How do I replace the battery in my EZFlash 3in1?

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    So I unscrewed the cartridge apart and found the circuit. I see the battery already there, in between two metal tabs that are soldered onto the circuit. The problem is that I don't know how to solder so am I suppose to remove the battery without removing the metal tabs or remove them all together?
    I'm going back to college soon and will hopefully find a metal shop with a soldering tool instead of having to buy one.

    EDIT: Oh right, I'm doing this because I think my battery is dead. Most game saves won't stay on my microsd for more than a day so I suspect that it's dead through reading a couple of threads on gbatemp and cyclods. Is there another method that would definitely tell me if the battery is dead (such as loading a specific game that will tell me that)?
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    you desolder the tabs from the PCB. batteries with tabs are normal when dealing with small portable electronics.

    The engineering department can point you to a lab with soldering tools for you to work on, there is someone there on staff that would be able to help you or ask another student working on an electronics project.
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