Night of the Sacrifice English translation almost completed, needs programmers

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    In 2011, a Wii horror game released in Japan known as Ikenie no Yoru, or Night of the Sacrifice.


    The game caught some interest for an interesting visual style and J-horror feel. You can see a couple of trailers for the game here:

    Trailer 1:
    Trailer 2:

    Now, the game never released outside of Japan, but a few people have worked on a translation of the game. The game was successfully translated to English by Chelsea, a popular Fatal Frame series translator of Japanese content, and the translation was fixed up by PhoenixTsukino & Reika. They got the game completely translated into English via fan translation as of over half a year ago, but unfortunately the couple programmers they were working with to insert the translation into the game disappeared from the face of the Earth.

    So they've been in need of help for someone to help get the translation into the game, but unfortunately haven't had much aid or word of mouth. I had a friend of which I secured the translation materials from, and have permission to just get the translation out there to hopefully find someone to help get it on Wii. I have no experience modding Wii files or replacing text, and for better or worse I thought I should check to see if anyone here happens to have any experience and be willing to try and help get the translation into the game. I have nothing to do with the game's translation, just a middleman and someone who definitely wants to see this game translated. I picked it up a year ago when I heard this translation project was in the works, but it's almost heart-breaking to see it on such a halt as it's been in since last September basically, the translation part completed but in need of a programmer.

    Translation FIles 1 (script):
    Translation Files 2 (progress of Wii programming files):

    I apologize if this isn't really the place to post it, but the translation is available in word file format, and the programming to make it available for people to easily use like the Fatal Frame IV translation is partially there, but not in a working state currently. The translation was transgressing on Beyond the Lens, a Fatal Frame forum, but has been kind of caught there for a while. Help to get the translation completed would be appreciated.
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    I sincerely hope this project sees completion. The game looks super fun! Best of luck!
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    Can someone take a look on this? It's a really cool game, but I know crap about japanese.
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    I can not do anything, but translations are always good, so good luck! :)
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    I would love to see this get translated!
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    I get the feeling the reason why this project got so little attention is because it's a Riivolution patch, meaning it can't be applied to disc images. This patch only works with a physical copy of the game (currently selling on amazon for $90-$219!). Maybe this would gain more traction if it switched over to an iso patch? Is that even possible at this stage, or would it require starting over from scratch?
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    Good luck!
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    Has anyone tried running the incomplete translation on a Wii with Riivolution, or on an emulator using Dolphiilution? How far along is it?