Final Fantasy VII gets remastered, so now I hope Xenogears does as well.

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May 27, 2016
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Xenogears is a 1998 SCI-FI Fantasy RPG game Published by Square soft (Now Square enix) I recently (yesterday) Finishd that game, well not to say it wasn't bad but the ending that lead to this screen puzzles me. A black screen with "XENOGEARS EPISODE V THE END"


So the whole time there was 4 more things before this one? Not quite. According to a Wikipedia article, The story of Xenogears was based on some japanese exlcusive only series of story books that spands 6 episodes and each one deals with different time periods. This game is based on the 5 story in the series. While none of the previous stories was known outside of japan, is a known fact that this game almost didn't get a USA release, it did not get a PAL release, most of it was due to conterversial content, related to religion, incarnation, psycological theories or studies and other things. Think about it as being one of the contraversial stories ever in video games, like metal gear solid or breath of fire series..... Tales of symphonia. (I wanted to add that) What can i say, Most of these games have similar plot line, some person who wants to be a god and take over the world for their own purposes and then the act of literally killing a god? Very contraversial in deed. But that discussion is for another post.

Right now i wanna focus on this one. According to a quote from TCRF.NET There is something that bugs me "Xenogears is a well-known sci-fi RPG for PlayStation, which borrows heavily from various "giant robot" anime series, and was surrounded by a lot of controversy about its religious content back in the day. It also has a really, really weird storyline. And it's also very, very, very unfinished. Probably more so than SaGa Frontier, which speaks volumes."
TCRF (the cutting room floor)

Very unfinished? I wonder why? Is it the episode 5 thing or something else, the intention of a sequal that never happened? Or the mistranslations? Not sure what but it is curious to make me wanna know what it means. Besides that i see classic games from that time period being remastered or remake. So i hope to see one for this some how. The one thing is that it won't be easy.

First this game was made by a amazing staff of people, during their time at square soft. But somethings happen, those people moved on to another company, NAMCO, under their hood, they made Xenosaga, they wanted to make a sequal to xenogears but it wouldn't have been okay since they was no longer under square soft. They made a few games, Xenosaga 1,2,3 a DS title, and a 12 episode anime. They also made a japan only game Namco X Capcom. (more details why i mention that later) They also made another DS game Super robot wars og saga endless frontier. (A game based off of Namco X capcom) They became known as Monolith soft. Sometime after these games were made under namco hood, nintendo aquired them. Now second party developer for nintendo, they made games for exclusive nintendo consoles. Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade chronicles X as well. They also made the Project X zone series for 3DS. it features namco, capcom, sega, nintendo, and Their very own monolith soft licensed characters, and used basically the same common style of combat with tweaks.

Why am i mentioning this? Well if you read before i said Nintendo owns monolith soft, the key people responsible for Xenogears, While square enix owns the Xenogears rights. If one was to make a remaster, this is where the problem comes in.

  • Nintendo owning monolith might mean system exlusive for nintendo only systems. No pc, ps4 or xbox one.
  • If on nintendo console, expect huge censorship, nothing new from nintendo anyway.
  • Considering their history with nintendo and square enix, i don't see a problen with it being possible, except once again, censorship can drastically change things.
  • Square enix makes the game without the original team and who knows how it will turn out. (That part scares me) Besides that, it could be multiplatform, or ps4 only maybe.
Most of the problem is the Fact monolith is owned by nintendo and square enix own the rights to the game and title. If some miracle where it works out perfectly happens i would like to see. The two relationship has good terms so if ever brought up i don't see why not unless you know, arguements happen when no agreement can be reached. Still is either square enix make the game themself, make it multiplatform, but maybe ruin the game if not done right. Square enix and nintendo make agreement to get this game made with monolithsoft help maybe worth it with trusted people but nintendo exclusive only with censorship. Either way i hope to see something about this if possible.

To be honest, i be happy if a anime or movie for this would just be done localized by funimation if possible besides it would be lot easier to do than remastering this beastly game. :)

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