Suggest Singing Games or Nursery Rhymes, Stories etc?.......

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    Oct 26, 2008
    Just wondering if anyone knows of any games for the DS which would have singing, nursery rhymes kids stories etc for my 3 year old daughter Charlee?... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.. She loves a good ol' sing song! [​IMG]

    Also, we have some gameboy video cartridges that she had for her gameboy which had the shrek and shark tale films on and I was wondering if we could use these in the ds lite or if the same is available for the ds lite....

    Again, mucho thanks for any help.........
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    I'm not aware of any games like that, but you could always check IGN's review list. However, Electroplankton is one I always recommend for young kids. It doesn't really offer any sing along or the like, but it's a fun toy to tinker around with.
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    for video cartridges:
    you can use them in your DS.
    the DS itself has no video cartridges, but there are 2 alternatives.

    if you have a DSvision i think you can legally download some movies to a microSD and load it through the DSvision.
    if you have a flashcart you can convert downloaded(avi, mpg etc) movies to DPG with tools like batchdpg, and then play them through a program such as moonshell.