Climbing up


The Pirate Lord
Nov 6, 2002
Do you care about people? I do.
Why?, I'm not entirely sure I know the answer. This like many things in my life is still a mystery to my own self.

As it has been my whole life it is, or at least that is what I believe, that how I feel is not entirely up to to me, I have realized that even as I consider myself a very selfish person, I'm able to see other people perspective.
Pretty sad things are happening around me, some things have far crossed the "bearable", I feel drowning, and I know right now I cannot do much to help, but I'll keep doing my best, sooner or later the fall comes to and end and the only thing left is climbing up again. The only question I'm really afraid to ask is "how painful can the landing get?"

It is still clear to me that in this life we all have our purpose, for good or bad. What it is unclear is knowing what am I destined to be. Things happen around me so fast and furiously I feel scared, the good thing is that, just today I was thinking on how scared I would be if I would be the me of 4 years ago, I'm glad I'm stronger, but this feeling I'm not strong enough doesn't go.
Sometimes I wonder what is missing to really make that happen.

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