Bioware Lays Off Parts Of The Old Republic Team

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by Rydian, May 22, 2012.

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    Today at 10:30 AM Bioware layed off parts of the staff that worked on developing their Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO.

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    Shit sucks. One of the people affects is a friend of mine from the forums here. I guess it's to be expected though... while there's always development going on for a good MMO (new content updates and such), after initial production not as much work is needed. Anyways the good news is that part of Bioware's plans include inviting some other companies and throwing a small job fair in a week to help the ex-employees find a position elsewhere, so either Bioware feels guilty (from reports of how the managers handled this it seems they do), or the company as a whole doesn't want to look like dicks.
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    Guess they should have done what the public ACTUALLY wanted, which was a KOTOR 3.
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    Maybe they should have made a game that didn't suck
    Who am I kidding, post-EA Bioware is dead.

    I have a feeling you guys may have missed most of the TOR drama. I remember when the free month was about to expire and people would be billed for the next one, EA removed the unsubscribe button.
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    Funny above with the game receiving cirtical praise from most reviews and sporting the deepest single player campaigns i ever came across in any MMO.. Even though i don't plan to continue playing much more with Star Wars futuristic universe not being really my thing.. Looking to the Secret World for myself eventually, the two latest beta were nice.

    Good luck to the departing employees, job well done!!
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    Lay offs are always a shame, but hopefully they can find work elsewhere. Hopefully having this game on the resume will be a boon.
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    SWTOR has basically been a complete disaster, they put an enormous amount of resources into voice acting rather than the actual content of the game, and rushed it for a holiday release (not the best idea for an MMO when you think about it)

    MMOs are about sustainability and long lasting appeal, and they did not appear to understand this at all. The server activity is basically near dead as this point, server statistics from the past week has shown that around 95% of all 200+ servers are on "light" status, with only one server occasionally hitting heavy status.
    To put that in perspective, server status is officially displayed as Light, Standard, Heavy, Very Heavy, and Full.

    On top of that they don't have any clue how to actually run the show. Making the game is one thing but being hospitable or reasonable in their moderation is something that escaped them. In particular, they reprimanded many users for activity commonly expected in the way of MMOs, such as trying to get to the end-game quickly, using the auction house to turn a hefty profit, accessing some areas earlier than ideal with the co-operation of others.

    And then there's just the blunders of maintaining the actual game. Patches have apparently caused some majors issue, horror stories of characters completely disappearing because of a rollback that removed the maps they were currently on, specific items like a so called "Matrix Cube", of certain difficulty to obtain, vanishing from everyone's possession, and basically lack of fulfilling expections, major things that were anticipated in the major 1.2 patch apparently didn't make it.

    Anyhow this is basically all that I've gathered from observations and reports, it's all word of mouth, second hand information. But hell, it's this kind of information that makes or breaks a game in this industry. You gotta get the players really anticipating your game, get them talking positively about it, if you want it to do well.
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    I stopped playing after my first 14 days. Each day I had to do a password reset...over the phone to boot....I know my password I use the same password for all MMOs. Support for the game is one of the worse I have ever dealt with.
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    Hopefully this will make them think twice about doing a Mass Effect MMO (Casey Hudson mentioned it somewhere).