Xrom and Xp SP3

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    The situation: crashed hard drive resulting in a re-install of Windows XP that was upgraded to sp3 and now when trying to install the xrom, the comp freezes on installing the second driver.

    I have tried the original ini file both automatic and manual install, the augmented ini that helped some get xp sp2 to recognize the xrom, and tried canceling the installation and manually trying to change the driver in device manager as I saw on another How to guide. Anyone had any similar experience, and did you find a work around?

    current usbcable -u gives:

    UCVER: v2.1, OS: XP, HW: ~1673MHz AMD 586 [x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 1]
    List of fully and partially installed USB drivers:

    Vendor/Product ID USB Device (* = Supported USB Linkers)

    vid=0000 pid=0000 Unknown Device
    vid=04a9 pid=314c Digital Still Camera
    vid=050d pid=0803 Nostromo n45 USB Dual Analog Gamepad
    vid=058f pid=6331 USB Mass Storage Device
    vid=05dc pid=a400 USB Mass Storage Device
    vid=05e3 pid=0715 USB Mass Storage Device
    vid=0781 pid=5150 USB Mass Storage Device
    vid=09da pid=0006 USB Human Interface Device
    vid=152d pid=2338 USB Mass Storage Device
    vid=4542 pid=4144 *XRC XROM LinkPort
    vid=4542 pid=4149 *XRC XROM LP Init Driver

    USB Linkers found:
    XROM Cable (XRC) appears partially installed.

    DONE: Pass

    Xrom will install on windows 2k sp4, but it would be nice to not have to reboot if I want to mess with it.