Hacking PSVita Henkaku Enso wipe and/or reinstall? or return to seller?


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Jun 29, 2016
Long story short: basically thought I would save myself some time buying a pre hacked vita with henkaku (big mistake) arrived on friday and nothing worked except 'abe new and tasty' (first stage only then crash after about 10-20 mins) Adrenaline would start up fine but the only game it would play is gta 1, then took out my SD card put it into the computer and it corrupted the sd card somehow and after putting back in the vita nothing would work, no games or homebrew or emu all said corrupt data. So I reformated the SD card using the CFW guide and tried to reinstall vita shell and then I totally corrupted the SD card somehow. Now I cant reformat, I cant write, I cant read, Cant do nothing always get error or crash depending on which method I used so I've come to the conclusion that the SD card is fooked.

I'm pretty annoyed to be honest and feel ripped off

1. as the sellers description of condition was totally wrong.
2. as the SD card corrupted almost instantly when turning the vita on and now beyond repair (i literally tried every format method available to fix it but, nothing its as dead as a dodo) I'm also confused why they guy would be selling it with a 64GB SD card and only had like 5 games on it amounting to about 4/5GB? like seriously not a single Emu or 8-16 bit game collection not that it really matters,
3. after the purchase the guy sent me a few messages (never take out the SD2vita????) (never let it go into sleep mode??) I understand that sleep mode can corrupt files, But why the hell did the guy leave it set at (3 mins after inactivity to go to sleep mode) like wtf dude!! so it almost went into sleep mode by just opening it out of the box within the first 3 mins.
With that in mind It just makes me feel a little paranoid that perhaps seller knew it was a dodgy SD card?

Although it's not fake as have tested in H2w it's still very annoying.

Error creating file 'E:\1.h2w'.
(Data error (cyclic redundancy check). Code 23)
Warning: Only 63975 of 63997 MByte tested.
Writing speed: 0.00 KByte/s
H2testw v1.4

So I wonder:
Is this a common problem when using sd2vita and installing cfw on vita ? I don't want to keep destroying SD cards on my vita because CFW/homebrew installs will likely corrupt them. Out of all my hacked devices that require SD cards or external HD this is the first time I have ever encountered a unrecoverable/corrupt drive.

I'm thinking:
either to buy a new SD card and wipe the vita system clean and start again with the hack from scratch, or just leave it with the previous henkaku settings buy a new SD card and try again from Henkaku Enso and installing vita shell, Adrenaline from http://mlthaku.tk (which would be the easiest option)
I do have a brand new 4GB sd card that came with my new 3DS I was thinking of testing it with that card but I'm worried that the vita may corrupt the card again who knows maybe he didn't hack it well the first time. I thought I could be the SD2Vita card that's causing the issues with corruption?

Worse case I will return to seller but the price of OLED Vita with 3.60 are pretty hard to come by with a reasonable price tag so will probably keep it but still an option.

any help or advice would be greatly appreciated ;)


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Aug 2, 2016
Try with new sd card i think that one is defective. Sd2vita won't cause damage to sd card unless the adapter itself is defective. Or you can return the sd card to get a new one.

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