Video frezzes and dres in various games

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by diegoesgriam, Jan 27, 2008.

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    This ultimate time, there are a lot of video frezzes and DRE's in my games (in a Wii 3.1U with Wiikey 1.9g)

    -Nights: Frezzes in Introduction and Credits for both Childs (pcn release burned twice in imation DVD-R)

    -RE:UC: In episode 3-3 frezzes in the first apparence of Nemesis (burned twice, the last one in a HP DVD-R. all the same frezzes)
    -Super Mario Galaxies: DRE In the final video for Luigi (burned three times, the last one in Master-G DVD-R, all the same DRE)
    -No More Heroes: DRE In the introduction video (burned three times with HP DVD-R, the three with DRE in different moment but in the same video)

    All burned with IMGBurn at 4x with a Samsung (i don't know the model)

    I know the Nights and other games like One Piece and Sonic Riders frezzes in the movies, but not all the people have this problems; the other games i don't know why haves DREs in my Wii.

    There are somethong that i don't do (or i do wrong)?

    Please help me
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    Try burning at 2x or 4x...Or buy Verbatims,they are the best.Also it might be your burner if it's really old