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    i just upped this great gba homebrew:

    i can not get it working on my 3-in-1. flashing to psram or nor has the same result, after the gba bios loads it freezes and does not move on to the game. i flash with the ak akaio 3-in-1 support and gba exploader. i booted from within akaio and directly as a gba cart.

    the odd thing is flashed to my m3 lite it runs perfectly fine on both my gba micro and nds.

    i would love it if someone else could flash it to their 3-in-1 and tell me what they find.

    finally, everything else runs perfect from my 3-in-1 so its not the kit.

    no$gba is saying it has a bad header. what can i use to patch/fix a gba header?

    thanks to norm who pointed me towards a header fixer. it did the trick.

    -another world
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.