[WikiTemp] Vitamin Compatability List (Easily Contribute your Game in Seconds!)

Discussion in 'PS Vita - Hacking & Homebrew' started by Voxel, Sep 4, 2016.

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    I was initially really against announcing this immediately, however I thought I might as well grab people's attention to this as soon as possible, for a number of reasons--

    ..So what is this?

    So I have recently created a Wiki page on our site's WikiTemp page (really nice touch to our forums by the way; definitely contrubite where you can! :mthr:) dedicated to replacing the existing Vitamin Compatability thread.
    Whilst the existing thread is really nicely done and all, there are a few downsides... for one, it can get a bit unorganised and hard to read in the long run, and the red for "not working" is a bit of a killer on the eyes; however the Wiki has a really nice feature - exceptionally-neat formatting, comprising of tables and a better color scheme to easily highlight which games simply work and which simply don't.

    To add on further to this, you may immediately add/edit a game on the Wiki without needing to wait for anyone to add it in for you, causing the currently-dull list of games to flourish with tons more contributions in less time!

    ...But why the Wiki?

    The wiki is an excellent source of information; not only for this one compatability list, but for many other compatability lists for software and hardware alike! So I thought it would only be appropriate to also create a list dedicated to both the Vita and the compatability list category altogether as well.

    Did you check with the original author of the compatability thread?

    Yep. Abu_Senpai seems to be completely fine with the transition from Thread -> Wiki.
    Still currently awaiting a reply from Yamagushi (another guy who also had editing rights to the original thread) but I believe he would be perfectly fine with it as well.

    Any contributions to this new Wiki page are absolutely appreciated!