'Hikari No 4 Senshi' MASS file dumper

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    Here's a dumper for 'Hikari No 4 Senshi', or as it'll probably be known here, 'The Four Warriors of Light'.

    Inside the ROM itself are files that have a header named SSAM. Those are what I call MASS files, probably for MASSIVE or the overall MASS or something, they're kinda redundant and seem to get in the way.

    Anyways, I've made a PHP file to quickly dump the MASS archive into something more workable. It's not a complex file format, and I'm sure if I was more awake I could do a nice C version that works well on Windows. As it stands, I've only tested this on my Mac. I know it'll have to be adapted for windows (mkdir, I'm looking at you). I'll get around to making a C version that does that and a repacker at a later time.

    Nonetheless, without further ado: http://pastie.org/674568

    Hopefully this spurs some translations. [​IMG]

    Example run through:
    Excelsior:Desktop RJ$ php massdump.php 
    Mass Dumper v0.1
    Reading file "common.dat"...
    MASS file detected!
    There are 25 file(s) in the archive.ÂÂDumping...
    Using 1008 as the file structure offset.
    >> c2d_00_00_00.NANRÂÂÂÂ[Size: 111 bytes]
    >> c2d_00_00_00.NCBR.lzÂÂÂÂ[Size: 159 bytes]
    >> c2d_00_00_00.NCERÂÂÂÂ[Size: 111 bytes]
    >> c2d_00_00_00.NCLRÂÂÂÂ[Size: 124 bytes]
    >> c2d_00_01_00.NANRÂÂÂÂ[Size: 111 bytes]
    >> c2d_00_01_00.NCBR.lzÂÂÂÂ[Size: 58 bytes]
    >> c2d_00_01_00.NCERÂÂÂÂ[Size: 99 bytes]
    >> c2d_00_01_00.NCLRÂÂÂÂ[Size: 90 bytes]
    >> c2d_00_01_01.NANRÂÂÂÂ[Size: 111 bytes]
    >> c2d_00_01_01.NCBR.lzÂÂÂÂ[Size: 56 bytes]
    >> c2d_00_01_01.NCERÂÂÂÂ[Size: 99 bytes]
    >> c2d_00_01_01.NCLRÂÂÂÂ[Size: 90 bytes]
    >> c2d_00_01_02.NANRÂÂÂÂ[Size: 111 bytes]
    >> c2d_00_01_02.NCBR.lzÂÂÂÂ[Size: 52 bytes]
    >> c2d_00_01_02.NCERÂÂÂÂ[Size: 99 bytes]
    >> c2d_00_01_02.NCLRÂÂÂÂ[Size: 90 bytes]
    >> c2d_00_01_03.NANRÂÂÂÂ[Size: 111 bytes]
    >> c2d_00_01_03.NCBR.lzÂÂÂÂ[Size: 51 bytes]
    >> c2d_00_01_03.NCERÂÂÂÂ[Size: 99 bytes]
    >> c2d_00_01_03.NCLRÂÂÂÂ[Size: 90 bytes]
    >> c2d_00_01_04.NANRÂÂÂÂ[Size: 111 bytes]
    >> c2d_00_01_04.NCBR.lzÂÂÂÂ[Size: 47 bytes]
    >> c2d_00_01_04.NCERÂÂÂÂ[Size: 99 bytes]
    >> c2d_00_01_04.NCLRÂÂÂÂ[Size: 90 bytes]
    >> c2d_00_01_05.NANRÂÂÂÂ[Size: 111 bytes]
    List order saved to common.dat.txt -- use this to rebuild this file!
    Extracted archive contents to common.dat_Files/
    Right now it kinda sucks, too, as you have to manually edit the file to adjust the unpacking file. I kinda forgot to setup command line arguments.
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