ROM Hack Gameboy Camera backup via GBA Homebrew idea proposal


Aug 4, 2007
As the title suggests this is a proposal for an idea.

I have neither the skill not knowledge to even begin making such a thing possible.
So, I am proposing the idea for others to think about and decide if they want to try it or not.

I recently dusted off my old Gameboy camera (I say 'old', but I only bought it a less than a decade ago. I was a little late to the party).
I was happy to find it had some pictures I wanted to keep, and still do. Regardless of the extremely low quality.
My reasons are personally very sentimental.
One of them is the very last known picture to be taken of my late mother.
So, I'm sure you can understand the emotional value it holds.

I have been looking into a method of backing up these pictures using a combination of various hardware devices.
I have also visited the Everdrive forums to ask if the Everdrive Gameboy can be used inlace of the USB Smart device. But, that was only a short time ago and I'm yet to receive a reply.

Since then though, I have discovered a home-brew ROM for the original Gameboy that 'emulates' the printer.
My assumption would be you need 2 gameboys, a flash cart, a link cable and a Gameboy Camera.
Link the consoles as you would if playing multiplayer, load up the ROM on one, and the Camera on the other, then when you select 'print' on the camera console, the ROM console displays whatever image the camera is told to print.

This got me thinking.
Could a home-brew app be used, once it receives the 'print' to save it?
The original Gameboy is limited in what it can do hardware wise. But the gameboy Advance is far more capable of such tasks.
I'm not familiar with the technicals required.
But, as the printer acts mainly as a 'client' to receive information, could a GBA home-brew app be designed to do the same, only instead of just displaying the image actually save it?

It's an interesting idea, if nothing more.

As I repeatedly mentioned;
I'm not savvy in such matters, so I wouldn't even know where to begin researching this.

If there is already something in existence that does this, or something similar, I'd be extremely happy to hear of it.
All searching turns up one of two guides;
Either using the method I mentioned above using a dedicated save backup unit and a USB cart.
The another method requiting a computer with a parallel printer port. Something I haven't had on my hardware in a long time (iMac user).

Anyway, food for thought.


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Sep 13, 2009
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Here's how I'd approach it... dump the save file, load it up in an emulator and capture the screens - it's easier than emulating the printer. There's save dumpers easily available - in fact, you can cheaply solder one yourself. Forget huge contraptions made of billions of adapters, an emulator on PC will do. ;)

EDIT: There's also this, it comes with software dedicated specifically to dumping GB Camera photos.

And a guide:

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