ROM Hack [Release] Mario Kart 7 Plugin Deluxe


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Jun 15, 2020

4 years after the release of the Darkflare's Online Plugin, and the releases of some NTR plugins, I've decided (4-5 months ago) to refresh the ways to hack Mario Kart 7.
This is my first CTRPF plugin using C++ and it wouldn't have existed without the people who helped me by teaching me some tips about this language.
The main idea of this plugin is to use cheat codes without compatibility issues.
This plugin contains codes for every modes of Mario Kart 7: Online mode, Local Play mode and Solo mode.

The plugin works well with the latest plugin loader:
- Luma Loader v13.0.2 (recommended)

Note: To check your current Luma Loader's version, press "L + Down + Select" in the HOME menu, you will see it on the bottom screen. If you have the right version, no need to install the boot.firm file, just pick the plugin.

  • Rev2 EUR: Fully compatible
  • Rev2 JPN: Fully compatible
  • Rev2 USA: Fully compatible

Installation of the plugin.3gx, the backgrounds and the custom sounds:
  • Download the .zip archive and extract it.
  • Insert your SD card in your computer.
  • Put the ".3gx" file, the both ".bmp" files and the "snd" folder in your SD card following one of these paths (depending on the MK7 region you have):
EUR - SD:/luma/plugins/0004000000030700
JPN - SD:/luma/plugins/0004000000030600
USA - SD:/luma/plugins/0004000000030800

Note: If one of these folder doesn't exist on your SD card, create it.
Note: The backgrounds need to stay with their default names: "TopBackground.bmp" and "BottomBackground.bmp"

Installation of the boot.firm (if it's needed!):
  • In the .zip archive you extracted before, pick the "boot.firm" and put it at the root of your SD card and remove any boot.firm if it's required.
Note: The "root" of the SD card means you just have to paste your "boot.firm" directly in it and not in any folder/subfolder.

initial release: 150 codes
v 1.0.1: 148 codes
v 1.0.2: 145 codes
v 1.0.3: 146 codes
v 1.0.4: 148 codes
v 1.0.5: 148 codes
v 1.0.6: 149 codes
v 1.0.7: 153 codes
v 1.0.8: 155 codes
v 2.0.0: 159 codes
v 2.0.1: 154 codes
v 2.0.2: 163 codes
v 3.0.0: 172 codes
v 3.0.1: 178 codes
v 3.0.2: 168 codes

red: removed in the last update (see Changelog)
orange: fixed/modified in the last update (see Changelog)
green: added in the last update (see Changelog)
(!): code restricted online/code disabled online (see Changelog)

[Star Power Cycler]
[Always Have Star Power]
[Blinking Invincibility]
[Always Small]
[Instant Small Recovery]
[Always Black Kart]
[Instant Blooper Recovery]
[Always Flat]
[Instant Flat Recovery]
[Never Flat Recovery]
[Always Glider]
[Always Confused]
[Micro Kart]
[Micro Kart (N3DS)]
[Micro Kart (O3DS)]

[Better Turning Sensitivity]
[Control Bullet Bill]
[Item Use In Bullet]
[Look Backward]
[Drive Out Of Bounds]
[Disable Wall Collisions]
[Trick Anywhere]
[Disable Lucky-7 Mushroom Acceleration]
[Disable Star Power Acceleration]
[Disable First Person View]
[Drive On Walls]
[Instant Stop Super Leaf]
[Instant Mini Turbo]
[Inside Drifting Kart]
[Huge Bunnyhop]
[Size Changer]
[Instant Acceleration]
[Instant Backward Acceleration]
[Instant Stop]
[Configurable Speed]
[Configurable Backward Speed]
[Automatic Kart Acceleration]
[Fast Reverse Speeds]
[Touch Screen Teleporter]
[Stalking Hack]
[Drive Anywhere]
[Blue Shell Ride]
[Configurable Gravity]
[Low Gravity]
[Hard Gravity]

[Save Slot Teleporter]
[Item Cycler]
[Classic Item Hack]
[Master Item Wheel (N3DS)]
[Master Item Wheel (O3DS)]

[Single Shell Randomizer]
[Configurable Item]
[Configurable Item Box]
[Cycle Completely Random Item]
[Truly Random Items]
[Drop Items]
[Drop Green Shell]
[Drop Red Shell]
[Drop Mushroom]
[Drop Lucky-7 Star]
[Drop Lucky-7 Blooper]
[Drop Mushroom Amount Modifier]
[Drop Star Amount Modifier]
[Bob-Omb Amount Modifier]
[Fireball Amount Modifier]
[Anti-Lightning Delimiter]
[Anti-Blooper Delimiter]
[Bullet Speed Modifier]
[Fast Blue Shell]
[Stopped Blue Shell]
[Instant Blue Shell Hit]
[Fast Green Shell]
[Stopped Green Shell]
[Configurable Banana Size]
[Configurable Fireball Size]
[Configurable Bob-Omb Size]

[Giant Banana]
[Micro Banana]
[Giant Fireball]
[Micro Fireball]
[Giant Bob-Omb]
[Micro Bob-Omb]

[Item Despawner]
[Triple Rotating Bananas]
[Invisible Lightning]
[Lightning Color Selector]
[Lightning Selfstriking]
[Blooper Selfstriking]
[Never Lose Items]
[No Lucky-7 Rotation]
[No Lucky-7 Items Rotation]
[No Bob-Omb Jump]
[Jumping Bob-Omb]
[No Shell Rotation]
[Flying Dropped Star]
[Inflatable Dropped Star]
[Drive During Countdown]
[No Disconnect] (!)
[Race Time Displayer]
[Remove Lakitu]
[No Countdown]
[Instant Countdown]
[CPU Brawl]
[CPU Propeller Spawn Controller]
[Water Everywhere]
[Rank Points Modifier]
[Random Rank Points]
[Instant Win]
[Configurable Blinking Effect]
[No Blinking Delay]
[Ultra Fast Blinking]

[Coin Score Modifier]
[Balloon Score Modifier]
[Coin Score Randomizer]
[Balloon Score Randomizer]
[Coins Limit Extender]
[Configurable Balloons Amount]
[No Balloons]
[Infinite Balloons]

[Max Timer] (!)
[Min Timer]
[Random Time]
[Configurable Country]
[Configurable Coordinates]
[Random Country]
[Random Coordinates]
[Set Custom Flag]
[Set Custom State]
[Set Custom Globe Coordinates]
[VR Extender]
[VR Randomizer]
[Set Custom VR]
[VR Indicator]
[Configurable Handlemark]
[Unlock Everything]
[Stars & Trophies Patcher]
[Stars & Trophies Resetter]
[Set VR Counter]
[Random VR Counter]
[Set Victories]
[Random Victories]
[Set Defeats]
[Random Defeats]
[Set Coins]
[Random Coins]
[Set Streetpass Tags]
[Random Streetpass Tags]
[Configurable Driver Class]
[Random Driver Class]
[Configurable Custom Message]
[Custom Message Randomizer]
[Skip Live View]
[Skip Please Wait...]
[Anti VR Crasher]
[Anti Matchmaking Packet Crasher]
[Matchmaking Level Selector]
[Private Room Matchmaking]
[Anti Blue Shell Crash]
[Configurable Field Of View]
[Disable Star Music]
[Fast Game]
[Radiation Explosion]
[Bubble Explosion]
[Disable Earth]
[Cold Shaders]
[Track Music Changer]
[Live Time Trial Ghost Replay]
[Mii Dumper]
[Explosive Grand-Prix] (!)
[Mario Kart DS Balloon Battle Mode] (!)
[Survivor Battle Mode] (!)
[Countdown Mode]
[Drivable 200cc]
[Drivable 500cc]
[Build Information]
[Questions & Answers]
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Cayman Islands: 13
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Colombia: 15
Costa Rica: 16
Dominica: 17
Dominican Republic: 18
Ecuador: 19
El Salvador: 1A
French Guiana: 1B
Grenada: 1C
Guadeloupe: 1D
Guatemala: 1E
Guyana: 1F
Haiti: 20
Honduras: 21
Jamaica: 22
Martinique: 23
Mexico: 24
Monsterrat: 25
Netherlands Antilles: 26
Nicaragua: 27
Panama: 28
Paraguay: 29
Peru: 2A
St. Kitts And Nevis: 2B
St Lucia: 2C
St Vincent And The Grenadines: 2D
Suriname: 2E
Trinidad And Tobago: 2F
Turks And Caicos Islands: 30
United States: 31
Uruguay: 32
US Virgin Islands: 33
Venezuela: 34
Albania: 40
Australia: 41
Austria: 42
Belgium: 43
Bosnia And Herzegovina: 44
Botswana: 45
Bulgaria: 46
Croatia: 47
Cyprus: 48
Czech Republic: 49
Denmark: 4A
Estonia: 4B
Finland: 4C
France: 4D
Germany: 4E
Greece: 4F
Hungary: 50
Iceland: 51
Ireland: 52
Italy: 53
Latvia: 54
Lesotho: 55
Lichtenstein: 56
Lithuania: 57
Luxembourg: 58
FYR Of Macedonia: 59
Malta: 5A
Montenegro: 5B
Mozambique: 5C
Namibia: 5D
Netherlands: 5E
New Zealand: 5F
Norway: 60
Poland: 61
Portugal: 62
Romania: 63
Russia: 64
Serbia: 65
Slovakia: 66
Slovenia: 67
South Africa: 68
Spain: 69
Swaziland: 6A
Sweden: 6B
Switzerland: 6C
Turkey: 6D
United Kingdom: 6E
Zambia: 6F
Zimbabwe: 70
Azerbaijan: 71
Mauritania: 72
Mali: 73
Niger: 74
Chad: 75
Sudan: 76
Eritrea: 77
Dijibouti: 78
Somalia: 79
Andorra: 7A
Gibraltar: 7B
Guernsey: 7C
Isle Of Man: 7D
Jersey: 7E
Monaco: 7F
Taiwan: 80
South Korea: 88
Hong Kong: 90
Singapore: 99
Malaysia: 9C
China: A0
United Arab Emirates: A8
India: A9
Saudi Arabia: AE
San Marino: B8
Vatican City: B9
Svalbard, Norway: 10003999
San Marino: 08D71F3D
Albania: 0E191D63
Botswana: 126BEE79
New Zealand: 7C46E5C4
Guernsey: FE30232A
Iceland: EEBC2C5A
Middle Northern Russia-Northern Alaska: 10005000
Middle Of Ocean: 10006000
Middle Antartica-Ocean: 1EEEB000
Madagascar: 1EEEF000
Bangladesh: 40001000
Andaman-And-Nicobar Islands: 41F4084B
Isle Of Man: FCD02684
Upsidedown Greenland: 65554999
Land Of Fire: CFFFDCCC
Horn Cape: CFFFD555
Somalia, South-East Africa: 20000000
North Pole: 442D3D1B
South Pole: C600BFFF

Official Mario Kart 7 Plugin Deluxe Video:


Plugin Version 1.0.0:
- /

Plugin Version 1.0.1:
- 200/500/9000cc codes deleted
- Anti-Win system deleted
- Configurable Speed added
- spelling mistake corrected
- Victories codes fixed

Plugin Version 1.0.2:
- Always Star Power fixed for Rev1 games
- Always Small fixed for Rev1 games
- Always Black Kart fixed for Rev1 games
- Always Flat fixed for Rev1 games
- Always Glider fixed for Rev1 games
- Always Confused fixed for Rev1 games
- Giant Kart fixed for Rev1 games
- Micro Kart fixed for Rev1 games
- Autojump fixed for Rev1 games
- Autopilot fixed for Rev1 games
- Moonjump fixed for Rev1 games
- Freefly fixed for Rev1 games
- Trick Anywhere fixed for Rev1 games
- better Green Shell Amount Modifier value to avoid crashs when shells are thrown backward
- better Turning Sensitivity value
- better Gravity values
- Drop Mushroom usable with green shells now
- Never Flat Recovery fixed
- Never Small Recovery removed
- Infinite Tanooki Tail removed due to crashs on Rev1 games
- dialog box added for Disable First Person View

Plugin Version 1.0.3:
- new compatibility system, status codes fixed
- better Always Glider value
- Configurable Speed and Configurable Backward Speed improved
- added notification to Disable First Person View
- added Never Blinking

Plugin Version 1.0.4:
- updated notes and VR codes names to avoid misunderstanding
- added a code for next updates informations
- added Random and Set VR Counter

Plugin Version 1.0.5:
- updated plugin to use custom sounds with CTRPF (foundable in the pack)

Plugin Version 1.0.6:
- added VR Indicator to display your current VR in real-time. This code is useful to use with the 3 Worldwide VR codes to see and check what amount you put.
- fixed VR Extender
- new version of the Master Item Wheel (for O3DS) the Blue Shell is now on the Start button and the Banana has been removed.

Plugin Version 1.0.7:
- VR codes fixed (Set VR code has been removed)
- Codes' order improved in some folders (most used codes are near from the top)
- Texture folder removed, texture codes are now in Miscelleanous folder
- Community folder (with 2 different custom message codes) added
- Profile folder separated in two different folders (Online stats & Mario Kart Channel stats)
- MKDS Balloon Battle gamemode added
- Configurable Custom Message added
- Custom Message Randomizer added
- Lap Selector added
- Track's Music Changer added
- Golden Handlemark added
- Coins Limit Extender added
- CPUs' Propeller Spawn Controller added
- Turning Sensitivity turned into Better Turning Sensitivity
- Tanooki turned into Super Leaf
- Disable First Person View notification system removed
- Security improved
- Contact & Help folder has been updated (one code gives infos about the plugin, the other is made for who wants to contact me)

Plugin Version 1.0.8:

Plugin Version 1.0.9:
- no 1.0.9 version

Plugin Version 2.0.0:
- Micro Kart fixed for some regions and revisions
- Drive Out Of Bounds added
- Remove Lakitu added
- Stars & Trophies Patcher added
- Stars & Trophies Resetter added
- Race Time Displayer added
- Look Backward added
- Configurable Handlemark added
- Configurable Driver Class added
- Configurable Country added
- Configurable Coordinates added
- Configurable Balloons Amount added
- Always Have Black Handlemark removed
- Always Have Gold Handlemark removed
- Item Despawner removed
- Never Blinking removed
- Set Driver Class removed
- Green Shell Amount Modifier removed
- Blue Shell Amount Modifier removed
- Touch Screen Teleporter removed
- Contact modified
- Information modified
- Blinking Invincibility renamed & modified
- Removed annoying sound playing constantly with Always Flat code
- Removed Triple Green/Red Shells and Lucky-7 from the Force Item Box code because of a crash occuring when their limits are reached during a race/battle
- Autojump code is now linked with R button. Hold R to jump automatically
- Fixed a crash occuring on USA Rev1 games during Survivor Battle Mode due to a wrong instruction
- Black Earth modified
- Set VR & Random VR don't touch to the unlockation of the tracks
Security modified

Plugin Version 2.0.1:
- Compatibility for Rev0 1.1 games & Rev1 games has been removed (security reasons)
- Global plugin update to 1.2 MK7 for latest EUR, JPN & USA update 1.2 (Rev2 games)
- Custom Message Randomizer is updated and doesn't display blank messages anymore (thx Spooky)
- Spelling mistakes with "Antarctica" and "Arctica" have been solved
- Fixed Speedometer issue where it can't disappear from the screen even if the code has been disabled
- Always Flat, Always Glider & some other status codes have been fixed
- Camera patch of Freefly code has been fixed
- Timer patch for MKDS Battle Mode has been ported to 1.2 revision
- Automatic Kart Acceleration added
- Giant Kart removed
- Lap Selector removed
- Elimination Mode removed
- Shaders/Earth color codes removed
- Color of the title of the plugin has been changed
- Color of the version message at game boot has been changed

Plugin Version 2.0.2:
- Item Cycler added
- Single Shell Randomizer added
- Drop Green Shell added
- Drop Red Shell added
- Drop Lucky-7 Mushroom added
- Drop Lucky-7 Star added
- Drop Lucky-7 Blooper added
- Triple Rotating Bananas added
- Touch Screen Teleporter added
- Disable Lucky-7 Mushroom Acceleration added
- Explosive Grand-Prix added
- Cold Shaders added
- Drop Lucky-7 removed
- Drop Star removed
- Drop Blooper removed
- Anticheat modified so lap count is enabled if the codes (affected by the anticheat) are disabled
- A little mistake has been fixed for Configurable Item Box (which couldn't create problems for users though)
- Touch Screen Teleporter is back with an extended minimap system for a better experience
- Race Time Displayer is now displayed during races only and not during menus anymore
- Typo fixed in Instant backward Acceleration name
- Configurable Item has been updated and improved
- Automatic Kart Acceleration now takes damage into account and the automatic speed is configurable (50cc, 100cc, 150cc, Online)
- The notes of several codes have been modified as well as the notes of several folders
- Some folders have been reorganized according to how people use the plugin and which cheats are the most used (most used/most useful cheats are at the top of each folder)
- "Search" and "Hex Editor" are back in the plugin
- The text in "About" section has been changed
- The text of the code Information has been changed

Plugin Version 2.0.2 FIX:
- Allows compatibility with new Luma Loader version (new boot.firm)
- Removes the HOME Menu bug where the console struggles to get into it or to get back in game while using the plugin

Plugin Version 3.0.0:
- Less online restrictions (see anticheat section below)
- Battle codes are available online
- Keyboards are now in decimal! Type 999 to get 999. Type 50 to get 50... (Set Custom Coordinates, Flag ans State codes still require hexadecimal values)
- Star Power Cycler added
- Disable Star Power Acceleration added
- Item Despawner added
- Coin Points Randomizer added
- Balloon Points Randomizer added
- Automatic Balloon Cycler added
- Configurable Field Of View (FOV) added
- Skip Please Wait... added
- Questions & Answers added
- Fixed an issue with Always Have Star Power where the user would still have the power even if the code was deactivated
- Fixed an issue with Blinking Invincibility where the user would still have the power even if the code was deactivated
- Fixed an issue with Touchscreen Kart Teleporter where opening/closing CTRPF while using the code forced the default minimap to go back and replace the extended one
- Fixed an issue with Configurable Item where the code doesn't apply correctly another item after a first use
- VR Indicator is now disabled during races and reappears in menus only
- Autopilot is disabled online to prevent rooms full of AFK people online
- Rank Points Modifier keyboard is in decimal
- Set VR Counter keyboard is in decimal
- Set Victories Counter keyboard is in decimal
- Set Defeats Counter keyboard is in decimal
- Set Coins Counter keyboard is in decimal
- Set Streetpass Tags keyboard is in decimal
- Battle codes folder has been reorganized
- Coin Points Modifier has been renamed to Coin Score Modifier and the code has been modified
- Balloon Points Modifier has been renamed to Balloon Score Modifier and the code had been modified
- Touch Screen Teleporter has been renamed to Touch Screen Kart Teleporter
- No Item Clear has been renamed to Never Lose Items
- Fast Game code is now disabled correctly when the user deactivates it
- Blooper Delimiter removed

Plugin version 3.0.1:
- Disable Wall Collision
- Drop Items
- Anti Matchmaking Packet Crasher
- Matchmaking Level Selector
- Private Room Matchmaking
- Configurable Gravity
- Configurable Item
- Survivor Battle Mode
- Hard Gravity
- Low Gravity
- Removed anticheat for Drive Out Of Bounds and Autopilot
- The note of the VR Crasher has been shortened
- Drive Out Of Bounds has been improved and fixed and you can now use the Bullet Bill when the code is enabled
Some codes with a configurable choice wouldn't update the values:
- Survivor Battle Mode: the value is now properly updated when you select another difficulty
- Configurable Item: the value is now properly updated when you select another item
- Autopilot is now going back online without restrictions, it's only intended for races not for battles
- Speedometer is now displayed a little lower than before, it is perfectly aligned with the Race Time Displayer for a better experience

Plugin version 3.0.2:
- Anticheat deleted
- Merged N3DS and O3DS Item Wheel codes into one Classic Item Hack code
- Item wheel renamed to Classic Item Hack to avoid confusions
- Merged N3DS and O3DS Micro Kart codes into one Micro Kart code
- Configurable Blinking Effect added
- Configurable Banana Size added
- Configurable Fireball Size added
- Configurable Bob-Omb Size added
- Configurable Blinking Effect added
- Giant Banana removed
- Micro Banana removed
- Giant Fireball removed
- Micro Fireball removed
- Giant Bob-Omb removed
- Micro Bob-Omb removed
- Internal changes to optimize the plugin

v3.0.2 online anticheat for following codes (doesn't affect Local Play & Offline mode):
- No Disconnect (no position gain)
- Anti Blue Shell Crash (Blue Shell disabled online)
- Mario Kart DS Balloon Battle Mode (no time patch if you are in online battles)
- Stopped Blue Shell (disabled)
- Max Timer (disabled)
- Explosive Grand-Prix (disabled)
- Survivor Battle Mode (disabled)
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Jun 23, 2020
United States
Ello, Toxic here. Been waiting for something like this forever. Do you plan on making one in .plg format? The new one can be glitchy for me sometimes. :wacko:
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Jun 15, 2020
Ello, Toxic here. Been waiting for something like this forever. Do you plan on making one in .plg format? The new one can be glitchy for me sometimes. :wacko:
Unfortunately I don't know if I will have the time to do it in plg sorry, but try with the 2 possible ways maybe... :)


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Jan 30, 2020
United States
The instructions say to put .bmp files in the sd card, but i cant see any.

nevermind i found them

Also i found a bug- if you activate the freefly code, you won't be able to turn until you reload the map.
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Jun 15, 2020
The instructions say to put .bmp files in the sd card, but i cant see any.

nevermind i found them

Also i found a bug- if you activate the freefly code, you won't be able to turn until you reload the map.
Oh! I will test that!

--------------------- MERGED ---------------------------

Looking forward for version 2.0 to be released! What platform do you use to search codes?
It's a good idea, but [Looking Backward] is a complex code which uses some things where I'm bad :/ I will have a look into it anyway thank you^^
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Jun 15, 2020
Hello, why are the downloads currently suspended?
Sorry for the inconvenience, due to certain compatibility problems I had to suspend all downloads link, but I am currently working on the plugin to fix that and the version 1.0.3 will come soon!

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