I think my graphics card is on it's way out D:

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    It started crashing months ago when I was playing CoD AW and even MW2 and CoD4. But today it began crashing my pc on startup. It began crashing on the desktop with no programs running. This looped and crashed about 4 times every time I logged in.

    At first I thought I solved it. I made a stupid mistake; for many months now (at least 6) one of my fans (the front one which I didn't remember was there as it's concealed) has been unplugged and I thought it has just been overheating and crashing. :wacko: I unplugged it by accident when installing a second hard drive. This fixed the problem and I was able to play CoD AW again for about a week then this happened.

    What has happened? Have I fried a connection because of a fan not operating? I have a temperature screen on the front of my case and it usually sits around 31 degrees and in cod it goes to about 39-40 although before it would go higher than that and then crash on a regular basis.

    These are my specs:


    If my PC dies my life will be over. I will have to read books and play piano and I'm not ready to be Amish yet :(
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    You should check in getting the thing RMA'd if its still under warranty. Reminds me of my crappy GeForce 210 which also showed the same behavior after playing games, switched to a GTS 450 and i never had that problem again.
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    I don't think it's still under warranty so will have to buy another one when I have the cash...
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    I forgot
    Perhaps it's buggy drivers?

    I had an HD 7970 that was constantly BSODing and crashing my PC, and the drivers kept malfunctioning. You could try doing a complete reinstall of the drivers, see if that helps. Look up Display Driver Uninstaller, run that, let it reboot you into safe mode, let the program uninstall your AMD drivers, then grab the latest from AMDs site and reinstall them (you'll need to boot out of safe mode for this, AMDs drivers won't install in safe mode for some reason). Try running a stress test/benchmark test afterwards, you can use Furmark or just Unreal Engine's Valley Benchmark, doesn't matter which.

    If after all this it still crashes, then your GPU might be the problem.

    Also, just a note, the case temp isn't what you want to monitor, it's the GPU temp itself. Install Speedfan, use that to monitor your GPU temp. The average for your GPU series is ~30-35C at idle and ~70 or so at load. If it's above these two, you could try replacing the cooler and the thermal paste.