Is it possible to port vwii homebrew to wiiu?

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    The wiiu and wii basically share the same processor. Is it possible to recompile open source vwii homebrew for the wiiu to get a processor speed boost (and faster launch times since you wouldn't have to enter vwii)?

    Mainly the ps1 emulator could use the extra 400mhz. (Also has two extra cores but that would require lots of programming.)

    Or can the wiiu homebrew launcher already launch vwii executables. I don't think so
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    Unfortunately not.

    Wii U and vWii software may compile to the same machine-level code, but they both call different functions to do their jobs (think GX vs. GX2) and their executable formats (.dol for Wii, .rpx for Wii U) are vastly different.

    Software will need a large amount of porting in order to work in vWii.
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    You can use hbl2hbc, which was first "just" a way to go from the Wii U HBL to the vWii HBC directly, but now it can actually boot any channel installed on the vWii (including forwarders) with a convenient menu that is displayed on the Wii U side. And even better, there is wiiu2hbc (iirc) that can be installed on Wii U to boot hbl2hbc without entering the HBL.

    Just to describe how it would work once installed. You boot your Wii U, you boot hbl2hbc either from wiiu2hbc or from the HBL, it displays a list of channels you "declared" in a config file, you choose what to boot and then it goes to vWii and autoboots what you asked for.
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    Feb 20, 2017
    Hes right, its only possible if someone works on porting every single wii homebrew... :(