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    Oct 16, 2006
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    Here's a savefile for Theme Park DS, with every country unlocked.

    Here was the order of unlockables:

    CODEUnited Kingdom [More Countries:]
    USA (White Fence)
    Japan (Castle Wall)
    France [More Countries:]
    Germany (Medieval Acts)
    Canada (Water Splash)
    China (Loop the Loop)
    Egypt (Lamp Post)
    Russia [More Countries:]
    Australia (Cork Screw)
    Italy (Flight Sim)
    South Africa (Arcade)
    Spain (Dolphin Acts)
    India (Center Fountain)
    Brazil [More Countries:]
    Antarctica (Super Toilet)

    - To change the character info (name, gender, blood type), go to "DS Wireless Communications" then "Check My Profile".
    - The savefile starts you out with $999,999,999 cash.