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    Hold onto your building caps, as Nintendo is ready to unveil all sorts of new info about Super Mario Maker 2! With a release of June 28th, there's not much time before the game releases, but there's sure to be some hidden surprises. You can tune into the Direct live, when it starts at 3 pm PT, or keep tuned to this thread, where we'll be rounding up all the juicy new details.
    Live Coverage

    "The basics"
    You can place pipes, blocks, enemies, all that good stuff. Enemies can be made larger, hidden, and stacked. just like the first.
    Nintendo Switch Online users can share their levels across the world.
    The Angry Sun from SM3 was shown.
    On and Off switches can be used to create puzzles and situational platforming.
    A swinging claw can fling you using momentum
    Water level can now have three different speeds.
    You can have auto scroll levels.
    Red homing Banzai Bills can follow you.
    Big coins can be placed as prizes in levels.
    Tons of wacky sound effects.
    You can build together on the same screen by using two Joy-Cons on a single Switch.
    Red fire breathing Yoshis.
    Story mode has Mario helping to rebuild Princess Peach's castle by completing 100 new courses made by Nintendo, to show off course design.
    New tracks by Koji Kondo.
    Gimmicks from Super Mario 3D World will return, in 2D! Like flashing blocks, bouncing platforms, cat suit, clear pipes, and more!
    There's even a Koopa Troopa car!
    Online features

    Course World is where NSO subscribers can share and browse courses online. You can search by tags, base game, and others. Players can leave comments for others.
    Downloading courses lets you play them offline, at any time.
    You can play co-op with up to four friends together, online!
    Versus as well! Race to the finish and be the first to get to the goal post.
    This multiplayer function can be played locally over multiple Switch systems as well.
    You can get a 12 month NSO sub along with the game for 69.99.
    If you already have a NSO online sub, you can get two games of your choice digitally for $99.99, a savings of $20. So if you wanna pre-order Super Mario Maker 2, you can buy it and another game to play at a discount while you wait for its release next month.
    There will be a tournament at E3 for the game.

    That's a wrap!
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    My body is ready.
  3. I was on it before they even started streaming xD
  4. Sylvaire99

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    Jul 24, 2018
    Hope it's not as barebones as the first, but I'm not holding my breath.
  5. Mr. Looigi

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    They have to have multiplayer, right?
  6. Silent_Gunner

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    Aw, no space theme? I guess it will remain a Super Mario Land series exclusive...

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    3D Creation!?

    Except it's not really 3D...?
  7. chartube12

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    I don’t understand the want for multiplayer on a Mario title except Mario party. Mario is 99% a single player experience. The main game shouldn’t be gimped to have a heavy focus on multiplayer
  8. Blue_Mew

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    Damn I was excited for the Mario 3D World style until it seemed like "2D World"...
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  9. LoganK93

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    Sincerely hope the multiplayer is offline too. :/
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  10. SonowRaevius

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    "But it's just an enhanced port" -Someone in this topic later.
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  11. Enryx25

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    Jan 25, 2016
    It is :D
  12. Oh boy...that was crazy. I loved everything about it. I have Switch Online...can somebody explain that voucher shit?

    Also the site was offline for like 2 minutes lmfao. Talk about overload.
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  13. SexySpai

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    your mom lol
    that was fucking stupid, 90% of it was just switch online bullshit and they confirmed basically nothing that wasn't already theorized by gamexplain
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  14. NFates

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    Probably home.
    Got excited when they said 3D World, and expected 3D building for a second.

    That'll be a Super Mario Maker 3 feature when the game releases in 2025 for the New Nintendo Switch U DD.
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    Buy 2 games, get one of them 20$ off
  17. aMp

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    The night themes looked so nice. And online multiplayer is in, yay. :)
  18. I don't see why it wouldn't be in if it was in the last one
  19. Skeet1983

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    Hi guys. I have a Nintendo Online 12-month sub already. If I purchase the digital game + the Nintendo Online 12-month Sub package, does that stack on the 12-months I already have? I thought I heard that in the Direct, but would like clarification before I purchase that package. :)