Hacking My Shameful Request for Help


Feb 22, 2015
All right, all right I guess I was cocky.

I know there's already a gazillion threads asking for help around these boards, but I'm admittedly not well versed in some of the jargon, and am a little clueless about what my next steps should be. If any of you all-knowing hackensteins could lend some knowledge or guidance, it'd be deeply appreciated, and I promise to send you a bouquet of entertaining gifs.

I finally got around to installing homebrew on my wiiu's vwii today, but it hasn't gone quite as hoped. I followed Truth's guide, and was able to install the homebrew channel without issue.

keys.bin and nand.bin were both created, and I installed beta53alt on 56-249, 57-250, 58-251. I got Wiiflow up and running, and installed the channel on the Wii menu. I also installed the homebrew browser.

From there, I downloaded and booted up Retroarch, but found that it was unresponsive with my Wiimote+. After a few failed attempts, I opted to try a different emulator, and installed snes9xgx and vbagx as well as their channel installers. Trying to open either of them however gives me a black screen, and freezes the console, forcing me to unplug the power supply to restart (a genuinely terrifying idea for a new wiiu owner)

I figure that I must have done something wrong at some point - neither retroarch nor snes nor vba have opened up to a point that I could attempt to load a rom file. I don't want to mess with it any further, at risk of unwittingly making things worse. Is it time to consider a revert to my original nand backup? My end-goal for now is just to have the softwares mentioned by Adeka in this thread.

Thanks in advance and please forgive my noobiness!

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