Removing certain languages or lowering file sizes......

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    Jan 16, 2015
    I just helped my friend convert his Japanese Classic 3DS to run thru CFW and we just noticed some peculiarities......

    For example Tekken Prime 3D just refuses on run on his system while there are no issues on my US 3DS system.

    And then in games like Resident Evil Revelations / Mercenaries and Castlevania, the games automatically run in Japanese language, while in my system they automatically change to English. This is especially problematic in Castlevania because there's no language region settings whatsoever in the game.

    So I'm thinking of possible solutions, the fastest solution seems to be changing the region of the CFW using 3DS system, but this seems to be impossible for me at the moment because I lack the technical knowledge.

    The other solution that I could think of is possible removing the Japanese language from the games. (Or replacing them with the US language files.) withe the bonus benefit or lowering ROM sizes?

    Can anyone help me in trying to start up my research on doing this stuff? :)
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    Jun 29, 2007
    Go ask cearp about his Proof of Concept region change procedure, I don't know if he published some guide or anything already.
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    Ooh ROM ripping might be back in style, my favourite. I should note that language files are rarely that large any more compared to the audio and video files.

    Anyway yeah do a region mod and sarkwalvein just pointed you where you want to go there.

    If we are doing ROM hacking then I am not sure what people have done for the 3ds at this point but it is fairly common on other file system using consoles.

    3 main approaches if you do not want to region mod your console.

    1) Trip the region detection you way by editing the binary. Somewhere in memory (or possibly in some kind of system call, not much different in how you set about altering it though) there will be a value that dictates what region the 3ds thinks it is in. You change this value and bam you have a changed region. If the value is from a system call then you force the result or change the check so it thinks it was English when it was not (originally it might say if 1 go Japanese, if 2 go English and you change it so it thinks a 2 value was returned when it was not, or you change it so if 1 go English, if 2 go English)
    Here is one we did for the DS that covers a few different aspects of it all
    I did something broadly similar for a Castlevania undub cheat but do note this is not a common method of being able to do an undub.

    2) File alteration.
    Occasionally you get lucky and find files with nice names (or just nice separate files) that say game_script_jpn.script and game_script_eng.script.
    Rename and rebuild, relink it (change the filesystem to point at the _eng or something instead of what it thinks is _jpn)
    This is the classical undub method but it does not always work so well for text -- it might have different encodings is uses, different fonts, different screen mapping and other quirks. Fortunately you are on a handheld as it gets even worse for some things if you are on old home consoles.

    3) Manual script backport. Usually done for different versions of the same ROM but if something was cut between regions. If you have issues with the method in 2) then this is what you have to do -- if you have problems with the font, with the encoding, with the whatever then you make like a big boy ROM hacker/translator and fix it.
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    Sep 23, 2013
    i think modifying the 3ds's region in emunand would be the most practical way of going about it, but atm there is no real noob friendly way of doing this, but it would be the best solution, so you dont have to modify every game you want to play....and even then some games would likely be more work to modify than just switching the emunand region