To celebrate Minecraft's 10th anniversary, you can play Minecraft Classic for free in your browser

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    Aug 10, 2015
    There are a lot of games that you can say that about. The Sims games are absolutely boring as hell but people still love them. And there are a lot of games that are "overrated" because of hype, from indie stuff to AAA titles. Marketing has a huge influence on people's opinions, and it influences the opinions on games especially.
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    Feb 17, 2017
    Expectation of having experience in a game before you write off the entirety of it as shallow is not an arbitrary requirement. I think you should play the game to an extent where you experience a good majority of the game before you make sweeping generalizations.
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    What are you trying to even say? Are you saying I haven't played the game at all?

    I literally played the game whenever they had an update for a good time there (seeing as how I paid for the copy) . I fought the ender dragon in the end, been to the nether, made an elytra, and fought the wither. All of these things took very little to no time to do.

    What else is there for me to do other than mine, create a base, or do all the above again?

    Do I have to mine an entire world before my opinions matters or something? If so, nice gatekeeping once again.
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    May 5, 2019
    10 years, wow has it really been that long? I spent many nights building fortresses and mining sand to make a glass castle, while protecting it from skeletons and zombies.
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    I'd say that SomeCallMeJohnny sums up my thoughts on the game perfectly:

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    May 5, 2012
    Seems like they redid the game on JavaScript, but they did a kinda poor job. They should have gone with Classic 0.30 and kept the multiplayer feature. As it stands now, it is nothing special at all, one could play Classic on the official launcher for a while.
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    Unless you played modded java edition. The flexibility is incredible leading to amazing mod packs that make it worth while to play.
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    You must be fun at parties.
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    I think I’m outside the demographic, but I did build a wall around myself. It was pretty lonely. Then, I defeated the wall and found the highest plain. After that, I closed my browser.
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    Sep 14, 2011
    To be fair, your original post appeared to be a BIG dig at the tastes of people who don't think Minecraft is terrible.

    I mean, you come into a thread about a game and talk about how you dislike it. You're obviously going to irritate people when you do that and you're obviously going to get a backlash from fans of the game (who are clearly going to be reading the topic). I mean, what did you expect?

    Disclosure: I have no interest in Minecraft or Call of Duty.
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    I just made a new world for the first time in about a year since I heard about that villiage update. This game is still so fun all these years later. I found 20 diamonds on one cave.
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    Jul 14, 2018
    Ahh..... This reminds me of the old webpage where you could play Minecarft in your browser.
    ...but we never got it working, so meh...
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    Jan 26, 2016
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    Your mom's basement.
    Gonna try this out tomorrow.
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    *Sees a thread about a game i don't like* *Cracks knuckles* "Time to tell everyone how bad this game is and how they're wrong for liking it"

    one hour later

    "Why is everyone else so toxic and hateful, all i did was come into their thread and insult them I just don't understand"

    That's it, that's 90% of video game forum interactions broken down to their bare essentials,
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    I'll apologize for the harshness of my thoughts and opinions yesterday and maybe I should have just stated that is how I felt about it to begin with and used lighter words with my initial statement.

    However, I don't think that would change how the course the discussion went however, as these are the typical reactions and responses I get when I have said that it feels lacking and I wish they would offer a little more than just "Create your own adventure" type of play.

    Maybe I am wrong though and if I am I will apologize for my wrong assumptions again.

    If you enjoy Minecraft I honestly and sincerely hope you continue to enjoy it because that is the point of any video game.
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    huh, this is very neet. this is the most interesting thing ive seen involving minecraft if i excluded the 4k edition from my mind.
  17. MachRc

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    Nov 30, 2017
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    first time i actually had fun playing. I did with my son yesterday making a tower and cave stairs, letting loose staves [F] or [G] at the comfort of my work desk
    sharing link is quite easy and fun ( a little wait and patience is required to log into a game)

    x to save position, r to return

    only bummer is no saving
    and even though I try to leave the world on my browser so that i can keep what I built with my son and other forum members....
    it gets erased after idle
    no persistence