The Game Awards 2022 - Bayonetta spinoff, Mario movie trailer, FFXVI release date, and more

Welcome to this year's Game Awards, the annual event that celebrates the past year of gaming's highlights, and awards the best of the best. We'll get to see what wins 2022's Game of the Year, but more importantly, there's plenty of game announcements and reveals scheduled for the show, so stay tuned, and check back here to see what gets shown.

First, Dead Cells gets a brand new update. It's Castlevania themed. Q1 2023, Richter and Alucard are featured.

Marvel Snap wins best mobile game.

Vampire Survivors is a mobile game, available now.

Returnal is coming to PC. Early 2023.

Best fighting game goes to Multiversus.

Valiant Hearts: Coming Home announced.

Stylized cell-shaded Hellboy: Web of Wyrd revealed.

Best eSports game goes to Valorant. Best eSports athlete is Yay. Best eSports team is Loud. Best eSports coach is Bzka. Best eSports event was 2022 LoL World Championship.

Footage for Horizon: Call of the Mountain VR game shown.

Horror-themed game Post Trauma gets a spooky teaser trailer.

Viewfinder has you use perspective and photos to manipulate the terrain and solve puzzless.

Atomic Heart looks a lot like DOOM.

Scars Above comes out Feb 28, is an adventure game with exploration.

2D action game with 4 player coop in Relic Hunters Legend, closed beta coming soon.

Among Us has a new hide n seek mode, where one player tries to find hidden players and kill them all.

Puzzle platformer game that looks a lot like Journey, has a dog made from constellations, game is called After Us.

This next game is called Replaced, out next year, has some serious pixel art style going on.

Best family game goes to Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

Street Fighter VI has a new trailer. June 2nd is its release date.

Al Pacino is on stage. He's struggling with the teleprompter. He is here to give Christopher Judge the award for best performance for Kratos in God of War: Ragnarok.

Supergiant Games has a new title. Another God-like rogue-like like Hades. Hades 2, in fact.

Bioshock's creator has a new game, too. Fix what you broke in Judas.

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon, is vastly different from the rest of the series, has a storybook style. It's developed by Platinum, out on March 17.

Ghostbusters is getting a VR game.

Rian Johnson and Daniel Craig are here to reveal indie of the year. Stray gets it.

Destiny 2's latest expansion has a trailer.

Rocksteady's latest game with the DC universe has a cinematic teaser. It thanks Kevin Conroy for his voice as Batman. This is his final role, completed prior to his death.

TLOU PC out March 3, 2023.

Best adaptation goes to Arcane LoL.

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor trailer.

Celeste's devs are working on a new game. Earthblade, out 2024.

Dune: Awakening open-world survivor MMO.

Forspoken has demo out now. PS console exclusive.

Sony Interactive Entertainment is behind this next game. It's Kojima. It's a trailer with a baby. Death Stranding 2.

Kojima has another project he's teasing. No reveal on that one yet.

Story trailer for a new story-driven FPS. Immortals of Avenum.

Best narrative goes to GoW Ragnarok.

Tekken 8 trailer.

Best art direction: Elden Ring. Best VR is Moss: Book 2. Best sim was Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope. Best community support is FF14.

Survive and rebuild in Nightingale, a PC game. PvE survival crafting game.

Games for impact award: As Dusk Falls.

Baldurs Gate 3 is here. August 2023.

Wayfinder is out next week. Sign up for the beta.

Fire Emblem Engage DLC features the Three Houses characters, there's an expansion pass.

Journey devs discuss their new free to download game on mobile, called Sky Aurora.

6/6/23 is when Diablo IV releases.

Best sports game is GT7. Best multiplayer game goes to Splatoon 3. Best audio GoW. Content creator was Ludwig. Most anticipated game goes to BOTW2.

Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC announced for April 19.

Best action goes to Bayonetta 3.

Blue Protocol is a new multiplayer online action RPG with help from Bamco and Amazon.

Transformers Reactivate is a new game.

We have a new clip of the Mario movie.

Best music goes to: GoW Ragnarok.

New action RPG, developed by Dontnod. Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden. End 2023.

Warhammer: Space Marine trailer shows off gameplay.

Build, raid, upgrade. Meet Your Maker April 4, 2023.

Team vs team rumble with Crash Bandicoot characters. Crash Team Rumble.

The accessibility of the year goes to GoW Ragnarok.

"An organized crime game" from 505 Games, with tons of famous actors, and also Vanilla Ice. Crime Boss Rockay City coming soon.

Best RPG goes to Elden Ring, best Players Voice goes to Genshin Impact. Best indie goes to Stray. Best action adventure GoW Ragnarok. Best ongoing game FF14, best mobile game is Marvel Snap. Best game direction goes to Elden Ring.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty gets its first trailer, out next year.

Armored Core gets a new entry. Armored Core VI. 2023.

Final Fantasy XVI has a dog. Also a trailer. June 22.

Elden Ring GOTY.

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    Biomutant looks cool tho, may have to try that
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    Usually when such a big title leaks the Temp will be the first to report about it (going off of historical reports here, Pokemon SV being the latest one I can recall seeing pop up here)
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    oh you mean the 3rd party apps on Kodi, yea i know what you mean, yea there are still a few cool ones, in fact watched the new planet of the apes movie other night w wifey thru one, was good pic surprisingly, not a cam
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    Damn, only $2.06 and free shipping. Gotta cost more for them to ship than $2.06
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    I got my Dad a firestick for Xmas and showed him those 3rd party sites on Kodi, he loves it, all he watches anymore. He said he has got 3 letters from AT&T already about pirating, but he says f them, let them shut my internet off (He wants out of his AT&T contract anyways)
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