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    Jun 15, 2020
    4 years after the release of the Darkflare's Online Plugin, and the releases of some NTR plugins, I've decided (4-5 months ago) to refresh the ways to hack Mario Kart 7.
    This is my first CTRPF plugin using C++ and it wouldn't have existed without the people who helped me by teaching me some tips about this language.
    The main idea of this plugin was to allow everyone to enjoy many cheat codes without always hearing "sorry this code is private" or without any author's problems, because it is open source and anyone can ask to add their own codes for a future update.
    This plugin contains codes for every modes of Mario Kart 7: Online mode, Local Play mode and Solo mode.

    You will certainly notice that there are two available packs for the plugin, the only difference between them is about the "boot.firm" file which is used to load plugins, the cheat list is the same for both.
    Here you can see the 2 possible packs (a pack = boot.firm + plugin.3gx + Top/BottomScreen.bmp):

    - Luma Loader v10.0.1 (the most used version, recommended)

    - Luma Loader v10.1.3-14bc4264 (latest version, still has some bugs)

    Note: To see your current Luma Loader's version, press "L" + "Down" + "Select" in the HOME menu and check it on the bottom screen. If you already have one of them you don't need to install any boot.firm file.

    • Rev0 EUR - Fully Compatible
    • Rev1 EUR - Fully Compatible
    • Rev0 JPN - Fully Compatible
    • Rev1 JPN - Compatibility Problem!
    • Rev0 USA - Fully Compatible
    • Rev1 USA - Compatibility Problem!
    Note: You need the plugin for another specific region? Contact me.

    Installation of the plugin.3gx and the backgrounds:
    • Download the .zip archive and extract it.
    • Insert your SD card in your computer.
    • Put the ".3gx" file and the both ".bmp" files in your SD card following one of these paths (depending on the MK7 region you have):
    EUR - SD:/luma/plugins/0004000000030700
    JPN - SD:/luma/plugins/0004000000030600
    USA - SD:/luma/plugins/0004000000030800

    Note: If one of these folder doesn't exist on your SD card, create it.
    Note: The backgrounds need to stay with their default names: "TopBackground.bmp" and "BottomBackground.bmp"

    Installation of the boot.firm (if it's needed!):
    • In the .zip archive you extracted before, pick the "boot.firm" and put it at the root of your SD card and remove any boot.firm if it's required.
    Note: The "root" of the SD card means you just have to paste your "boot.firm" directly in it and not in any folder/subfolder.

    initial release: 150 codes
    v 1.0.1: 148 codes
    v 1.0.2: 145 codes
    v 1.0.3: Currently working on it
    v 2.0.0: Coming Soon...

    red: removed (see Changelog)
    orange: fixed/modified
    green: added (see Changelog)

    [Always Blinking]
    [Always Star Power]
    [Always Small]

    [Instant Small Recovery]
    [Never Small Recovery]
    [Always Black Kart]
    [Instant Blooper Recovery]
    [Always Flat]
    [Instant Flat Recovery]
    [Never Flat Recovery]
    [Always Glider]
    [Always Confused]
    [Giant Kart]
    [Micro Kart (N3DS)]
    [Micro Kart (O3DS)]

    [Items In Bullet]
    [Trick Anywhere]
    [Drive On Walls]
    [Turning Sensitivity]
    [Item Despawner]

    [Infinite Tanooki Tail]
    [Instant Stop Tanooki Tail]
    [Instant Mini Turbo]
    [Inside Drifting Kart]
    [Huge Bunnyhop]
    [Size Changer]
    [Instant Acceleration]
    [Instant Backward Acceleration]
    [Instant Stop]
    [Fast Reverse Speeds]
    [Configurable Speed]

    [Configurable Backward Speed]

    [Stalking Hack]
    [Drive Anywhere]
    [Blue Shell Ride]
    [Low Gravity]
    [Hard Gravity]

    [Touch Screen Teleporter]
    [Save Slot Teleporter]
    [Master Item Wheel (N3DS)]
    [Master Item Wheel (O3DS)]
    [Force Item]
    [Always Have Certain Item]
    [Cycle Completely Random Item]
    [Truly Random Items]
    [Drop Lucky-7]
    [Drop Star #1]
    [Drop Star #2]
    [Drop Blooper]
    [Drop Mushroom]
    [Drop Mushroom Amount Modifier]
    [Drop Star Amount Modifier]
    [Bob-Omb Amount Modifier]
    [Green Shell Amount Modifier]
    [Blue Shell Amount Modifier]
    [Fireball Amount Modifier]
    [Lightning Delimiter]
    [Anti-Lightning Delimiter]
    [Blooper Delimiter]
    [Anti-Blooper Delimiter]
    [Bullet Speed Modifier]
    [Fast Blue Shell]
    [Stopped Blue Shell]
    [Instant Blue Shell Hit]
    [Fast Green Shell]
    [Stopped Green Shell]
    [Giant Banana]
    [Micro Banana]
    [Giant Fireball]
    [Micro Fireball]
    [Giant Bob-Omb]
    [Micro Bob-Omb]
    [Lightning Color Selector]
    [Lightning Selfstriking]
    [Blooper Selfstriking]
    [No Lucky-7 Rotation]
    [No Lucky-7 Items Rotation]
    [No Bob-Omb Jump]
    [Jumping Bob-Omb]
    [No Shell Rotation]
    [Flying Dropped Star]
    [Inflatable Dropped Star]
    [Rank Points Modifier]
    [Random Rank Points]
    [No Countdown]
    [Instant Countdown]
    [Drive During Countdown]
    [No Disconnect]
    [CPU Brawl]
    [Always CPUs Propeller]
    [Instant Win]
    [Water Everywhere]
    [Battle Coins Modifier]
    [Battle Balloons Modifier]
    [Max Timer]
    [Min Timer]
    [Random Time]
    [No Blinking Delay]
    [Ultra Fast Blinking]
    [No Balloons]
    [Infinite Balloons]
    [Set Custom Flag]
    [Set Custom State]
    [Random Country]
    [Set Custom Globe Coordinates]
    [Random Coordinates]
    [Always Black Steering Wheel]
    [VR Extender]
    [Set Custom VR]
    [Random VR]
    [Set Victories]
    [Random Victories]

    [Set Defeats]
    [Random Defeats]
    [Set Coins]
    [Random Coins]
    [Set Streetpass Tags]
    [Random Streetpass Tags]
    [Set Driver Class]
    [Random Driver Class]
    [Radiation Explosion]
    [Bubble Explosion]
    [Disable Earth]
    [Green Earth]
    [Yellow Earth]
    [Black Earth]
    [Mii Dumper]
    [Disable First Person View]
    [Disable Star Music]
    [Unlock Everything]
    [Fast Game]
    [Live Time Trial Ghost Replay]
    [Survivor Battle Mode]
    [Elimination Mode]
    [Countdown Mode]
    [Drivable 200cc]
    [Drivable 500cc]
    [@[email protected]'s Discord]
    [@[email protected]'s Youtube]
    [@[email protected]'s Gbatemp]
    Japan: 1
    Anguilla: 8
    Antigua And Barbuda: 9
    Argentina: A
    Aruba: B
    Bahamas: C
    Barbados: D
    Belize: E
    Bolivia: F
    Brazil: 10
    British Virgin Islands: 11
    Canada: 12
    Cayman Islands: 13
    Chile: 14
    Colombia: 15
    Costa Rica: 16
    Dominica: 17
    Dominican Republic: 18
    Ecuador: 19
    El Salvador: 1A
    French Guiana: 1B
    Grenada: 1C
    Guadeloupe: 1D
    Guatemala: 1E
    Guyana: 1F
    Haiti: 20
    Honduras: 21
    Jamaica: 22
    Martinique: 23
    Mexico: 24
    Monsterrat: 25
    Netherlands Antilles: 26
    Nicaragua: 27
    Panama: 28
    Paraguay: 29
    Peru: 2A
    St. Kitts And Nevis: 2B
    St Lucia: 2C
    St Vincent And The Grenadines: 2D
    Suriname: 2E
    Trinidad And Tobago: 2F
    Turks And Caicos Islands: 30
    United States: 31
    Uruguay: 32
    US Virgin Islands: 33
    Venezuela: 34
    Albania: 40
    Australia: 41
    Austria: 42
    Belgium: 43
    Bosnia And Herzegovina: 44
    Botswana: 45
    Bulgaria: 46
    Croatia: 47
    Cyprus: 48
    Czech Republic: 49
    Denmark: 4A
    Estonia: 4B
    Finland: 4C
    France: 4D
    Germany: 4E
    Greece: 4F
    Hungary: 50
    Iceland: 51
    Ireland: 52
    Italy: 53
    Latvia: 54
    Lesotho: 55
    Lichtenstein: 56
    Lithuania: 57
    Luxembourg: 58
    FYR Of Macedonia: 59
    Malta: 5A
    Montenegro: 5B
    Mozambique: 5C
    Namibia: 5D
    Netherlands: 5E
    New Zealand: 5F
    Norway: 60
    Poland: 61
    Portugal: 62
    Romania: 63
    Russia: 64
    Serbia: 65
    Slovakia: 66
    Slovenia: 67
    South Africa: 68
    Spain: 69
    Swaziland: 6A
    Sweden: 6B
    Switzerland: 6C
    Turkey: 6D
    United Kingdom: 6E
    Zambia: 6F
    Zimbabwe: 70
    Azerbaijan: 71
    Mauritania: 72
    Mali: 73
    Niger: 74
    Chad: 75
    Sudan: 76
    Eritrea: 77
    Dijibouti: 78
    Somalia: 79
    Andorra: 7A
    Gibraltar: 7B
    Guernsey: 7C
    Isle Of Man: 7D
    Jersey: 7E
    Monaco: 7E
    Taiwan: 80
    South Korea: 88
    Hong Kong: 90
    Macao: 91
    Indonesia: 98
    Singapore: 99
    Malaysia: 9C
    China: A0
    United Arab Emirates: A8
    India: A9
    Saudi Arabia: AE
    San Marino: B8
    Vatican City: B9
    Svalbard, Norway: 10003999
    San Marino: 08D71F3D
    Albania: 0E191D63
    Botswana: 126BEE79
    New Zealand: 7C46E5C4
    Guernsey: FE30232A
    Iceland: EEBC2C5A
    Middle Northern Russia-Northern Alaska: 10005000
    Middle Of Ocean: 10006000
    Middle Antartica-Ocean: 1EEEB000
    Madagascar: 1EEEF000
    Bangladesh: 40001000
    Andaman-And-Nicobar Islands: 41F4084B
    Isle Of Man: FCD02684
    Upsidedown Greenland: 65554999
    Land Of Fire: CFFFDCCC
    Cap Horn: CFFFD555
    Somalia, South-East Africa: 20000000
    North Pole: 442D3D1B
    South Pole: C600BFFF
    Banana: 0
    Green Shell: 1
    Red Shell: 2
    Mushroom: 3
    Bob-Omb: 4
    Blooper: 5
    Blue Shell: 6
    Triple Mushrooms: 7
    Star: 8
    Bullet Bill: 9
    Lightning: A
    Golden Mushroom: B
    Fire Flower: C
    Tanooki Tail: D
    Lucky 7: E
    Triple Bananas: 11
    Triple Green Shells: 12
    Triple Red Shells: 13
    0 VR: 0
    99 VR: 63
    999 VR: 3E7
    9999 VR: 270F
    99999 VR: 1869F
    999999 VR: F423F
    726726 VR: B16C6
    696969 VR: AA289
    123456 VR: 1E240
    567890 VR: 8AA52
    111111 VR: 1B207
    222222 VR: 3640E
    333333 VR: 51615
    444444 VR: 6C81C
    555555 VR: 87A23
    666666 VR: A2C2A
    777777 VR: BDE31
    888888 VR: D9038

    Official Mario Kart 7 Plugin Deluxe Video:

    Download latest plugins directly (3gx):
    • For Luma Loader 10.0.1: Downloads are currently suspended!
    • For Luma Loader 10.1.3-14bc4264: Downloads are currently suspended!
    Download latest packs (Boot.firm + 3gx + Backgrounds):
    • For Luma Loader 10.0.1: Downloads are currently suspended!
    • For Luma Loader 10.1.3-14bc4264: Downloads are currently suspended!
    Plugin Version 1.0.0:
    - /

    Plugin Version 1.0.1:
    - 200/500/9000cc codes deleted
    - Anti-Win system deleted
    - Configurable Speed added
    - spelling mistake corrected
    - Victories codes fixed

    Plugin Version 1.0.2:
    - Always Star Power fixed for Rev1 games
    - Always Small fixed for Rev1 games
    - Always Black Kart fixed for Rev1 games
    - Always Flat fixed for Rev1 games
    - Always Glider fixed for Rev1 games
    - Always Confused fixed for Rev1 games
    - Giant Kart fixed for Rev1 games
    - Micro Kart fixed for Rev1 games
    - Autojump fixed for Rev1 games
    - Autopilot fixed for Rev1 games
    - Moonjump fixed for Rev1 games
    - Freefly fixed for Rev1 games
    - Trick Anywhere fixed for Rev1 games
    - better Green Shell Amount Modifier value to avoid crashs when shells are thrown backward
    - better Turning Sensitivity value
    - better Gravity values
    - Drop Mushroom usable with green shells now
    - Never Flat Recovery fixed
    - Never Small Recovery removed
    - Infinite Tanooki Tail removed due to crashs on Rev1 games
    - dialog box added for Disable First Person View

    Plugin Version 1.0.3:
    Currently working on it

    Plugin Version 2.0.0:
    Coming Soon...


    • Hacker
    • Lukas
    • Spooky
    • NPfan
    • Anto726
    • Rafa10
    • Kominost
    • Original Plugin: Darkflare
    • CTRPF Tool: Nanquitas

    Want to see your codes in a future update? You need to know this:
    • Your code must works in order to be added.
    • The sources containing all codes are owned by 1 person, me.
    • Privacy and Security are the main rules for me, I won't share/leak/steal/sell any code.
    • If you don't want to appear in "Credits" section tell me.
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    Jun 23, 2020
    United States
    Ello, Toxic here. Been waiting for something like this forever. Do you plan on making one in .plg format? The new one can be glitchy for me sometimes. :wacko:
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  3. SFC-hacker

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    Jun 15, 2020
    Unfortunately I don't know if I will have the time to do it in plg sorry, but try with the 2 possible ways maybe... :)
  4. Pino67779

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    Jun 18, 2020
    United States
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  5. SFC-hacker

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    Jun 15, 2020
    thank you!
  6. H4x0rSpooky

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    Jan 30, 2020
    great plugin
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  7. SFC-hacker

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    Jun 15, 2020
    Thank you for your support and help^^
  8. ack

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    Jan 30, 2020
    United States
    The instructions say to put .bmp files in the sd card, but i cant see any.

    nevermind i found them

    Also i found a bug- if you activate the freefly code, you won't be able to turn until you reload the map.
    Last edited by ack, Jul 3, 2020
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  9. Gallium7710

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    Apr 22, 2020
    Looking forward for version 2.0 to be released! What platform do you use to search codes?
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  10. SFC-hacker

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    Jun 15, 2020
    Oh! I will test that!

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    It's a good idea, but [Looking Backward] is a complex code which uses some things where I'm bad :/ I will have a look into it anyway thank you^^
  11. SFC-hacker

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    Jun 15, 2020
  12. Gallium7710

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    Apr 22, 2020
    No I’m on JPN rev0
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