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    Jan 3, 2008
    [​IMG] AKAIO 1.4

    Normmatt and Smiths have been hard at work on a new update of the Acekard AKAIO firmware. Acekard All-In-One v1.4 features a new tabbed options browsing experience, an alternate patching mode, a 3-in-1+ Opera RAM fix, and soft reset updates. Please see the full change log below for more information.

    You may find bugs which have gone unnoticed. Please report any problems that you find to the Bugdar report center (linked below), or directly to the team via #acekard on the GBATemp IRC network.

    Game Fixes:
    • 0645, 0777
    • 1752, 2314
    • 2243, 2412
    • 2385
    • 2906, 2971
    • 3369

    + Settings window uses tabs now, merging Settings, Advanced Settings, and Patches options (Thanks Gelu)
    - Use L/R to cycle through tabs
    + Misc cleanup of the gui.
    + 3in1 options now have FAS1 settings merged (detects 3in1/FA at selection, displays options accordingly)
    + Language files have some addition "title" additions/changes
    + Leapyear code fixed because the DS sucks at reporting variables nicely.
    + Updated German language (moviecut).
    + Reset more of arm7 before runing a game (Thanks Gelu).
    + 3in1+ Fix for Opera (Untested, Thanks cory1492).
    + Game fixes:
    - 0645/0777 Star Trek Tactical Assault
    - 1752/2314 My Spanish Coach fixed.
    - 2243/2412 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness fixed.
    - 2385 Daigasso Band Brothers DX fixed.
    - 2906/2971 Star Wars The Clone Wars Jedi Alliance fixed.
    - 3369 Mario and Luigi RPG 3 (J) fixed.
    - General save fixes. (Thanks Gelu for noticing a silly bug).
    + New Patching Mode hold Y while launching a rom.
    - Fixes video and sound glitches which occur in old patching modes.
    - NOTE: This is still experiental so it isn't default.
    + Folders now show their size in the Info window.
    + Soft Reset fixes.
    + Unnecessary Guru Meditation screens on the AKRPG is fixed.
    + Copying files should work better.
    + Game icons that rely on the nds firmware's background will display properly (Thanks Gelu).
    + Misc cleanup.

    Please follow the discussion link below to post comments about this update.

    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] AKAIO Bug Tracker
    [​IMG] AKAIO Official WIKI
    [​IMG] Discuss

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