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    Aug 14, 2020
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    I've been having an issue for a while now where my Wii U and Wii backups (injects) work on ONE hard drive, but my GameCube injects do not. I've been using TeconMoon's inject tool. They install to my external HD but Nintendont loads and says "No FAT device found."

    My external HD is currently formatted to the Wii U format. Is this why GC injects don't work?

    If I format the external HD to FAT32, can I still transfer all of my Wii U and Wii/GC injects to it? or will Wii U backups not work on anything other than a Wii U formatted external hard drive? Really trying to figure out what the issue is but I still haven't been able to figure it out.
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    Nov 15, 2019
    I know no much about Nintendont, but you can't make a FAT32 drive to have installed any WUP, in fact, as the WiiU uses its own format. One thing for sure is that you gotta have the SD card on the WiiU while first opening the GC injects, that is so the game can load and save the config from nincfg and stuff, I THINK, also the saves are located on the SD card so if Memory Card emulation is enabled for Nintendont (without it your games won't save as you may know) and there is no SD card or an HDD (asides from the WiiU one) it can't find any folder to place those saves.
    Also, what version of Teconmoon's WiiVC Injector are you using?

    Searched a bit and your Nintendont version on the SD:/apps folder could influence, last I saw working where I found info was r217 (but there been lots after that), so if you downloaded Nintendont a long time ago just get the latest version. The one I use was a fix made right this year and it works fine and prevents getting a blackscreen when loading injects (yeah that happened for some reason)

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    Nope, could be because you don't have Nintendont setup right on your sd card which is still required. Or sometimes GC injects have issues even if you're doing it right.


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