(Question) NES VC Injection Help.

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    Jul 1, 2016
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    So recently, I've been talking with a friend (JessCat) about one of their NES VC Injector which is basically using CTRTools and MakeROM to inject a game into a targeted NES .cia file. So anyways I booted up a copy of Unbuntu (since CygWin was being buggy with it saying it couldn't read the cygwin1.dll file, while yet again it was in the bin file), and then I proceeded to set things up (moved CTR and MR to the Convcia file, loaded up the cia file in the input folder, etc.) and I couldn't get it to work with CTRTools "denying permission". I was wondering if anyone here could lead me to anything that I could use to inject a NES VC title (don't care about the banners, but custom banner tutorial would be nice). And yes, I did some Google-fu which led me to nothing.

    Edit: Managed to get it working, never mind this post.
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