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OOOH status updates! I heard that somewhere else earlier... Oct 8, 2011

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Dec 3, 2009
    1. Dionicio3
      Hmmm, I haven't seen you around, are you a new mod?
      1. Kleyon

        I'm a mod for like 2 and a half years by now.

        Dec 28, 2015[/quote]

        Nop he doesn't seems to be a new mod ^^

        Well, I just would like to ask FIX94 if it could be possible for him to port Thenaya from 3DS to WiiU ? It would be really cool but I don't even know if it's possible. Anyway thanks for Haxchi, CBHC, Wuphax & Nintendont :)
        Jul 12, 2017
      2. Dionicio3
        Meh, I'm just blind then
        Jul 12, 2017
    2. Krem Quay
      Krem Quay
      Happy early birthday. I didn't even know you were 22/23. I'm only a few years younger than that!
    3. Krem Quay
      Krem Quay
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      2. Krem Quay
        Krem Quay
        It's probably similar to how folks found the common keys to Wii U and 3DS, right? Or maybe some of the encrypted shop downloads?

        What's your opinion onthat
        May 1, 2017
      3. FIX94
        the keys werent "found", people broke into the system using exploits and deliberately searching for them and setting up software to specifically extract them, encrypted shop downloads wont help with that at all sadly.
        May 1, 2017
      4. Krem Quay
        Krem Quay
        Thank you for having a small look into this. I appreciate it.

        Am I allowed to ask you questions about iQue Player, like what the numbered files are? They vary in megabytes, and I figure it might be encrypted z64 files, but I doubt it. It's probably just like eShop games or something
        May 2, 2017
    4. migles
      hu, i hate to bother and i know this is probably not the place but...
      is the pokemon XD issue fixable? the issue being the character goes north while trying to go south. this happens on nintendont and dios mios...
      1. xylo123 likes this.
      2. VinsCool
        Uh? I playd it a while ago, abd this never happened to me.
        Oct 26, 2016
      3. migles
        did ya use a gamecube controller in wii gc ports vins?
        Oct 27, 2016
    5. knm
    6. ComeTurismO
      i have 70 more likes than you lol
    7. SirBeethoven
      Fix94!! I LOVE your new profile photo!!! :O
      1. Swiftloke
        I love my Purple Lunchbox. [Even though it's silver]
        Aug 25, 2016
      2. SirBeethoven
        Hewhhewh! Purple Lunchboxes are cool!!
        Aug 25, 2016
    8. VinsCool
      I just noticed, our birthdays are the same, only a year away from each other.
      1. Seriel likes this.
    9. VinsCool
      Your Taskbar Progress plugin for XMPlay is pretty cool! Thanks for making it.
      1. FIX94
        I'm surprised somebody even found that plugin in the first place, pretty rare thing for me to write something like that.
        Aug 10, 2016
      2. VinsCool
        I'm a huge XMPlay fan, so that had to happen someday hahaha
        Aug 10, 2016
    10. TotalInsanity4
      I like your new avatar! :3
      1. VinsCool likes this.
      2. FIX94
        thanks, only took me like 3 years since the forum layout change to get something which actually looks passable again lol
        Aug 1, 2016
      3. TotalInsanity4
        Yeah I noticed that your other one was getting... outdated, lol. This one matches your Global Moderator banner, though, which pleases me
        Aug 1, 2016
    11. AtlasFontaine
    12. knm
      Hey, I found some codes from external DVD for Wii but I post it on Wii Section:

      Since Wii with new drive (2009 or newer ) or Wii U disc drive won't read backup disc. But I have a question, would be impossible by added on USB loaders like Wiiflow? I got external DVD at home so I can test it
    13. bunny_gg
      you think you can define what is pointless discussion? hehhh
    14. Chuardo
      Hi, can I ask you for some help?I saw you in the credits of the D2X Installer for vWii, I installed the beta 52/beta 53 with the IOS's 58/236, but when I check the cIOS 249/250/251 on SysCheck they dont have USB2.0 Access and the games suddenly Freezes all the time in-Game.

      Can u help me? How can I install the D2X CIOS with 2.0 Access? I'm doing something wrong? Plz help me when you read this if you have time.
    15. Megalegacy98
      Did you just get promoted from something to a mod?
      1. FIX94
        I'm a mod for like 2 and a half years by now.
        Dec 28, 2015
      2. Megalegacy98
        Weird. I thought you were just promoted to a mod. Sorry.
        Dec 28, 2015
      3. Seriel
        I just did the same thing right now :/
        Apr 26, 2016
    16. Macho Gamer
      Macho Gamer
      Man, you're my last hope. I'm brazilian, and I'm trying to recompile the Wiiflow to works with my 3rd party controller pro, but I aways found errors . It's impossible to create a dol file. Can you help me?
    17. intermet
    18. AxelHei
      Does Nintendont work with mayflash W012 aka the Wii u GameCube adapter made my mayflash
    19. krmt973
      Hi FIX94,
      I love what you are doing with Nintendont. I noticed on the first post for Nintendont that Nintendont now uses IOS58 to mount the HDD, which broke compatibility with my current drive, since it worked in 2.229 and not 2.230. If you need any other info, please let me know!
      I posted the HDD specs in an earlier post here:
    20. Xemma
      Hello, FIX94!!!
      I'm trying to build a custom file to create a channel to a game, but I never have success!

      Always when I am running the file, I get this error -

      I've been told that it has to do with the Devkit Pro.
      would you tell me how to solve this problem, friend???
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