoulSpawn
      Really great job with castlevania patch. Finally I can enjoy it on my PAL NES as it is supposed to be! Thank you again!
    11. SoulSpawn
      Thank you so much for the Megaman 2 PAL Speed Fix! Now I can play one of my favourite games via everdrive with correct sound. I encourage you to do the same with the first Castlevania PAL.
      1. FIX94
        great to hear somebody actually found that one, I did for sure want to make a similar fix for mega man 1 as both games use practically the same sound engine but just didnt get to it yet, and yea I may look at more titles like castlevania in the future!
        Aug 31, 2018
      2. FIX94
        felt like looking at castlevania today and ended up making a patch for it as well, from my testing in an emu it works perfectly, cant tell the difference between ntsc and this patched version.
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        Nov 1, 2018
    12. sks316
      The GameCube is one of my most favorite consoles =D
    13. Jacklack3
      Happy birthday! :D
    14. Sheimi
      For reinstalling swiss to my gcn memory card. Do I reinstall the exploit save to my memory card and recopy the boot.gci from swiss gci folder to the memory card?
    15. SirNapkin1334
      Hey, that avi looks a little familiar...
    16. Dionicio3
      Hmmm, I haven't seen you around, are you a new mod?
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      1. Kleyon

        I'm a mod for like 2 and a half years by now.

        Dec 28, 2015[/quote]

        Nop he doesn't seems to be a new mod ^^

        Well, I just would like to ask FIX94 if it could be possible for him to port Thenaya from 3DS to WiiU ? It would be really cool but I don't even know if it's possible. Anyway thanks for Haxchi, CBHC, Wuphax & Nintendont :)
        Jul 12, 2017
      2. Dionicio3
        Meh, I'm just blind then
        Jul 12, 2017
    17. Krem Quay
      Krem Quay
      Happy early birthday. I didn't even know you were 22/23. I'm only a few years younger than that!
    18. Krem Quay
      Krem Quay
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Krem Quay
        Krem Quay
        It's probably similar to how folks found the common keys to Wii U and 3DS, right? Or maybe some of the encrypted shop downloads?

        What's your opinion onthat
        May 1, 2017
      3. FIX94
        the keys werent "found", people broke into the system using exploits and deliberately searching for them and setting up software to specifically extract them, encrypted shop downloads wont help with that at all sadly.
        May 1, 2017
      4. Krem Quay
        Krem Quay
        Thank you for having a small look into this. I appreciate it.

        Am I allowed to ask you questions about iQue Player, like what the numbered files are? They vary in megabytes, and I figure it might be encrypted z64 files, but I doubt it. It's probably just like eShop games or something
        May 2, 2017
    19. migles
      hu, i hate to bother and i know this is probably not the place but...
      is the pokemon XD issue fixable? the issue being the character goes north while trying to go south. this happens on nintendont and dios mios...
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      1. VinsCool
        Uh? I playd it a while ago, abd this never happened to me.
        Oct 26, 2016
      2. migles
        did ya use a gamecube controller in wii gc ports vins?
        Oct 27, 2016
    20. knm
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