Sci-Fi Horror "SOMA" by the Creators of "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" Coming to PC and PS4

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    The upcoming Halloween celebrations made us all crave for some horror-related goodness, and as if by magic, Frictional Games answered this call. The creators of the highly-praised "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" have just announced "SOMA", a first-person Sci-Fi horror currently in development for the PS4 and PC.​
    What is "SOMA" all about? According to the developers, it's focused on survival and exploration rather than action, much like "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" was. You're put in a Sci-Fi setting and have to make your way through some kind of an installation clearly inspired by the works of H.R Giger, but you're not playing as a space marine armed to the teeth - quite the opposite, your character is an average Joe who knows as much about combat as your average sloth.​
    The theme of this game is going to be "consciousness" and its relation to the issues of the flesh. The authors want to focus on what makes us conscious beings and whether or not this "consciousness" can be replicated. The story takes place in a research facility called "PATHOS-2", now overrun by robots which began to display human traits. The environment quickly changes to an alien one and your objective is to make your way out by all means necessary.​
    When can we expect "SOMA" to see the light of day? Judging by this PlayStation Blog entry, no sooner than in 2015. It is currently unclear whether this release is going to be a PS4 console exclusive or if it will eventually make its way to the XBox One, however as of today, only PS4 and PC development is mentioned.​
    The trailer also features a tentacle robot, in case you missed it. Yay! :yay:
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    O spooky new game, that has such tentacles in it!
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    Of course the question has to be asked: are you brave enough to start this new game and its creepy world?
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    Wow, this game is so revolutionary, it's totally not a horror genre cash-in.
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    I forgot
    Will definitely be grabbing this, Amnesia The Dark Descent didn't really scare me all that much so here's hoping this one is even better.
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