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Simple guide to install cIOS on vWii + backup NAND and keys

Simple guide to install d2x cIOS on vWii + backup NAND and keys
Last update: April 29th 2016
Still a valid hacking procedure as of September 2016.
(see Changelog at the bottom of the post)​

What does it do?:
This guide shows you how to install cIOS into vWii (aka the Wii-mode of Wii U) and backup vWiis keys and NAND.
cIOS is needed to use backuplaunchers like Wiiflow and USB-Loader GX.
This does not enable any hacks in Wii U-mode!

Note: You already need to have Homebrew Channel installed on vWii to use this guide (use one of these exploits)!
Lets go:
Download the following package:
(Mirror at the bottom of the post)
All files are up-to-date (as of april 29th 2016)!
Note: To avoid errors, only use the files provided in this archive!
Don´t mix with other d2x-installer versions, meta.xml files etc.
Don´t worry, everything is up-to-date and the latest and greatest version.

It contains:
- Dump Mii NAND v1.2
- d2x-v10-beta53-alt-vWii
- d2x-v10-beta52-vWii
- FIX94s d2x cIOS Installer 2.2 mod

First we make a backup of your vWii NAND and keys:

1.) Extract the contents of vWii_cIOS_apps_20131218.zip to the root folder of your SD card.
Note: Make sure that you don´t have any original Wii system files (like wads) on your SD Card!
d2x installer could accidentally use them for installation and brick your vWii!

Also make sure that you have at least 528MB of free space on the SD Card for the NAND dump.

3.) Launch Dump Mii NAND from the Homebrew Channel.

4.) The NAND and keys dumping will start automatically (the NAND dump will be stored in sd:/nand.bin, the keys in sd:/keys.bin).
Note: DON´t use this dump on an original Wii!

5.) When finished (depends on the speed of your SD Card), the Wii U will reboot.

5a.) (Optional, but recommended step.)
Dump your IOS one-by-one to wad files for possible semi-brick fix (for more info read this thread):
I.) Download YetAnotherBlueDumpMod from here.
II.) Copy the files to your SD card sd:/apps/YetAnotherBlueDumpMod and launch the app from the Homebrew Channel.
II.) Go to System Titles and dump each IOS individually to a wad.
When prompted to fakesign the ticket or TMD, say No to both.

It's a tedious process, but it could save you a lot of trouble in the future.

If you don't have CLEAN (non fakesigned) IOS, you won't be able to fix semi-bricked vWii.
You can't create non fakesigned wads from a NAND dump or from using ShowMiiWads. You NEED to use YetAnotherBlueDumpMod.

Now we install d2x cIOS:

6.) Launch d2x cIOS installer from the Homebrew Channel.

7.) Choose which d2x cIOS version you want to install, beta52 or beta53-alt.
If you don´t plan to use EmuNAND, i recommend beta53-alt.
Note: For info about the differences between beta52 & beta53-alt click here.

8.) Select cIOS : <d2x-v10-beta53-alt-vWii> (Alternative: beta52)
Select cIOS base : <56>
Select cIOS slot : <249>

9.) Press A to install and wait for installation to finish.

10.) Press A to continue.

11.) Select cIOS : <d2x-v10-beta53-alt-vWii> (Alternative: beta52)
Select cIOS base : <57>
Select cIOS slot : <250>

12.) Press A to install and wait for installation to finish.

13.) Press A to continue.

14.) Select cIOS : <d2x-v10-beta53-alt-vWii> (Alternative: beta52)
Select cIOS base : <58>
Select cIOS slot : <251>

15.) Press A to install and wait for installation to finish.

16.) Press B to Exit.

17.) Launch newest Wiiflow or USB-Loader GX or CFG USB Loader MOD from the Homebrew Channel.
Note: To copy game images from PC to your external HDD with the correct folder structure, use Wii Backup Manager.
To fix the 4:3 aspect ratio bug of the Homebrew Channel, see FAQ & Troubleshooting section.

18.) Read the FAQ & Troubleshooting section carefully!

19.) Happy gaming! :D

FAQ & Troubleshooting:
- there is currently no Bootmii for vWii, so we use Dump Mii NAND.
- there is no Hermes cIOS 222/223 for vWii (don´t install the Wii version!).
- connect your HDD to the upper back USB-Port.
- you need a Y-USB-Cable for some 2.5" HDDs to properly work (even when they worked on the original Wii), because the Wii U USB-ports have a lower power supply.
- if HDD gets detected but no games load or HDD "clicks" you need a Y-USB-Cable
- to prevent the HDD format message on bootup, use U-Stealth.
- some HDDs don´t work with cIOS 249(base 56), so change the cIOS to 250(base 57) or 251(base 58) in your USB-Loader.
- to fix the 4:3 aspect ratio bug of the Homebrew Channel use JoostinOnlines HBC Forwarder or tueidjs aspect ratio fixer (tueidjs fixer doesn't require installing a wad to the console, it's a homebrew to launch from Homebrew Channel before launching other homebrew).
- to (un)install wads i recommend YAWMM_EN 0.5e (english Version) or YAWMM DE 0.5e (german version).
- if you want to start installed wads like VC/Wiiware from SD card, you need to patch IOS80 (system menu), use this thread for guidance.
Note: This is dangerous! If you f*** up IOS80, you will get a brick!
Only use the patch if you know what you are doing!

- don´t install Priiloader, it will brick your vWii!
- don´t install original Wii Channel Forwarder, they will freeze on startup! Use the ones from this thread. (For WiiFlow you can use the official Channel Installer)

Many tools/installers/wads etc. that worked on the original Wii will brick vWii!
So be very cautious on what you install!

29. April 2016: Added download mirror as attachment.
22. December 2015: Some minor formating tweaks.
08. November 2015: Additional note under the downloadlink.
01. May 2015: Added note to the downloadlink.
19. February 2015: Added optional step 5a.) (thanks Cyan and JoostinOnline).
18. July 2014: Updated USB-Loader GX, Wiiflow and CFG-USB-Loader MOD links.
27. April 2014: Updated USB-Loader GX link to r1219 (thx Cyan)
21. January 2014: Updated Wiiflow link to 4.2.1.
18. December 2013: Merged d2x beta52 & beta53-alt into one installer (thx Cyan) and updated guide accordingly.
17. December 2013: Replaced xyzzy and FS-Toolbox with Dump Mii NAND v1.2 (thx Maxternal). Replaced d2x beta52 with beta53-alt. Added tools to fix 4:3 aspect ratio bug (thx Cyan).
02. October 2013: Updated USB-Loader GX link to r1218.
20. September 2013: Updated Wiiflow link to v4.2.
30. August 2013: Added link to IOS80 (system menu) patch thread.
23. August 2013: Updated USB-Loader GX link to r1217 and CFG USB-Loader MOD link to r65.
13. August 2013: Added link to HDD format message workaround (thx jayjay123)
04. August 2013: Updated USB-Loader links, added Wii Backup Manager link.
24. June 2013: Added CFG USB Loader MOD v70r61t2 link (thx Warlord698).
10. June 2013: Updated Wiiflow link to 4.1.3.
01. June 2013: Added YAWMM_EN (english version) to FAQ & Troubleshooting (thx JoostinOnline and Fix94).
28. April 2013: Updated Wiiflow link to 4.1.2 and USB-Loader GX link to r1213.
08. January 2013: Updated USB-Loader GX link to r1208.
04. January 2013: Fixed a typo, that could prevent the installer from detecting beta52 (thx yafaiz). Added link to WiiFlow Channel Installer v1.1.
02. January 2013: Added new version of FS-Toolbox (0.4d) and a link to YAWMM DE 0.5e (thx to Excelsiior for both).
01. January 2013: Wiiflow 4.1 link added.
31. December 2012: Removed d2x beta53-alt from the package, because ciosmaps.xml mixup causes errors. Added link to forwarder thread.
29. December 2012: Added new version of xyzzy (1.2.2 (unofficial), thx DarkMatterCore) and d2x beta53-alt to the package.
19. December 2012: Initial version.


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Dec 26, 2012
United States
I'm going to try messing with it later today. I followed the WiiHax tutorial last night and couldn't get it to work. Loading Disc-based wii games and Wii Shop Channel downloads still works, so no brick yet. I'm going to dump my keys and make backups before doing anything else.

Thanks for the tutorial


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Feb 11, 2009
United Kingdom
You might also want to consider showing people how to install HBC even though it's relatively simple to do, But I'm sure someone is going to ask eventually...


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Nov 8, 2009
When I open the installer, <d2x-v10-beta52-vWii> isn't something to pick from.

d2x v6 is the highest I can select.

do you if:

Extract d2x-v10-beta52-vWii into your d2x-cios-installer folder on SD (Path: "sd:\apps\d2x-cios-installer\d2x-v10-beta52-vWii\")
Extract d2x-v10-beta52-vWii into your d2x-cios-installer folder on SD (Path: "sd:\apps\d2x-cios-installer\ciosmaps.xml")
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Dec 11, 2012
I followed everything but wiiflow isn't detecting any games even though my hdd is on and working
e: I read it needs to be powered externally

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