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Jan 30, 2012
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WiiFlow Lite

What is WiiFlow Lite?
My mod or continuation of WiiFlow mod by Fix94. Gave it a new name because this is my own code editing without collaboration with Fix94 and other devs of WiiFlow.
Need help with wiiflow and wiiflow lite then be sure to check the wiiflowiki here - https://sites.google.com/site/wiiflowiki4/home
it's a little outdated for wiiflow lite but can still be helpful.

Note: WiiFlow Lite was originally its own separate mod. But as of 2019 I have decided to make it a replacement or real continuation of wiiflow and thus now I refer to it as WiiFlow 5. Just never changed the title of this thread or github repository.

Source code is now on github here - https://github.com/Fledge68/WiiFlow_Lite
Check out the wiki for some info - https://github.com/Fledge68/WiiFlow_Lite/wiki

Official releases - https://github.com/Fledge68/WiiFlow_Lite/releases
Last official version is v5.5.0 December 8th 2021.
This release includes wiiflow's default coverflow ini which should be used for default wiiflow to work properly. Language files that have been updated are included in this release.

Theme's to check out: (note: they may need a little updating to work properly and i'm sure will be soon)
Hakaisha's Rhapsodii theme - https://gbatemp.net/threads/wiiflow-lite-theme-rhapsodii.511833/
Tetsuo Shima's Rhapsodii Shima 5.4 theme and more - https://gbatemp.net/threads/rhapsodii-shima-5-4.555062/

Wiimpathy's plugin database files needed for Titles, CRC's, and general game info of plugin rom games.
Extract to dev:/wiiflow/plugins_data

Wiimpathy's packages of rom snapshots and cart/disk images needed for game info screen and possibly in future displayed as mini banner for plugin rom games.
Extract to dev:/wiiflow/snapshots

Extract to dev:/wiiflow/cart_disk

@RunningSnakes has added many more snapshot and cart/disk image links to wiimpathy's thread here - https://gbatemp.net/threads/wiiflow-lite-with-emulators-database.527613/
Just scroll thru the 2 pages to find posts by RunningSnakes.

Forwarder Channels
Forwarder channels for Wii and vWii can be found on wiiflowiki here - https://sites.google.com/site/wiiflowiki4/forwarder-channels
Install them with a wad manager.

As of v5.2.0 WiiFlow Lite will simply be a replacement for WiiFlow. Put it in apps/wiiflow and use wiiflow forwarder's to launch it via the wii system menu. forwarders can be found on wiiflowiki4. for previous wiiflow lite users, sorry but you must uninstall your wiiflow lite forwarder and replace it with a wiiflow forwarder.

Simply download the latest release and extract it to your apps/wiiflow folder on SD or USB HDD. SD is recommended. Your device should be formatted to FAT32.

Changes after WiiFlow
list of changes or differences from wiiflow. many more changes have been made recently but aren't listed here yet. Sorry I stopped adding changes here. Too many to list.

* added custom banners for plugin games. no longer using trialer thp videos as banners for plugin games. put your custom banners in the custom banner folder plus the plugin cover folder and name them the same as the rom with extension plus .bnr just like how you do for the covers. to make a plugin game banner i suggest downloading one of abdallahterro's custom gamecube dios mios booter channels and use customizemii to change the images (and sound if you want). make sure the images match exactly the size of the one's already there. when changes are done extract the banner and rename it and put it in the proper folder as previously mentioned.
* added Neek2o r96 beta 9.6 vwii support. wiiflow lite will now look for vwiikernal.bin and emunands must be in a subfolder of vwiinands on USB only.
* added Nintendont settings - skip IPL, CC Rumble, Patch Pal50, video width, video position, and tri arcade.
* added goto home menu and press '1' to save the current theme.ini with all the new theme btns and labels. note - all old unused btns and labels in theme.ini are not erased and are still there. switch to the default theme and save - it will contain all current new ones and no old ones. then use it to determine which ones need to be removed.
* added HBC 1.1.3 new ID OHBC. this allows wiiflow to use exit to HBC if you have the new one.
* added gc default settings menu accessed via main settings pg3. pg3 no longer requires you to be in gc view to see them now. wish i had more time to add more default settings.
* addded partition settings menu in place of the single partiton selection on pg1. this means you don't have to select the source view first.
* now on file explorer menu pressing home btn returns you to device select so you don't have to keep backing up to get back to devices.
* added install wad option to nand emulation settings menu. I know you can do it via file explorer but this makes it easier for newbies to find. plus you can select which nand to install to.
* added .ciso extension to gamecube list maker so you can use them with nintendont.
* added flat cover options for sourceflow and homebrew flow. can be turned on/off via their config menu's accessed via 'HOME' btn.
* added config menu for homebrew flow - press 'HOME' btn while in homebrew flow to access it. config menu options are - switch apps partition, adjust coverflow, smallbox on/off, and flat covers on/off.
* added config menu for source menu or sourceflow - press 'HOME' btn while in source menu or sourceflow to access it. options include - sourceflow on/off, adjust coverflow, smallbox on/off, flat covers on/off, and for source menu only - multisource on/off.
* added coverflow layouts/versions for individual plugins - which means each plugin can have its own coverflow layout without affecting the others.
* added error messages to game and app launching if any of the bin files needed for launching are missing. previously whenever these errors occurred wiiflow would just exit without the user knowing why. Now the error message should display before exit so the user has an idea what went wrong.
* added error messages to game config menu. now all config options will show but if you can't use it then a error shows telling you. such as 'use neek2o' will be available but if you set it to on and neek2o isn't installed then an error message shows. added error msgs for extracting and flashing saves too.
* added show_mem=yes/no option to wiiflow_lite.ini under [DEBUG]. manually edit wiiflow_lite.ini to turn it on/off. if set to 'yes' wiiflow will show how much free mem is available on screen. no need to compile wiiflow for this option anymore.
* Added the ability to select both NAND and EmuNAND Channels at the same time. Three options to do this.
1. Use Source Menu multi select.
2. Switch to Channels View and goto main settings pg3 to choose channels type.
3. Use the Plugin Select menu with the new emuchannels.ini plugin and the channels.ini plugin to select one or both. (in plugin view of course).
* added ability to zoom in and out a flipped cover on game selected screen. use '+' and '-' to adjust zoom and use the d-pad to move the cover. press 'B' to reset it. only works with pressing the buttons not holding them down. when flipping a cover none of the buttons are available and the mini banner is not shown until you press 'B' to de flip the cover to normal front view.

* now when moving from banner to banner the background music will not play and you will not see coverflow (for a second) when using full screen banners.
* now on game selected categories menu the banner will change when you change games using '+' or '-' buttons
* re made it possible to use SD emunands with sNeek2o r96.
* when exiting a emunand game using neek2o if on wii it will use the back2nand channel to return you to wii system menu or if on wiiu it will return you to wiiu system channel because returning to the vwii system menu isn't possible.
* when using wiiflow lite and exit to neek2o it will just launch neek2o system menu. from there you can launch wiiflow or wiiflow lite (if installed on emunand) to use cheats on a emunand game. otherwise cheats do not work when using neek2o to launch a game.
* launching a gc game with nintendont only works with nintendont v3.358+ and always uses argsboot. doesn't change nin.cfg.
* changed video choices for nintendont to default, game, pal50, pal60, ntsc, mpal, progressive
* made source menu buttons wider for wiiflow default. old 80x80, now 100x80. looks better.
* changed Source Menu multi select. Now using 'A' button instead of '+' button to select sources. '+' and '-' can now be used to change pages just like all other menus. Added Clear button to clear all source buttons. If none selected defaults to Wii. After making selections use Back button or 'B' to go back.
* changed the option for source menu/flow on startup. manually edit wiiflow_lite.ini and set the line source_on_start=yes under [GENERAL]. if its not there then run and exit wiiflow lite once.
* Source menu buttons no longer use emuflow=. The flow type is determined automatically by the plugin magic# if only one plugin selected. otherwise it uses normal coverflow.
* source menu/flow is not enabled unless source_menu.ini is found. no longer enable/disable via wiiflow.ini
* source menu can now have as many buttons needed. no longer need to set max buttons in wiiflow.ini. source menu code now gets the max btns by checking the source_menu.ini.
* now in wiiflow_lite.ini under [PLUGIN] partition= is the default partition for all plugins. to change individual plugins add 'romPartition=x' to the plugin's ini file. x is the partition number 0 thru 8 with SD being 0. this is how my usbloadergx plugin mod works.
* now Select Plugins Menu is like switching to plugin view but you get to choose the plugins first. plus select plugins menu option is now on the Home menu not in main settings.
* updated the Help Guide to any new button controls (English only)
* re organized the game settings menu to get all game setting options to show. this will make themes not display properly. themes will need to be edited.
* now using bitwise operators and expressions on m_current_view to control which sources are selected. no more source= under each domain. just sources= under GENERAL.
* replaced ocarina option from main settings pg3 with channels type option. no need for a global/default ocarina setting. channels type allows you to select real, emu, or both channels types for channels coverflow.
* fixed extract game saves, extract nand and install GC game by stopping music and controller input while doing these functions.
* Install wii game is broke. added a error msg stating this and keeping users from using it. funny the code is almost identical to usbloader gx which works and wiiflow doesn't.
* now showing all btns on game selected screen even if parental lock is on. if wiiflow is locked a error msg appears stating this for delete and parental btns.
* changed makeDir to make the whole path not just one folder. thanks to usbloader gx code.
* set HQ cover to default to ON
* hold 'B' and press '-' boots a random game now and doesn't have to be allowed in wiiflow_lite.ini. B and - no longer used to switch partitions. didnt seem useful for that anymore.
* fixed scrolling for game_info synopsis, credits, and help text and fixed their line height so the text isn't all smashed together vertically.
* display music info now defaults to off
* screensaver_disabled now defaults to yes
* show GC view button is now on by default no matter what. the only way it is disabled is if you edit wiiflow.ini manually. this is how all the view buttons work.
* dump_list is now under [GENERAL] instead of each view. Also only works for Wii, GC, and channels.
* now when no games are found all buttons at bottom are still accessible allowing you to change the view or go to settings and change current partition or path and even extract your NAND to create a EmuNAND. Or go to Home Menu and Install a Wii or GC game.
* fixed the hover over sound for the main settings button. you may not have noticed but sometimes it didn't make that sound. now it does all the time.
* fix to keep the background music going on the game selected screen. if game/banner sound only plays once (not looping) the background music will play again.
* moved info/help button to Home Menu replacing Settings Button which we didn't need two of.
* replaced info/help button on main screen with homebrew view button. removed homebrew view button from the choice of views.
* homebrew/apps view has its own view now. pressing 'A' automatically launches the app, no need for a selected menu to launch app.
* when returning from a launched app wiiflow now displays the Wii game view. before it would go to homebrew view.
* separated coverflow info from theme ini files. wiiflow lite uses a theme ini and a coverflow ini.
* created a themes_lite folder to keep from mixing the new themes with original wiiflow themes.
* there's now a coverflow folder inside the themes_lite folder to hold all your coverflow ini's. You can use default.ini as a default coverflow ini for all themes or name coverflow's to match the theme ini (ie. carbonik.ini).
* there are now 4 coverflow types. coverflow (normal covers), sideflow (snes and n64 covers), shortflow (gba and cd covers), and smallfow (homebrew icon and small sourceflow covers).
* each flow type can have it's own number of modes/layouts.
* fixed game info menu - in case a custom channel is selected and is not included in gametdb it will display a message 'no game info' instead of random stuff from the last game viewed. tested on wiiflow lite forwarder channel.
* now stopping sounds and music early when exiting wiiflow to prevent music from stuttering when exiting.

* removed nintendont USB HID option because since v3.304+ nintendont auto detects USB HID
* removed fanart
* removed vipatch, country patch, private server and cheats defaults from wiiflow.ini. no need for default/global setting for those options. they all default to off internally in wiiflow.
* removed **disabled** message from source menu. no need for it - was a stupid idea. if you don't want it to display then remove it from your source menu or don't add it. when a view is disabled in wiiflow_lite.ini then only that view icon is disabled from showing on the main menu screen.
* removed titles.ini which wasn't really used except for displaying the return to channel in settings. I googled it and nothing really showed up. it seemed to be the same as custom_titles.ini - it seemed useless.
* removed cacheing sourceflow list. the list is never big enuff to worry about cacheing. plus if you add or remove source btns you won't have to reload cache for the changes to take effect.
* removed max_source_btns from wiiflow_lite.ini - added code to get highest source menu btn so now source menu can have as many buttons as you like.
* removed Manage Languages Menu - restored option to just change wiiflow language. no need for downloading languages and the google link didn't work anyway. when i make a pack all the languages will be included.
* removed ftp button from Home Menu and all code for the FTP server. I just use WiiXplorer's FTP server. it seems to work better for me.
* removed update button from Home Menu. online update code is still there but not used and probably won't be used any more as there just isn't a need for it now.
* removed auto create emuNAND for emuNAND view if gamelist is empty. just go to settings>NAND settings if you want to extract or disable emunand or whatever.
* removed auto extract NAND to emuNAND when launching a Wii game with EmuNAND save. Now a message is diplayed saying 'emuNAND for saves not found - using real NAND'.
* removed dpad_mode, b_lr_mode, and use_grab options. they were rarely ever used.
* removed agelock. Sorry yardape. great idea but i just had no use for it.
* removed categories on start.
* removed all DML and NMM code/stuff. To play GameCube games you must use Devolution or Nintendont. To play GameCube Disc you must use Nintendont. The only advantage to DML was the screenshot feature and cheats work better. If you really want to use DML then use Dios Mios Booter or USBLoader GX like I will.

the language files need updating. i tried to keep up with the english.ini
help files need updating. i fixed the english internal help guide.
themes need to be updated. i may work on them but probably not. i prefer the default theme now and don't really use themes.
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Jan 30, 2012
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biggest changes:
  • removed dml stuff. must use nintendont or devolution.
  • in game settings for GC games pages 2 - 4 show options only for the loader selected on page 1.
possible new changes coming:
  • using a nands folder to hold subfolders of emunands and being able to select the nand just like neek2o does rather than use preset nands
  • creating seperate coverflows. instead of brewflow and emuflow there will be sideflow, shortflow, and smallflow each with their own number of layouts. sideflow will be used for snes and n64 covers, shortflow for gameboy and ps1 cd covers, and smallflow for homebrew (just like smallbox).
  • thinking of changing download covers in main settings to manage covers and banners which will go to a new menu with new options for downloading banners and covers and deleting them.
  • may change cover loader to only use the wfc cache files to display covers. and create seperate option in main settings to create all or missing wfc cache files which will go thru the list of games and show a progress bar similar to cover downloading. do this because when you add covers for games you have to go very slowly thru the covers to wait for each one to be made and display or sometimes it stops and stutters while making the new wfc file. once the wfc files are made it loads fast.
  • may get rid of source menu and just use sourceflow. and move source menu options from startup options to its own menu.
  • adding options to sourceflow like sorting, favorites, categories, and multi select.
  • and hoping to fix installing wii and gc games.
  • and hopefully fix or get rid of that darn coverflow problem that causes random corrupted covers to render.
also might get rid of fanart and movie trailers. seriously who really uses those?


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Jan 5, 2015
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i suppose that's possible. it will take a long time for wiiiflow to finish caching all those covers.
Takes about 1 hour and 20 mins , from the old wiiflow with 1,400 games on it , All Wii Games . thankgod i made a back up with the cacha folder lol


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Jan 14, 2012
Ideas factory :)
Yes. If it changes I will let everyone know.

But, maybe I should just keep every thing in apps/wiiflow and still use wiiflow forwarder channels.
yeah that would be even better, replacing dol/bins and using same folder and forwarders
the ini file should be different and gamesettings/configfiles unless there's no conflict
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