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    Nov 21, 2005
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    First I am well aware that pressing L and A on the title screen will load that game up with Japanese voices as this would not have worked otherwise. This little project was a specific request to avoid that, one that I have largely been putting off for quite some time, and this post it mainly to note it somewhere.

    For my ROM hacking docs I did look at the game and there were some thousand odd files to dig through if I was going to manually repoint. To that end we get to tickle a flag in memory.

    Anyway a bit of fiddling with desmume's nice new cheat searching options (when did that happen?) would have
    020e0200 as the location. If 00 is there then it is Japanese, if 01 is there then it is English. If anything else it is still in English. I really hope the devs did not check it every time but that would be in line with what I have heard ( http://gbatemp.net/threads/which-flashcart-for-castlevania-por.343239/page-2#post-4559271 ).
    If you change it midway through the game then it changes accordingly.

    A basic action replay cheat
    220e0200 00000000 (forces Japanese regardless of menu choice)
    It has been tested in desmume and now on hardware across several reboots, though not extensively.

    If I was more invested in the project I would work it up both into a selection cheat and an assembly hack, however I am content enough to use the combo should I decide to unleash the inner weaboo.
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    Thank you FAST, again extremely appreciated!
    Tested here on CycloDS via user.evoCheats, works perfectly, including for the Sound Test on the Title Screen (after it's unlocked of course).
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