Suggest GBA games for 4yo newbie

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  1. Hanafuda

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    Nov 21, 2005
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    This is a serious post, and 99% of the members here don't have kids but I know a few do, so maybe I can get some suggestions ....

    My 4 year old daughter's mastered the online games at and has now moved on to playing Dora on my GBASP and 'helping' when someone in the house plays on the DS. She's getting a new pink GBA-SP for Christmas - one of the last on the shelves in my town. Some might think the DS is the way to go, but with a kid this young, stabbing the touchscreen with the stylus is just good fun. In fact, my DS has a scratched TOP screen now where she forgot its not a touch screen too. But, after two months on my GBASP, it's 100% intact, so she's getting the Gameboy ($50 less to destroy, too).

    So, I go looking for games for her, and there really aren't that many at this 'entry level' gamer age. This is what I found so far:

    I Spy Challenger
    Dora - Search for the Pirate Pigs Treasure (she's been playing this one a while already)
    Disney Princess
    Dora - Super Spies
    Dora - Super Star Adventures
    Winnie the Pooh's Rumbly Tumbly Adventure (I've heard its too hard though)
    Hello Kitty Happy Party
    Care Bears Care Quest
    Koala Brothers Outback Adventures
    Disney's Little Einsteins
    Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Dreams
    Dora- World Adventure

    What else? I figure its at least another year or so before she's ready to tackle SMB or other classics. She's damn good with a d-pad and quick to figure a game out, but not quite that good.
  2. Ducky


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    "What else? I figure its at least another year or so before she's ready to tackle SMB or other classics. She's damn good with a d-pad and quick to figure a game out, but not quite that good.

    Wario Ware games.
  3. BannedEpisode

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    Dec 13, 2007
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    She sounds like a smart one, but dont fret too much. Kids at that age generally impressed with just about any video game that remotely strikes their interest. I think the Dora games will do fine till she gets a touch older.

    Good choices.
  4. Nero

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    I think she could take SMB.

    My little 6-year old cousin, I've turned him into a crazy hardcore gamer.
    He can beat SMB with no warps. [​IMG]

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    I also think she can take on SMB. I was right around five when the NES came out, along with SMB, and was in love with it(still am).

    And my little niece and nephew(4 and 5), play just about every SMB and Yoshi's Island. So try it out. I'm sure she'll catch right on.

    Also check out Little Einsteins and the Scooby Doo's. Kim Possible too.
  6. FAST6191

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    It is never too young to start them on tetris (although I guess the only decent GBA version is in Japanese (which as I recall from your other posts may not be too much of a problem as it is mainly kana) and tends to crash (I think it is a bad dump): minna no soft version around 1330 in most GBA numbering lists.
    Unless of course you want to go emulators and homebrew in which case the GBC and NES titles (tetris 2 is good) and Pineight also had some decent homebrew tetris titles.

    Some of the tonka truck games were pretty simple and also pretty good (held my interest for about 20 minutes which for a kids game is unheard of)

    Some of the rhythm titles are also worth a look in.

    If you find some good ones of your own please post back as I find myself with 4 year old cousins and the like in need of some games to play on occasion.