Constellations DS V0.8

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    Constellations DS V0.8

    By Nameless

    Another Dev-Fr coding compeition entry! This time Nameless has updated and entered his homebrew star gazing app - Constellations DS (v0.8).[title:Constellations DS v0.8]Hello with all,

    Here are, Constellations DS seeming to me sufficiently succeeded, I propose it as an application for the compo.

    Two three small screenshots history to raffraichir the memories

    For summary, it is about a intéractif planetarium including/understanding all stars of the sky (until magnitude 5), as well as the objects of Messier (with their images). It is possible for you to post the lines of the constellations as well as a grid, and to personalize posting. It also includes a system of star search per constellation.

    The remote loading is done here:

    French Doc. is dispo in the file, explaining you in details the functionalities.

    Good exploration [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Source

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