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Dec 18, 2008
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Hello everyone, I just wanted to write a brief guide (sorry no pictures *yet*) on how to amplify the signal of your nintendo DS/Wii dongle (usb wi-fi connector).

What you need:
Some Aluminum paper.
Some rigid paper.
A nintendo DS/Wii Wi-fi usb connector (I used the official one, variations should work as well)
A nintendo DS/Wii to test it on (I used a DS, don't know about the Wii)
Some tape or glue (tape preferred).

What we want to make:
We want to make an amplifier for the wi-fi connector (from here on referred as dongle), to amplify its signal (since it works like an antenna) making its wi-fi waves "bounce" on the reflecting surface of the aluminum paper and concentrate them into one direction.

Get the rigid paper and make an A4-sized sheet, then fold it in a conical shape (just "roll" it :3 ). Make sure the surface doesn't have empty spaces (like a V spot at the base of the cone) and fill them with more paper if you need. Fix it with tape or glue so it won't unfold during the following operations.

Using scissors or a sharp knife (scissors is recommended) cut the vertex of the cone making a hole with the diameter of the usb cable (not the dongle! just a bit smaller).

Get the aluminum paper and fill the inside of the cone with its reflecting surface leaving some of the paper to stick out of the base of the cone; try not to make too many bumps on the surface, be extremely careful with this operation! After you're done, fold the part in excess outside of the cone to make it more stable on the rigid paper, then fix it with tape.

Now you're ready to go! Put the dongle inside the cone and let it get stuck at the end of the cut vertex, be sure that at least 3/4 of the dongle is inside the cone, it will work better.

Connect the dongle to your computer and ta-daan! It should work farther than before, just be sure to point it in the exact direction for an even more amplified signal. I was able to connect from my kitchen (which has 4 walls and lots of cupboard and stuff in the way) with a perfect signal... where as before I couldn't connect farther than 5 meters without obstacles...

I hope you enjoyed this "guide" even though I know without pictures it's hard to understand... and sorry for my not-perfect English, if you need clarification I'll be glad to help you all

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