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June 17, 2007
Guy: I want to exchange this memory card for a different one.
Me: Okay, what is wrong with this one?
Guy: It's too big.
Me: Too big physically or too big memory wise?
Guy: It's too big.
Me: Okay, but does it not fit in the camera or does it not work because the camera is to old to support 1 GB?
Guy: Yeah, it's too big.
Me: Does it not fit in the camera?
Guy: Yes.
Me: Alright. You have a CF card, do you need an SD card then?
Guy: I don't know. This one is too big.
Me: What camera do you have?
Guy: I don't know.
Me: Well, I'm going to assume you need an SD card then as most cameras use that.
Guy: Alright.

Lady: Are these bags going to go on clearance soon?
Me: I have no idea.
Lady: You just don't want to tell me.
Me: No, I really don't know. We don't know when things go clearance until the day the tags are sent to our computer.
Lady: These are going on clearance next week or something aren't they.
Me: Ma'am, I really don't know. We've carried those bags now for a year, and they sell regularly. I don't think they will be going on clearance.
Lady: I'll just come back next week to make sure they don't go clearance.

Lady: I was just at Wal-Mart and bought all of these magazine holders that they had. But they were $5 and yours are $10.
Me: Do you have the receipt with you? We will price match it if it's the same thing.
Lady: Yeah, right here.
Me: They aren't the same ma'am. They have different UPCs.
Lady: No, they look the same.
Me: Do you have the product in your car? Sometimes products have different UPCs for the same item.
Lady: Yeah, let me go get it.
*She comes back with it and I scan it and our computer doesn't recognize it.
Me: This isn't the same thing.
Lady: But it looks the same.
Me: No, yours is a little bit taller and has different shape holes.
Lady: Fine, whatever. I'm also looking for more of these.
*She hands me a mesh organizer that she also brought in with her.
Me: Yes, we carry something like this.
Lady: But this is $26. I only paid $9 at Wal-Mart.
*I scan her item and once again, the computer doesn't recognize it.
Me: It's not the same thing.
Lady: But it looks identical.
Me: Yes it does, but this is a different brand.
Lady: But why is it so expensive?
Me: Because that is the price corporate set it at.
Lady: But it's identical.
Me: I understand that ma'am. Unfortunately, for me to be able to price match it, it has to be the exact same item.
Lady: Fine, I'll just wait until Wal-Mart gets some more.
Me: Okay.

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