Screen issues - dislocated?

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    Hiya Tempers!

    So today, I bought a DSL which I suspect to have been refurbished. I took it with me for not too much but was disappointed to find out it wasn't the real deal (the golden LoZ shell, hot damn this is an actual great 1:1 replacement tho). However! I think there's a problem. The top screen seems a bit off and slightly tilted.

    Now the question: how to fix this? Do I need to open it up completely? Or is there a faster fix? Perhaps only taking off the faceplate is enough to relocate it?

    What about the discoloring? Do you guys reckon it's the top or bottom? Any tips on that? Advice would be much appreciated!

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    May 11, 2016
    You can fix this quite easily,
    1 - Remove the 4 rubber screw covers at the corners of the top screen,
    2 - Slide the top cover and lift it off,
    3 - Gently lift the top screen from the top end of the care,
    4 - Peel off the plastic screen and re fit it in the correct position.
    5 - Put the cover back on and put the screws back in.

    Job done :)

    This guide is quite useful,