Long time lurker, first time caller...er... poster.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Gwendall, Feb 2, 2009.

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    Just another person from the seamless mass that raises the view counts, but not the post counts.

    Aside from enjoying games for a bit over two decades, I also love to cook!

    In my spare time I like to develop my recipes, but also show those who vow they can't cook what they're actually capable of.

    I may not replace the Top Ramen in their lives, but I do have a nice selection of recipes I dub "Cooking With Class, Without Busting Your A**" when an emergency arises. :3

    As I get older, I'm reminded of a fun gaming related memory. When I was a kid there was a cool adult that lived near my best friend that would import and buy the latest games. I remember when the Super Famicom came out, he had one specially imported from launch day. He was a TV Editor, and so very busy, but he'd still spend some time opening up his doors to let the neighborhood kids have some fun with games they couldn't possibly afford. I can only aspire to be like him. Okay, maybe not exactly like him. Later I learned he had a divorce. And... I did end up dating his daughter in high school...

    Right! Games! *cough cough* Fun stuff, weep at the death of arcades, shine on you crazy diamond.
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    Welcome cook!